The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis

The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate CrisisClimate change it is arguably the most urgent and consequential issue humankind has ever faced How we address it in the next thirty years will determine the kind of world we will live in and will bequeath to our children and to theirs In The Future We Choose, Christiana Figueres and Tom

Cosmos: Possible Worlds

Cosmos: Possible WorldsThis sequel to Carl Sagan s blockbuster continues the electrifying journey through space and time, connecting with worlds billions of miles away and envisioning a future of science tempered with wisdom Based on National Geographic s internationally renowned television series, this groundbreaking

Lurking: How a Person Became a User

Lurking: How a Person Became a UserA concise but wide ranging personal history of the internet fromfor the first timethe point of view of the user In a shockingly short amount of time, the internet has bound people around the world together and torn us apart and changed not just the way we communicate but who we are and who we can

Death Is But a Dream: Finding Hope and Meaning at Life's End

Death Is But a Dream: Finding Hope and Meaning at Life's EndThe first book to validate the meaningful dreams and visions that bring comfort as death nears Christopher Kerr is a hospice doctor All of his patients die Yet he has cared for thousands of patients who, in the face of death, speak of love and grace Beyond the physical realities of dying are

Old Rock (Is Not Boring)

Old Rock (Is Not Boring)Quirky charm infuses this tale of Old Rock s life story, which is much exciting than you d expect Old Rock has been sitting in the same spot in the pine forest for as long as anyone can remember Spotted Beetle, Tall Pine, and Hummingbird think just sitting there must be boring, but they are

Data Feminism

Data FeminismA new way of thinking about data science and data ethics that is informed by the ideas of intersectional feminism Today, data science is a form of power It has been used to expose injustice, improve health outcomes, and topple governments But it has also been used to discriminate, police, and

Stealth: The Secret Contest to Invent Invisible Aircraft

Stealth: The Secret Contest to Invent Invisible AircraftThe story behind the technology that revolutionized both aeronautics, and the course of history On a moonless night in January 1991, a dozen airplanes appeared in the skies over Baghdad Or, rather, didn t appear They arrived in the dark, their black outlines cloaking them from sight More