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どうしても触れたくない (Doushitemo Furetakunai) files どうしても触れたくない (Doushitemo Furetakunai), read online どうしても触れたくない (Doushitemo Furetakunai), free どうしても触れたくない (Doushitemo Furetakunai), free どうしても触れたくない (Doushitemo Furetakunai), どうしても触れたくない (Doushitemo Furetakunai) 098181597 On His Very First Day At A Brand New Job, Shy Shima Is Trapped In The Elevator With A Hungover Mess Of A Guy Who Turns Out To Be His Boss Togawa S Prickly Exterior Definitely Puts The Rookie Recruit On Edge, But It Doesn T Take Long Before Shima S Every Waking Thought Is Invaded By His Overbearing Yet Totally Thoughtful Superior Will Shima Put Aside A History Of Disappointment In Order To Take A Chance On A Complicated Relationship

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    3 1 2 stars.My heart it is so fragile right now If you re expecting an easy, light, maybe even a fluffy romance contemporary story, you might want to think again because this was pretty sad and emotional, although cute throughout.For instance, for half of the manga, one of the main characters Shima cried And cried And cried Having started a new job, he wanted to get away from his angsty past, but the last thing he hoped for is falling for a straight man again But he did Shima and Togawa were adorable together but, for this later, the relationship was established on a sexual activity basis than one involving feelings At first But Togawa s dream was to be a father something he could not have while being with Shima And Shima knew it.I must say that the atmosphere was a little overwhelming here and there I didn t even like Togawa for the most part He was quite a tender man, but he even though unintentionally made Shima feel sadness than happiness, it seemed He had a lot on his mind though, that s for sure They both had pasts they wished they could forget or at least learn to live with and not let the latter keep them from going forward It could have been lighter but the author wrote a beautiful and profound story about two different men falling in love against their own will but not being able to live without one another.I guess the fact that the story had such an effect on me is what was most exceptional about this manga The story might not have been the most original of all, but there was an authenticity that I think plenty of other manga lack Some Slice of Life manga show a very far stretched storyline that steps on the imaginative side than necessary But this was believable And the characters could be related to or at least empathized with something I did Shima had this innocence in his personality and shyness and, every time he cried, it felt like a someone was hammering my heart Bang, bang, bang.Splendid graphics To be blunt, I m your type, right Togawa Not at all More like the exact opposite Shima Liar You watch me all the time Togawa That was just a momentary weakness I ve regained my senses now Shima _____________________ See what I mean

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    Edit 4 19 14 THERE WILL BE A MOVIE Decided to do a review of this after my fifth reread DDoushitemo Furetakunai translation No touching at all I don t want to touch remains as my favorite comic by Yoneda Kou and is definitely one of my favorite M M comics of all time The story centers around Shima Toshiaki, the new employee of the systems section department of some undisclosed company, and his relationship with the section chief Togawa Shima is an introverted gay man who just got over an ugly relationship with a closeted man from his previous company Togawa is the polar opposite loud, carefree, and very social in his dealings with others He s also straight as a pole and has plans of eventually having his own family While the plot itself may not win most original gay for you story of the century, especially to veterans of M M fiction, I believe the execution of it was done well However, it was the artistic style and characters that make DF shine among the stagnant waters of M M comics which is pretty much porn without plot it seems Yoneda Kou has a very subtle, yet poignant quality to her style that is reminiscent of some writing styles of M M authors I very much admire and appreciate I feel like I have to take the time to appreciate not only the quality of the actual drawings itself, but her execution of the story from one panel to the next I call it her art prose now I m just making up words She doesn t really focus on the sex between her characters it s there, but subtle and tactfully done.I do want to warn readers that there IS a published, translated version of DF titled No Touching At All It can be found on major retailers for digital download i.e and eManga for purchase I really hate to say this, but I will be blunt the official translations for this story sucks, and not in the way that turns me on either There are moments when conversations don t make sense That wouldn t have bothered me so much since this only occurs occasionally However, it carried over to the intimate situations as well where the moment felt ruined because of badly done translations After I bought the digital ebook version, I switched back to rereading the fan translated material after about halfway through and started enjoying it again Not only that, but the digital quality of the published version leaves much to be desired I was reading the PDF I bought from eManga on my iPad 2, and wasn t impressed So my recommendation read the fan translated version of DF online It is well done, understandable, and devoid of bad grammar and misspellings You can read it online on any major manga hosting sites such as Mangafox Here s a direct here

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    At first it was innocuous, and I found it boring That s why I was actually surprised when my feelz were shaken I was close to tears in certain scenes I truly did not expect such raw emotion to comef from these cartoons with a full blast I was wrong Read in Manga Rock.Volumes in the series

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    No est mal, se nota que que es de los primeros que escribi la mangaka Me han gustado m s los extras de Onoda que el manga propiamente dicho, me parecen m s conseguidos, Shima que es un personaje muy interesante queda muy poco desarrollado en favor de Togawa y para mi gusto pierde intensidad, que me da igual, ha sido muy bonito

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    6 5 10 Y que mas puedo deciros de El laberinto de los sentimientos Que me ha gustado esta historia agridulce de amor aunque habr a agradecido mas ternura que he llorado y se me ha roto un poquito el coraz n con ella que me he encari ado con los protagonistas que ha sido pura electricidad cada toque y cada mirada y cada encuentro de esta pareja que he sido golosa con las escenas de sexo y aunque hubiera querido que fueran m s detalladas y explicitas me han gustado igualmente que me ha robado el coraz n esos besos, esos abrazos espont neos, que en esos momentos he adorado las ilustraciones de Kou Yoneda RESE A COMPLETA EN Pel cula basada en este manga

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    By this point, I have to admit that I like only specific manga genres and this one isn t one of them The romance is the main focus of the story and it features 1 invasion of privacy, 2 muffled consent, 3 gay character hates himself for being gay and his lovers admits that he s straight but find the gay character cute also the straight calls him a wife at some point I am not here for this mess I can t believe I bothered to finish it.

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    Eine wirklich sch ne und ber hrende Boys Love Geschichte, die nur mit angedeuteten Sexszenen auskommt und daf r die Charaktere mit einer tiefen und Glaubw rdigen Geschichte ausstattet Ich mochte wirklich beide Charaktere sehr gerne, vielleicht Togawa, den aktiven Part, n mlich Shimas Chef am meisten Er zeigt, dass man stark und cool sein kann und gleichzeitig Gef hle zeigen kann Shima hat mir gr tenteils sehr leid getan und ich konnte extrem gut mit ihm mitf hlen, da er mit realistischen Problemen, die aus seiner vorigen Beziehung herr hren, zu k mpfen hat Besonders gut hat mir gefallen, dass der Manga auch durchaus realistische Probleme von Homosexuellen in der Gesellschaft v.a am Arbeitsplatz thematisiert, die in den meisten Boys Love Manga schlichtweg ausradiert werden Auf jeden Fall ein sehr toller Einzelband mit viel Gef hl, der mich sogar zu Tr nen r hren konnte Nicht ganz zu 5 Sternen hat es gereicht, da der Manga doch sehr ruhig und fast ein bisschen deprimierend ist Ein wenig mehr Humor h tte dem ganzen gut getan Trotzdem ein sehr toller Manga, der auch sch n gezeichnet ist Von daher werde ich die Mangaka im Auge behalten.

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    3,5 stars I think It took me a while to get accustomed to the characters, but then I really enjoyed them and started caring about them.Shima reminded me so much of Neil Josten AFTG for some reason, but with a very different backstory.What confuses me about this series is how sexuality is handled I don t know if it s a matter of the Japanese culture handling it differently than we do in the Western media please enlighten my ignorant ass if you know than I do about this , but as far as I understood, in this manga Togawa is never called anything but straight even though he enjoys sex with another man and even falls in love with him, and that confuses me He should at least be called bisexual, shouldn t he It s not even a matter of no labels because there s plenty of times where Shima is openly called gay Idk.

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    This was CUTE I love ships where one half of the couple is reserved and quiet and the other person is rowdy and loud It hits me right in the heart.

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    This is the first BL I read by Kou Yoneda and I ve found it engaging and very well developed.The story follows the tentative relationship that blossoms between co workers Shima and Togawa and focuses on the ways the two characters negotiate their new emotions for each other with their difficult past Although for very different reasons, both Shima and Togawa are scarred characters but their reactions to their painful memories couldn t be different if Shima is shy and reserved, Togawa is rowdy and overbearing and pushes his way into his colleague s life with little regard for the protective wall that Shima has built up around him.Apparently following the traditional Yaoi pattern of the outgoing seme pursuing the taciturn and unsocial uke , No Touching At All also breaks this mould by giving Togawa an extra veneer of endearing uncertainty and providing Shima towards the end of the story with a assertive attitude One aspect that left me a bit perplexed but that is, again, a rather common trope in BL stories is how Togawa is depicted from the beginning as being a straight guy who just happens to find himself deeply in love with another man On the one hand, this aspect in yaoi manga responds to the romantic ideal of love conquers all but I find it somewhat problematic in its dealing with sexual identity and gender norms.The office life is the book is depicted in a lively and funny manner, with a good eye for details and with a number of interesting secondary characters, especially Ryo Onoda who s the main character in Yoneda s Even So, I Will Love You Tenderly.The drawings are very evocative, although probably this is not my absolute favourite style I really love Rihito Takarai s works, for instance, and they re visually very different from this, but there s a beautiful sense of urgency in the way Yoneda s characters are depicted, their emotions so honest and raw and showing on their facial expressions and hunched up body postures.This is a tender and raw story, slowly burning its way to the reader and leaving behind a trail of lingering feelings It s well worth reading it.

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