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  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • The Betrayal Knows My Name, Volume 01
  • Hotaru Odagiri
  • English
  • 22 September 2019
  • 9780316119412

10 thoughts on “The Betrayal Knows My Name, Volume 01

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    I just want to say that I had no idea this was an omnibus edition, I thought it was a yaoi hey that s s tags for you and really didn t know what to expect I also didn t know this was an anime but am very pleased to find out it is Upon opening the package I was shocked at how large this manga was, I bought it for 12 so I just assumed it was a regular sized manga, didn t know the listing price was 18.99 I eagerly opened it up, and was sucked right in Yuki has a power where he can see feel what others are feeling or traumatic pasts It is a bit debilitating, but he figures he can live with it and figure out what to do He was orphaned at birth, and is honestly a genuinely good person He reminds me of the Tohru from Fruits Basket, expect I find Yuki less annoying He s so good and knows just what to say, that s where I drew the similarities from Anyway he starts meeting these new people, and then suddenly he almost gets hit by a speeding car, these are just the beginnings for Yuki as he discovers he does have family, and is a part of something much bigger than he could ever imagine The characters are all fantastic, for someone who isn t used to reading mangas, you might want to pay really close attention because some of the blonde characters are similar However the artist was fantastic, and so detailed, I was really happy and am now looking to see if there s any works by Hotaru Odagiri I am very upset that I have to wait until December for the second volume to come out, but will be consoling myself with the anime Ok now for the yaoi aspect, there really wasn t one We get the feeling that Luka and Yuki were intimate in Yuki s past life, but Yuki was a girl, now as a boy there is a bit of affection and flirting, but nothing that would qualify it as a yaoi or even boy love territory I have hopes, I mean remember Yellow didn t get anything until the fourth volume, but even if nothing comes of it, the plot is so fantastical that it would still make my top manga list review also on

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    Look, don t get me wrong I know this isn t the most beautifully drawn manga ever And the story isn t insanely compelling It s filled with cliches and standard types of characters without much unique deviation.But honestly I don t care I love this manga I love manga in general that plays with gender identity, gender roles, and struggling with the kind of guilt that can eat characters up inside I love manga about self sacrifice and friendship and family I m a sucker like that with my manga So for me, this manga hits all the right sweet spots.This isn t a manga for everyone, but for me and a casual reader, it s perfect.

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    At one point I read the first volume of The Betrayal Knows My Name because I really like manga with beautiful artwork and it s a Boy s Love one However, after finishing the first volume I soon found myself struggling to even muster up enough interest to read the next volume, and the plot is so bland that now I can barely remember what s going on in the story LOLSoI don t think I m going back for anytime too soon.

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    I would have been happier without the needless perviness, cutesiness, and spats, but found them mostly easier to ignore than is often the case in manga, and liked the story and characters.

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    At first I thought. Vampire Knight.Kuroshitsuji rip off but as i read it I was very pleasantly suprised. it is a great story with great characters and I am dying to read volume 2

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    Manga reviews are a regular thing over on the dark side.That said, let s talk about feelings I don t like this manga The art is bad, the characters are vanilla and the plot is convoluted I ve seen greeting cards romantic than this nonsense and it s about as exciting as a bowl of oatmeal Actually, that s an unfair comparison a bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal invokes feelings in me than this entire volume.The worst thing, hands down, is the dialogue The speech bubbles are scattered and the frames are so haphazardly placed that even I had trouble following the dialogue I d find myself scrolling up and down and re reading entire pages to get the order of the dialogue right The author overlaps frames so often that it s hard to tell where one ends and the other one begins, let alone to decipher the order they re meant to be read in.The entirety of the dialogue in this volume is as unrealistic and overly narrative as this, so for a manga a form of writing which pretty much relies solely on dialogue it just comes across as excruciatingly bad.Speaking of excruciating, let s go to our main characters, shall we Yuki is saccharine to the point where I had to go brush my teeth halfway through reading this manga Every time someone reads a volume of Uraboku, a dentist somewhere buys a new beach house Yuki is effeminate to the point of incapacity and foolishly believes the best in others even at the detriment of his own safety He constantly whines about how he needs to work harder because there are people relying on him, even though he never actually does anything for anybody He also spends a lot of time collapsing and sobbing about how badly he wants people around him to need him Does that sound familiar Yeah, that s because Yuki isAshiya Mizuki, version 2.0 Seriously They re the same person, only Mizuki is dressed as a girl and Yuki was apparently a girl in his past life.Following that line of thought, can you spot Zess in the Hana Kimi lineup If you said Sano angst sack Izumi , you re correct Zess has black hair, is tall and gorgeous, loves Yuki but is confused because Yuki is a boy Actually, I m surprised that Nakajo isn t suing Odagiri for copyright violation Zess s powers are never specified but apparently he s good at everything, can block all attacks and defeat pretty much anything I think his powers are meant to be lightning based, but it s never clarified and limitations aren t even mentioned What is this Urgh As one would say in Tumblr speak I have lost all ability to can.The other characters don t matter and pretty much exist to bolster Yuki s Gary Stu syndrome There s apparently some bad guy threatening Yuki s safety, but the threat is non existent since super special all powerful Zess is protecting him Besides, Yuki would have been fine if he weren t a brain dead imbecile incapable of following simple directions.Oh, and what the hell is with that cover Awkward hand placement, Yuki I know this is a boy love manga, but that s a bit ridiculous Also, what s with the roses and ribbons and whatnot Really Clich doesn t begin to cover it The cover is a solid indication of all the unnecessary lingering looks and awkward touching and blushing and dopey conversation that contaminates this ridiculous manga Just because this is about two boys doesn t mean you need to pander to stereotypes, Odagiri I think there was a plot or something, someone yapping about Walpurgis and some demon talk I don t care Nobody would because Yuki has about as much personality as Splenda and Zess is the character equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife.I should have read Battle Royale instead.This review had photos attached, but since I already had to READ this drivel, I won t bother embellishing the review for it twice You can read the original, with screencaps, if you just step through the magic portal.

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    This is the first book in The Betrayal Knows My Name manga series There are six volumes in this series and all have been released I picked this up because it was recommended to those who enjoy the Black Butler series and I did end up enjoying this quite a bit The premise and characters are interesting, if a little confusing at times. I do have a couple of complaintsthere are a ton of characters thrown at the reader and a lot of them look similar so it s hard to tell who is who sometimes Towards the end of the volume even characters are added If Odagiri is going to keep adding characters we ll need a quick bit at the front of each volume reminding us who is who My other complaint is that the story jumps around between locations without letting the reader know, which makes it hard to follow All the sudden you will realize you re reading about a different set of characters at a different location I had to flip back a number of times to figure out what had happened, only to realize that we had just abruptly changed storylines locations characters.The illustration is intricate and well done and many of the character are heart breakingly beautiful There is a bit of gender bending that goes on since the main character Yuki was supposedly a woman in his past life.Overall the premise is interesting enough that I plan on reading the second book I am hoping the second book will be a bit easier to follow I would recommend to those who enjoy paranormal manga with a bit of a Victorian feel to it although it s set in modern day I can understand why fans of Black Butler would recommend this manga it s got a similar feel to it.

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    1st read 6 14 11Yuki Sakurai is afraid of being alone and unwanted abandoned at an orphanage at birth it is his greatest fear Already a high schooler, he is trying to seek a place of his own to avoid being a burden to those that cared for him, especially now that threatening letters are being left at the orphanage s mail box.A sweet and kind hearted teen, he feels different from those around him with dreams that plague him constantly but has no memory of when he wakes and a strange empathic power that he feels is a hindrance than a help Suddenly things in Yuki s life are changing a friend is in peril, his powers are evolving, he discovers he has an elder brother who has located him after several years and wants him back home, and he meets others with powers of their own Yuki is happy to finally belong, even if it is as a part of the Giou clan a group with mystical powers who destroy demons But his instant bond with Luka is both comforting and intriguing, and makes him wonder why Luka is always looking out for him and his safety.Yet not everything is what it seems events are unfolding that put the world at risk and Yuki s life as well Because Yuki is the Light of God a healer and the strength of the clan and the Duras demons will do everything in their power to destroy him.I ll admit I was completely surprised when I saw thisand truly pleased as well, the manga is 360 pgs long, which is a little rare in graphic novels at least from what I ve seen so it gave me something to really sink my teeth into The cover is very fetching and colorful as well as the beautiful inserts and that was enough to have me starry eyed You get a few bonuses including an afterword, a fan corner, a terms character lexicon, a fan corner autograph session report, as well as 2 extra short stories There are many characters introduced, but my favorite of course is Luka with Hotsuma running a close second he s just so fiery There s some mysteries, secrets, and comedy that made this a joy to read, so I m definitely hanging on to see what comes next.

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    No Look, there is no universe in which this book deserves a 4.16 average rating I d give this half a star, maybe, because while scratchy this could serve as toilet paper, or a reasonable fire starter.Before the fans come at me screaming, let me get this out there I wanted to like this My standards for manga aren t very high to begin with, because I use manga as palette cleaners in between novels I just want something fun and easy to read This is neither.The characters are so bland as to be interchangeable, the story completely generic yet somehow, still hard to follow The art is quite beautiful sometimes but mostly it s not very clean and does not do the story any favours which character is that Crud, I can t tell Actually wait maybe it doesn t matter Pick whichever clich you like, you bet it s in here and presented without irony or enthusiasm.My top tip don t read this.My second tip go to the manga TV Tropes page and make a drinking game out of every clich you encounter in this book.NB I m not saying clich s are bad I m saying this story and all the characters in it are poorly created and have no soul or point of difference Clich s are great to easily convey an idea but this is a whole new level.

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    The manga s story line starts in such a serious note, even so, some parts of it made me laugh smile _ I can t help but think that Yuki looks so much like Wataru while Luka was a cross between Yuichi and Asaka of OTRFK _

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The Betrayal Knows My Name, Volume 01 characters The Betrayal Knows My Name, Volume 01 , audiobook The Betrayal Knows My Name, Volume 01 , files book The Betrayal Knows My Name, Volume 01 , today The Betrayal Knows My Name, Volume 01 , The Betrayal Knows My Name, Volume 01 0b1d6 Abandoned As A Baby And Raised In An Orphanage, The Kind Hearted High Schooler Yuki Sakuragi Is Driven By A Need To Find The Reason For His Existence Plagued By Mysterious Dreams, Yuki Also Possesses The Strange Ability To Read The Deepest, Darkest Thoughts Of Anyone He Touches As Both The Dreams And His Powers Intensify, There Appears Before Him A Beautiful Young Man Named Zess, Whose Face Tugs On Yuki S Memory He Warns Yuki Not To Venture Outside On Walpurgis Night, The Eve Of The Blood Red Moon, Which Invites Death But When Yuki S Compassion Leads Him To Disobey Zess S Order, Has Yuki Carelessly Thrown His Life Away Before He S Even Given Himself The Chance To Find Out The Very Reason For It

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