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セブンデイズ MONDAY→THURSDAY chapter 1 セブンデイズ MONDAY→THURSDAY, meaning セブンデイズ MONDAY→THURSDAY, genre セブンデイズ MONDAY→THURSDAY, book cover セブンデイズ MONDAY→THURSDAY, flies セブンデイズ MONDAY→THURSDAY, セブンデイズ MONDAY→THURSDAY af7b5280ef88c It Is Rud That Touji Seryou, One Of The Popular Boys At School, Would Go Out With Anyone Who Asks Him Out On A Monday Morning But On This Particular Monday Morning, The First Person He Meets At The School Gate Is No Other Than Yuzuru Shino, Seryou S Senpai At The Archery Club On A Whim, And Well Aware Of Seryou S Reputation, Shino Asks Seryou To Go Out With Him Thinking That It Will Be Treated As A Joke, They Re Both Guys After All, Imagine Shino S Surprise When Seryou Takes Him Up On The Offer There Is A Catch, Though While Seryou Does Go Out With The First Girl Who Asks Him Out On A Monday Morning, The Other Side Of The Coin Is By The End Of The Week, He Will Break Up With That Person In Essence, Seryou Is A Lover With A One Week Expiration Date But Will Shino Prove To Be The Exception To That Rule

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    The art was underwhelming and the story cute but uneventful, really And there was supposed to be some angst I think, but I didn t feel its intensityAnd the biggest turn off was the love triangle.Especially since view spoiler it involved a girl and was confusing like how did he really feel about her Did the I love you too truly mean something hide spoiler

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    La premisa me hace gracia, no tanto el desarrollo De todas maneras, ellos son muy monos.

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    It was good but I found it a bit confusing at times Also it seems like we might have a love triangle situation and I m not a fan of that.

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    Una monada

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    Pues aunque es insta, ste me ha gustado mucho, la premisa de partida realmente es un poco absurda, pero me encanta c mo se desarrolla la relaci n de estos 2.Una pena la edici n, en las copias que he comprado las vi etas inferiores, en algunos momentos se cortan, perdiendo l neas de di logo

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    Una lectura r pida que no me ha hecho sentir nada Aparte de una representaci n convincente de lo que significa sentir celos, no hay mucho m s que pueda decirse a su favor El romance si es que puede llamarse as a todos esos inc modos momentos me ha parecido superficial y mal ejecutado Una buena premisa desperdiciada, con una traducci n que no ayuda terrible la edici n en espa ol.

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    A very, very lovely high school romance with just the right amount of angst that made my heart ache just so Very sweet.I especially loved how the two main characters both learn to look past each other s facades My favorite moment was when Seryou told Shino that he was likable just the way he is Isn t that the kind of thing everyone wants to hear And it s the kind of thing that could be just cheesy if done badly and I ve read many, many examples of that sort of thing , but here it feels genuine I suppose that is what separates good romance books manga from bad ones there s no denying that there are only a handful of romance patterns at best, but it really depends on what the author does with them Anyway, my point is that this is a great example of a romance and young adult story done well.

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    I own this both in English and Japanese, and in every format I ve re read this times that I can count To this day it is still my favorite boys love manga A soft, beautifully drawn story about how Shino, a senior whose looks and personality don t match, and Seryou, a freshman who goes out with a new person starting every Monday morning, grow close and ultimately fall in love in a span of a week.

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    Estos 2 comienzan a salir de una forma muy chisp n jajajaja Son supergraciosos y cuquis