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    Swordfish is a crazy hot motherfucker Pardon my French, but it s true.Not for the faint of the heart, of course Prison romance Or just prison mindfuck Depends on how you would like to look at it.At first it said nothing to me, only mindless violence But then oh, then Worth it This review is for the three volumes Read in Manga Rock Chapters and their volumes view spoiler Volume 03 Chapter 1 9Under Grand Hotel 9 Extra Under Grand Hotel 8 Extra HoneymoonUnder Grand Hotel 7 Final Round One End Under Grand Hotel 6.2 Round 20 VisitorUnder Grand Hotel 6.1 Round 20 VisitorUnder Grand Hotel 5 Round 19 The Rule of AppleUnder Grand Hotel 4 Round 18 PlanUnder Grand Hotel 3 Round 17 FutureUnder Grand Hotel 2 Round 16 Darkness and LightUnder Grand Hotel 1 Round 15 ProcessVolume 02 Chapter 1 7Under Grand Hotel 7 Round 14 SecretsUnder Grand Hotel 6 Round 13 TraitorUnder Grand Hotel 5 Round 12 MessengerUnder Grand Hotel 4 Round 11 RevelationsUnder Grand Hotel 3 Round 10 Poisoned LoveUnder Grand Hotel 2 Round 9 Heavy CrimeUnder Grand Hotel 1 Round 8 The SealVolume 01 Chapter 1 7Under Grand Hotel 7 Round 7 Brave HeartUnder Grand Hotel 6 Round 6 Sexual ChocolateUnder Grand Hotel 5 Round 5 Animal InstinctUnder Grand Hotel 4 Round 4 RuleUnder Grand Hotel 3 Round 3 Barren ZoneUnder Grand Hotel 2 Round 2 UnlockUnder Grand Hotel 1 Round 1 Life Sentence hide spoiler

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    Sen and Swordfish are like a match made in kinky heaven.Mika Sadahiro really had a soft spot for the HBO series OZ, and the fact that the series also got me started on slash and M M romance really made me place this yaoi manga among my favorites.But, this is not all The story is well written, the characters are well fleshed out for a manga, where everything must be said short and fast , and I absolutely loved the two main MCs interactions.In the first volume, we just get to meet these two hot guys and it is all downhill from there Sen is aloof and a bit catatonic in the beginning, but that changes when he understands what life in prison is all about, including male on male sex.Swordfish is such a badass, but the fact that he develops quite an attraction for Sen from the very start, makes him endearing as endearing as a prison shutcall can be.But this is not a soft, nice story Swordfish schemes and lies just to get his way, and he is far from playing nice Sen struggles to survive and lets Swordfish to do what he pleases, so he can have protection The sweetest part, nonetheless, is that their feelings grow despite this being nothing but an arrangement.If you like prison love stories, this story is a 5 star recommendation Mika Sadahiro did everything right with this one, and if you do not mind violence, rape, and other bad stuff happening in such a setup, you will definitely love it.

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    I read this one basically because I was looking for some prison love and this came as one being recommended i must tell you, it s REALLY GOOD I love complicated relationship and man, prison love is one basic ground for complication, right There are some funny moments, tender moments, and definitely HOT SEXY moments IT IS love in prison and it is probably one of the brutal places for men, right So you definitely get the beating and the rape scenes BUT, I can t help to get sucked into the story of Sen and Sword what a captivating prison love this is And you can just feel how deep their relationship becomes in the end Secondary love between Walter and Norman is interesting too

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    This review is for all 3 volumesAfter reading this, I honestly wasn t sure how I could even rate it I knew I didn t like it, but it was such a bizarre read that I wasn t sure the 5 star rating could properly describe it In the end, I decided to rate it based on two things the story, characters etc, and the sex relationship.The Plot Well, I mean, there really wasn t one It was about how one straight guy in jail meets another straight guy in jail and how many times they have sex It didn t bother itself with complicated questions or character development It focused on displaying endless streams of increasingly graphic and gratuitous sex scenes The Relationship Umyeah If you re going to say that straight guys in jails, upon looking around and finding no females, turn to other men for sex, then fine But this manga stated that Sword and Sen were in love without ever justifying that statement Undoubtedly they had a poisonous, unhealthy relationship, but at no point did I get the impression that they loved each other It just seemed like a case of Stockholm syndrome on Sen s part and whatthefuckery on Sword s part.As for the sexit s pretty graphic And that s the consensual sex that doesn t result in one partner almost dying really or the seemingly endless rape scenes I really wish I had kept a tally of how many times someone was raped in this series While some of the sex scenes were fine in that am I a fucking pervert for liking this way , a lot of it was genuinely disturbing How likely is it that a straight guy would be so gung ho about having sex with his tormentor when he s been raped by witha The Wardenb His lover s husbandc His current loverd A broom handlee Seemingly all the inmates at the prisonAside from the lack of realism, there was NOTHING about the characters or the relationship that made you want to root for them in any way It really just felt like I was reading an extended rape fantasy I would recommend people skip this one, there really isn t much substance to it.

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    I just love em boys Is it weird that I d classified this one as a feel good story as well because I went all giddy after the first volume and couldn t wait to start with the second one, and then the third I just find it a bit odd how young Swordfish was and already claimed the shutcall post in UGH That s a rather odd acronym yeah Like, ugh Lol Anyways, rambling again About Sen, he s such a stubborn shit yeah I really enjoyed this one immensely and find it quite inspiring because I suddenly had the urge to rewatch my Prison Break DVDs I wished I have known the TV show Oz back then but I was still a snotty highschooler when it was shown so Prison Break it is

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    This sums pretty much the tenor of the manga I didn t completely like it but didn t even hate it.There simply wasn t a plot, just an infinite show of rapes, violence and sex Tons of it.I d have appreciated a bit of feelings and of the other inmates characterization, but maybe it was still early.Both Sword and Sen seemed to be comfortable in having sex than talking about their past.I m not sure if I ll read the next volume, there were too things that left me disappointed.

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    I read this last year before joining goodreads so I m going to do a quick review for all three volumes here This is the only Yaoi that I ve read so I m not too familiar with this genre but I loved this one Just a warning, it s extremely dark with non con sex, violence, prison rapes, etc I loved both main characters..Owari and Swordfish Owari is a young Japanese man who finds himself locked up in a maximum security prison nicknamed the Under Grand Hotel aka UGH In this prison Owari meets Swordfish and all sorts of craziness ensues This is a romance but it s an ugly romance, nothing sweet or pretty about it lol.

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    While I generally like Mika Sadahiro s work, liked the storyline of this manga, and have no qualms with yaoi it was just way too graphic for me I guess I found my limit I m not claiming it isn t a good manga, just not for me I m afraid.

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    Gritty, brutal, violent, sexy, hopeless and hopeful Loved this one.

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    Okay I will start of with I love Mika Sadahiro This book had me from the start, I don t really do prison stories But Sen was so intriguing his reason for being there, and his attitude about it I ranked him like a modern day samurai Then there was Swordfish I really loved hating him he was like the very epitome of a hood rat that made it bigIn prison The situations the MCs found themselves were a lot different than I expect and that was a plus I have yet to read a Mika Sadahiro story that I didn t like and this is no exception.

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