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世界一初恋 ~小野寺律の場合1~ chapter 1 世界一初恋 ~小野寺律の場合1~, meaning 世界一初恋 ~小野寺律の場合1~, genre 世界一初恋 ~小野寺律の場合1~, book cover 世界一初恋 ~小野寺律の場合1~, flies 世界一初恋 ~小野寺律の場合1~, 世界一初恋 ~小野寺律の場合1~ e78a880814ef6 Onodera Ritsu Quits His Job And Transfers To The Publishing Company Marukawa Shoten Sadly, He Gets Assigned To The Editing Department That Handles Shoujo Manga And Ritsu, Who Vowed To Never Fall In Love Again, Working On Love Stories Is Impossible Panic Ensues When He Realises That The Arrogant And Tyrannical Head Editor Turns Out To Be His Former First Love

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    I really liked the material about how manga are produced What a freakish schedule Although, amusingly, the author suggests that everyone involved is doing a bad job.I also liked the main character and his committed effort to be good at a job he isn t prepared for and didn t want in the first place I ve asked myself many of these same questions regarding manga Hopefully of them will get answered That hair color changing thing always confused meNot sure how I feel about the romance part I m in general not a fan of workplace romances, especially where one party is the other s superior But it is interesting that the two remember things so differently That s probably accurate as to human psychology.

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    Note It s a review for vol 1 to vol.4 of the manga.Sekai ichi Hatsukoi, means Number One First Love in the World in English, is a yaoi manga boy s love comic series by Japanese manga ka comic s author Shungiku Nakamura also author of Junjo Romantica The manga series was adapted into an anime series in 2011.The story focuses on Onodera Ritsu, a 25 years old former literary editor who suddenly finds himself having to struggle for survival in the shojo manga girl s manga industry At first sight, his new job as a newbie girl manga s editor looks far from promising, not only he has to deal with massive workload and impossible deadlines, he also finds himself working with a bunch of weird coworkers, his boss the chief editor, Takano Masamune has also been acting less than friendly from the very beginning Plus things take a downward spiral when Ritsu realizes his boss was in fact the same guy he had fallen in love with 10 years ago, it was his first love but their relationship had ended badly due to a gross misunderstanding When Takano vows that he ll make Ritsu fall for him again, let s prepare for the ensured drama and heartache So far I d finished reading the first 4 volumes of Sekai ichi Hatsukoi read the fourth volume online becauseI can t wait , and it s already my most favorite yaoi manga in the recent period The idea of yaoi romance with the girl manga s industry as the background is a refreshing one, and the author had thrown in a lot of jokes and light hearted moments to make her story a lot of fun Beside the main plotline of Takano and Ritsu s relationship, later on things only get even interesting when Ritsu s coworkers also start having their share of relationship s ups and downs.I also like that the main characters are working adults, so instead of the story focusing entirely on the romance, the characters also have other concerns that older readers can relate to career choice, friendship, human relationship problem etc adding a realistic touch to the story.Ritsu s reaction mostly shock and disbelief to the craziness wonder that is girl s manga and how things are done in the business is always comical and funny My thought on Ritsu s struggle of adjusting into his new trade was basically like this Oh dude, be thankful that you re only working for the girl manga department, if you got thrown into the yaoi manga department, I honestly don t think you can survive a day.XD If you were a manga s fan and were curious about how mangas come into being, then beside the romance plotline, Sekai ichi Hastsukoi also offers you a comedic inside look into the manga s industry itself.Further, through Ritsu s point of view, we can also see from a self proclaimed jaded, unromantic guy s perspective on the romance focused, partly surreal, dreamy world of girl manga, it also provided a lot of satire to the usual girl manga s formulas, e.g love at first sight, happy there after ending, girls silky hair and clothes start flowing beautifully even when there s no wind, things go randomly sparkly and flowery whenever there s a romantic scene, etc etc The satire is quite heart felt slight plot spoiler warning But the biggest satire may well be the fact that despite Ritsu s claim of disinterest in love, relationship and happy there after, it turns out his relationship with his boss and ex lover Takano is in fact, filled with typical girl manga s factors cliches As a result there are handful of humorous moments of Ritsu screaming at himself Wake up Things won t work out like they do in girl s manga , which never fail to provide LOL.So let s do the cliche checking before we continue In love at first sight Check.Dreamy, beautiful love confession scene with flower petals falling down Check.Secret crush for an attractive upperschooler Check.Inability to forget a first love even after 10 years time Check.Stubborn lead who denies his own feeling Check.Jealous former lover steps in to stir up trouble Check.The main couple struggle to overcome past misunderstanding and try getting back together Check.Drunk confession and hot sex scene afterward but the drunk person completely forgets everything in the next morning Check end of plot spoiler Let me tell you that I m a person who usually dislike cliches a great deal, but in Sekai ichi Hatsukoi, the cliches are so nicely handled, and the story so interesting that I actually don t mind the cheesiness much.The artwork is awesome, from time to time the pictures are completed with typical girl manga s style flowery background, sparkling stars toner, cute little rabbit ornaments, adding a warm, dreamy tone to the story, but the author also managed to keep her drawing clean and simple without making the pictures look downright girly and cheesy All of the characters are beautifully drawn, especially Takano, hell it should be illegal for a manga anime guy to be so damn hot and sexy I also like how the relationship between Ritsu and Takano develops, how they try to get over doubt, insecurity and anger, one step at a time Just as equally enjoyable to read is how the author described the strong attraction between her two leads through small details and cleverly designed plots, how Ritsu tries to stay away from Takano but fails again and again Even though I can t help noticing some of the characters behaviors might not be entirely agreeable, but in overall the characters don t have flaws which are too over the top that makes them unlikable.It s a story balances itself finely between wild, happy go lucky comedy and heart throbbing romance If you re fan of yaoi romance comedy who prefers yaoi with loveable characters, a little sense of realisticity and solid build up for the romance, I strongly suggest you to read Sekai ichi Hatsukoi.Part 2 of the reivew

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    Ya s que esta mangaka tiene muchos detractores, pero qu quer is qu os diga, a mi me resulta muy entretenida, y eso que el dibujo no es de mis favoritos.Adoro a Takano, Yokozawa y a Yukina, son mis absolutos ojitos derechos en esta serie, Onodera est mejor que en el anime, pero siguen dando ganas de pegarle un par de capones a ver si espabila.La estoy leyendo poco a poco y cuanto m s tiempo paso con ellos, m s me gusta

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    I m still wondering how come this manga is popular or this mangaka or this quantity of clich s is actually legal

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    Estado leyendo la totalidad del manga conforme avanza la traducci n.

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    I liked this This was cute and really funny I m still amused that there seems to be a manga for every kind of scenario you can think of but really, it does seem like a dream come true for the part of me that s still a teenage girl ridiculously fond of silly m m romances This one is set in a manga editorial department.I will say that there are still some things I find a bit weird, but what s really interesting for me is to see how I m learning to read and appreciate this medium I can think of a few examples that I really didn t like, as well as some that I liked a lot, and right, I know this sounds silly, but I know I m not the only person who does that sort of thing A few weeks ago I thought I didn t like manga as a whole and now I ve already learned that that s not true Ok, that doesn t have much to do with this manga specifically, but it s something I apparently need to remind myself of This isn t just true for manga, either I mean, just look at the different samples of chick lit I ve read this year one was absolutely horrible, one was adorable and one was okay The lesson may just be that one shouldn t just dismiss an entire genre or medium gasp I suspect that may even be true for vampire fiction, but I m not willing to go there just yet Anyway This is a learning process for me, and I m having a lot of fun and it is awesome that there s always to discover when it comes to reading D

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    Volume 1 to volume 9

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    Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange This review contemplates this series until volume 9 The StoryRitsu Onodera is the heir to one of the biggest publishing companies in Japan He loves his job as a book editor than anything in the world and has been living the dream since he left college and started working.Perfect Perfect.But there is one thing that really bothers Ritsu everybody assumes he s got his job and is good at it because he is taking advantage of his dad s position as the president and owner of the company And, as it isn t true, Ritsu is determinate to prove that he can be the best book editor in the world anywhere without his dad s help.So he quits and leaves behind his perfect life to end up on the shoujo romance manga division of Marukawa Shoten publishing company.And directly into the hands on the most tyrannical manga editor of all times Masamune Takano.As if things couldn t get worse, Ritsu starts to feel that he knows Takano from somewhere and the feeling seems to be reciprocal The Analysis Just remembering that those are my impressions and opinion as a reader This title was another tip from dear Hachiyumi, responsible for the entry of some of the best manga titles ever in my life, like The Tyrant Falls in Love, Ten Count and Super Lovers I already knew that I would love it, as she knows my tastes almost better than myself, but wow THIS SERIES IS SOOOO COOL It explains in detail how a Manga Publisher works and shows their very difficult routine As a journalist and a manga lover, I was swept away for all the knowledge that came with my delicious gay romance Sekaiichi Hatsukoi started as a 4 stars series for me because of the art, that was a little weird, but now evolved into a full 5 stars series The narrative follows Ritsu s point of view almost most of the time, especially on the beginning, but as the story goes by and the other guys in the publishing company gain relevance and their own parallel stories, we start to see the story from almost everyone s point of view AND I LOVE IT.The plot is simple, but has a lot of room for anything to happen, as it is the kind of manga that follows the character s everyday life Of course, the story has a point Ritsu needs to fall in love again with Takano, his high school boyfriend that broke his heart and had his own heart broken by Ritsu But until then and even after, if you ask me, there s so many nice things that can happen And things get really tangled when the secondary characters become main characters on their own stories They also have their problems to solve and stay with their respective lovers, so it is all too exciting I wanted to take my time reading this series, as a new chapter is out only every four months at time just like Super Lovers, may I add Seriously, this kills me, but moving on I couldn t stop reading I read volume one and held myself, but as I read the next one, I was doomed I almost cried when I reached the last available chapter, as only God knows when the next one will reach English readers now.The characters are the best part of this title I wouldn t classify them as the strongest point, as we ll get there, but definitely they are what would appeal the most to any other person in the world besides myself and Hachi, haha Ritsu is a good protagonist, not overly dense or cocky, but not helpless and pathetic either Takano is a dominant and stubborn boss that will do anything to get his mangas published right and in time and to get into Ritsu s pants spoiler alert Takano always gets what he wants, so he got into Ritsu s pants several times enough romance lets fuck.gifthat would be Takano lolI find highly amusing Ritsu s perpetual denial of any good feelings that grow inside himself for Takano during the story and that s new for me I usually have no patience with indecisive characters, but there was just something about Ritsu that made me love him To be honest, I love all the characters in this series, haha However, I must insist that the strongest point ever in this series is the backstage of the manga publishing companies in Japan This is the kind of knowledge that you usually only have if you work in the area or is very close to someone who does it Seriously, it was priceless for me to see how my lovely babies are born and now I want to thank all the editors that brought me the manga titles present on my collection 3 THANK YOU, GUYS Now, let s talk about Nakamura sensei s art It definitely evolves during the series and gets so much better Here s a comparison between an image on the beginning of the series and one ahead Nakamura sensei isn t fooling around by any means, haha Overall, if you like gay titles, are deeply interested on how this crazy manga publishing world works and love real and alive characters, just stop whatever you re doing and go read Sekaiichi Hatsukoi That s it, thank you for reading

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    The World s Greatest First Love was the first anime i ve ever watched completely Now, it is the first manga I ve ever read completely Funny, huh Which is why this series is always in the back off my mind To give a basic summary, this is a story about two guys who dated in high school and were completely in love with each other However, due to their ego and other things they broke it off Ten years later, Ritsu the younger of the two , transfers to a new company because he was tired of being accused of getting a position because of family connections He gets a job at Marukawa publishing as a manga editor and turns out Masamune Takano is his boss Warning I should probably add that there are a few instances of sexual assault I don t even know whether to call it that Sexual assault is such a strong word.

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    I love this story I finished watching the anime few days ago and adored it so I decided to pick up the manga too Takano Onodera completely otp.