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When Autumn Leaves txt When Autumn Leaves, text ebook When Autumn Leaves, adobe reader When Autumn Leaves, chapter 2 When Autumn Leaves, When Autumn Leaves 947519 This Is A Town Where The Shoes In The Window Always Fit, Where You Can Buy A Love Potion At The Corner Shop, And Where The Woods At The Outskirts Of Town Just Might Be The Door To Another World And, Of Course, There S Autumn, Avening S Beloved Resident Witch From What S Known Of Its Mythical Founding, Avening Has Always Been A Haven For People Who Are A Little Bit Different, A Place Where They Can Come To Discover What Makes Them So SpecialWhen Autumn Receives News That She S Been Promoted To A Higher Coven, She Also Learns She Has To Replace Herself But Who In Avening Is In Tune Enough With Her Own Personal Magic To Take Over The Huge Responsibility Of Town Witch Autumn Has A List Of Thirteen Women And Men Who Just Might Have What It Takes But How Can She Get Them To Open Their Eyes To The Magic In Their Lives This Endlessly Surprising And Heart Warming Debut Is The Story Of Coming To Terms With The Magical Things We Take For Granted Every Day Our Friends, Our Community, And, Most Of All, Ourselves

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the When Autumn Leaves book, this is one of the most wanted Amy S. Foster author readers around the world.

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    I can t explain the hold this book has over me I first read it about three years ago and just recently I picked it up again off of my bookshelf.The book deals with the unknown and unexplained that livs in our world, our hearts and our minds Yes it deals with magic but not in a supernatural way More of how magic is all around us and the we look within ourselves we ll find our own powers and how to use them Whether it be to understand people, feel the earth and the elements around us or how to heal with either our words or the touch of our hands.Without out going into too many details or spoiler it centers on a wise woman named Autumn and the small town in Nova Scotia called Avening that many people call home Those who grew up there and those who were drawn there by something they can t explain, but once they arrived they knew it was where they belonged.It centers on Autumn needing someone to be her apprentice, so she asks for women around the town to submit why they believed they would be the best to work with and eventually take over for her Anyone can enter, but what they don t know is that she already has a list that those who are higher powered than she have given her.How she helps these women find who they really are is best left for you to find out.I do know that as I read this book I find myself calming internally, it really does have this quality about it where you start thinking about who YOU are.

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    This book was added as a Book Club selection by my local group It was a good read Not a great one, but the writing itself was good Then, seeing as it was 1 of an expected 13, one of the Book Club members sent Ms Foster an email asking when the next books would be released The reply Yeah, I ve decided not to write the series and on she goes with her life.Despite her obvious talent as a songwriter as Mister Buble can attest, I don t think I ll be reading any of Ms Foster s books, just on principle.Note to Ms Foster don t start what you re not prepared to finish for goodness sake s hire a ghost writer with Daddy s millions if you don t want to do it yourself Chances are we would never have noticed.

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    There are few books left that truly capture the joys of magic and the divine and yet this is one of them As soon as i held this book in my hands i knew it was going to be special I had no idea why I just sensed it Maybe it is because i am a woman and this book speaks to women inparticular tho dont worry guys im sure you ll love it equally though it may confuse you even about our species Or maybe it was the fact i could identify with every character Amy S Foster portrays here the woman who is desperate to help anyone in pain the one who manipulates a situation to get what she wants oh come on girls you know we re like that or the woman who simply feels invisibleIt is clear that Amy has created every character with care and attention and love She lives through these women and these women live through her She clearly adores writing and she is incredible at it The proof is in these pages

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    I wanted to give this book a rating of 2.5, but goodreads does not allow for half stars, so I had to choose two stars or three I wanted it to be at least a three star book, because I felt the story held some potential, but it just had too many other strikes against it The book is riddled with sentence fragments The writing style is immature and seems unrefined The author uses far, far too many figures of speech.There are far too many inane details ie we don t need to know that Sylvie cut up the vegetables at home this is not relevant information.The characters are all two dimensional The space used for inane details could have been put to use to remedy this.The characters seem too stereotypical.None of the characters has her own distinctive voice All the grown women talk in the same way Sylvie and Molly talk in the same way Maggie and Siobhan have the exact same speech patterns Their speech seems based on stereotypes of their ages.And finally, the dialogue between Maggie and Piper made me laugh because of how much it reminded me of an introductory level of a Legend of Zelda video game.Despite all this, the story was pleasant and somewhat interesting If I had not read the final chapter before writing this, I would have dismissed the book entirely, but there was a shimmer of potential there.If the author writes a sequel, I may read it but I hope she gains some experience in prose before then.

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    I absolutely loved this book Written in an almost lyrical style, it focuses on a town that draws people to itself In the town, the first pair of shoes that you see in the shop window, will always be your size, the woods is a place to meet your dearly departed and pranksters can repair your shoes so that you will sing every time they re on your feet The plot surrounds Autumn, a healer with magical powers who holds a contest to find her replacement Each woman that submits an essay to her contest is covered in the chapters of the book and ultimately will find her unique magic self.

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    It s my own fault for reading this, because Julie s review had already said, basically, don t bother But I thought, how can this be bad Look at the cute cover Look at the cute title Read the description, where they invoke Sarah Addison Allen How can this be bad Well, let me tell you The dialogue was terrible Really, really bad The book was divided into sections, and each section dealt with one character Don t get attached to any of these people because in the course of the book you never meet them again I probably wasn t even a quarter of the way into it before I was trying to figure out how in the world this had found its way into print I kept struggling through it, though, because Hey, look at the cover Look at the title There has to be something redeeming in it Wrong From now on I ll listen to Julie I can t believe I wasted a week of lunch hours on this mess.

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    It s as if someone took one of those coexist bumper stickers, assigned a story to each character, then threw them all together in a book bound by an attractively seasonal cover with a punny title.The spirituality presented is nebulous at best, and the ending came together much too perfectly and quickly to be realistic although in a story about earth witches, I guess I d have to hold off on some levels of realism While I was completely charmed by the first chapter s story about Ellie and her singing, by the time the chapter chronicling and justifying another character s extramarital affair rolled around, the book had lost its magic, and it was mostly downhill from there.

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    It was very short, only 300 something pages, but I wanted it to go on and on It s by Amy Foster, who is a songwriter, and it was her first novel I am an atheist by nature, but I love pagan things, just can t get my head around a goddess The story is set in this wonderful little town called Avening It makes you want to live there The beginning of the story is about Autumn Avening, who is some what of a witch, though she hates that word, and she must choose her replacement because she has been called to leave You can just imagine her home and little store She is given a list of women to consider, and their stories are fascinating that was the part I would have loved to have delved further into Their stories were just enough to make you beg for I wanted the tiny little plot lines of their lives to keep going, especially the woman who had breast cancer and was dying but was given the option to go some place elsevery interesting.or the girl who could astral project She wrapped the story up nicely with truths about Autumn you suspected but ended up being much deeper than you realized, but I felt there was so much to tell about each of the women in the story, and I m still craving it.

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    oh, my what a lovely, amazing feel good book another one to hug when you finish, my heart felt so warm and soft as it ended Hard to explain the book very different, in a woman family hometown sort of magical way but bigger then life and everyday sorts of emotions I didn t know where things were headed or how they would turn out but that was just a lovely way of the book.

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    WHEN AUTUMN LEAVES by Amy S FosterMy Thoughts It won t be a shock to say after my quickie review on my blog , but I did not enjoy this book at all The writing left a lot to be desired and the characters were either dull or just plain annoying I couldn t believe some of the choices these characters made, or the words that came out of them, they were completely ridiculous Sadly, the only thing I liked about this book was it s format that each chapter was a Pagan holiday, as shown in an illustration at the beginning of the book, and the fact that each new character was a branch off the previous one I can t say anything else really stood out to me, besides a couple choice quotes Without giving away the entire book I can t really explain why I thought this book was eye roll worthy, but all I can say is that I won t be wasting my time on this book again.Favorite Quotes Not everyone may believe in the same thing, but everyone can believe that even the darkest, coldest winter will move over and make room for spring Page 10 11 Infatuation consumes, but it doesn t settle Page 126 Nothing that feels that good could ever be ignorant of its darker twin Page 147 Overall Opinion C Kaylahttp kaylasbookcase.blogspot.com

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