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    DNF after reading 4 chapters Permanent state of WTF ismo.Lots of what the hell have I just read moments with characters with a strange case of obvious microcephaly developing less than subtle acromegaly The artsy style is so weird bordering on ugly , the plot is so mindfuck and confusing even though I burst out laughing out loud several times that I cannot decide if this was good or bad The romanticism is lost on me But there is no doubt whatsoever that this is hard to forget.Maybe I ll try again one day Maybe not Read in Manga Rock.Chapters and volumes it doesn t make any sense view spoiler Volume 9 Volume 8 Volume 7 Volume 6 Chapters 27 44Volume 5 Chapter 0Volume 4 Chapters 1 2Volume 3 Chapters 10 14Volume 2 Chapters 5 9.1Volume 1 Chapters 1.1 5 hide spoiler

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    I first read this Manga when I was in high school I remember that the art completely turned me off at the beginning But since this series very popular, I pushed myself and kept reading Ten years later, I still love this Manga and look for updates.Let me tell you that Sex Pistols Love Pistols is one of the weirdest and most original manga series that I have ever read It has Mpreg, dub con, shifting, interspecies mating and artificial wombs made from parasites It s a story filled with delicious madness and crazy You have to abandon logic as you know it and enjoy the story in its own context, and everything starts to make sense It s a whole different world that I sometimes wish I could be a part of So In Love Pistols universe, 30% of people are actually evolved from animals other than apes, and are able to see each others animal souls and even shift into an animal form They have a strict hierarchy that rules over their society and sets policies for even mating, with all the important families struggling to find perfect mates and increase their powers Overall, it s a collection of love stories with many different characters and couples that are connected to each other in some ways All the plots are refreshingly unique, and even characters that are not my favorites manage to get me emotionally invested in their stories.As I mentioned, the art might be a turn off at the beginning, but you get used to it, and might actually find it quite good in a simple and unique way.This Manga is strangely compelling and makes readers question the foundations of how they see gender, relationships and love I loved it a decade ago and I still love it.

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    This manga exemplifies the term crack fic Hand to deities it s a COMPLETE trainwreck multiple species of humans, some of which are primates, others evolving from various animals, Mpreg, interspecies smexin, facials, imprinting, scenting, anal worm parasites that create artificial wombs It s insane It s also one of those beautiful disasters that you can t quite look away from I needed popcorn Abandon logicthe universe as you know it Read with caution people but DO read it if you need a break from reality and can focus between gigglesnorting and face palming XP.

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    Described to me as the crack iest of all Yaoi, Love Pistols in theory just shouldn t work people evolved from other animals besides apes who can see each others animal souls and seek out those within a predetermined hierarchy to mate with And it so happen that guys are ultimately attracted and want to mate with other guys Makes no sense whatsoever but man it s a strangely compelling story Bring on volume 2

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    I ve read all the books released from this series and I have to say I loved it If you don t like dub con ish reads then you won t like it I however love reading stories like this Its just my kink The characters are compelling and I loved the art One of my favorite manga series.

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    I didn t love this one, but I didn t hate it The fact that it actually had some world building won a lot of points with me, but the treatment of others was a little harsh imo and it kind of killed the love I had Also my pervy self was looking for a little erotica that what was available in this, but I didn t let that effect my rating.

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    I find it surprising how many people rate this series so highly I guess it is an acquired taste I m not usually one to judge a manga or anime on the artwork or to let it get in the way of reading it but personally, I cannot stand Tarako Kotobuki s drawing style I don t even like the look of any of her characters I don t expect them to be all pretty pretty but to me they just look odd Not only because they inhabit a world where hands and feet can be twice the size of your entire head Most of the time it s not a stylistic choice, it s just lazy The lack of detail is disappointing, even with a simplistic drawing style There are certain panels that are drawn marginally well so Kotobuki proves that she does have the ability.The rest of my review can be seen here

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    As other people said before there is something compelling about this serie The art is not the forte of the serie I m sad to day but the plot is kind of refreshing and with the many couples out there you re bound to find a story to your liking spoiler Personnaly the one in Arabia and the one with the fake friend becoming a lover were my favorites spoiler And then I really laughed a lot so I would recommend this as a go to crack yaoi manga Male pregnancy is a subject aborded in those stories but really far from being presented as a sick fetish or whatever.That said if you aren t comfortable with the subject DON T read it.

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    Because Kai and I watched the OVA..now we must read it Okay okay, review up later Time to cut my hair.yeah, weird I know.

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    do not judge me It s just really weird and gay and hot and cute and funny and I m a really simple person, I can t help but like it

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