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CUT chapter 1 CUT, meaning CUT, genre CUT, book cover CUT, flies CUT, CUT 62f34379c337b Chiaki Sakaguchi Is A Highly Sociable And Popular High School Senior Who Has A Dark Secret In His Heart Chiaka Is Not At All Acting Like Himself In Fact, He Recently Skipped His College Entrance Exams Is Chiaka S Classmate The Only One Who May Be Able To Unveil The Unholy Perversion That Has Secretly Crept Into Chiaka S Life

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    If m m romance isn t your thing, then move along There s nothing for you here.Okay, awesome people that remain, here s the deal Cut s a really dark romance between two teens with serious family issues One s a cutter in a sexual relationship with his stepfather and the other s got a bunch of mysterious scars The romance contained within is actually quite sweet and healthy, even if the boys have a lot of problems still That s what I like best, I think the fact that their issues aren t entirely resolved by the end They ve started to heal, but falling in love didn t automatically fix them.

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    CUT was so beautiful The characters had so much depth and backround CUT had such a deep storyline Disturbing and beautiful Highly recomended

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    Review originally published at mangaupdates.com in March, 2008.This is pure genius The mangaka displays such skill in presenting topics and relationships that are powerful and make one pause in thought The life of these two young men touched me greatly I like how she didn t judge her characters she allowed them their feelings, valid, not leftover desires from the experiences that shaped them The way the two men helped one another was so very beautifully shown The reader was not hit over the head Nothing seemed phoney or out of place.

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    Loved this story It is a compiling story that pulls me in for a very emotional ride This story is about two guys that have some inner demons to live with because of their family lives They meet and they start being together to help each other forget their problems This is a story of them growing closer together and trying to get over their emotional scars that are in their lives This book deals with some abusive by a stepfather and are not suited for minors That is why it is rated M for Mature.

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    Just re read this a few days ago I think I read it before 5 6 years ago and then sort of forgot the title and just remembered it the other day when I heard the word Loveholic O.oI love Chiaki and Eiji s love story A lot of angst in their past, I guess I m a sucker for lovers overcome their troubled past together lol.

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    A dark yaoi premise, but unfortunately the interesting plot is one dimensional in favor for sex which I guess is to be expected from yaoi, I just like the BL that is plot driven They main characters are such a cute couple, but they feel so forced together The relationship feels very rushed, and I wished that there were a few chapters to allow for growth in their love and psychological struggles I was a little hesitant to read at first due to the art style, but it is not unbearable and did not disturb my reading experience I think it is worth the read, but don t go in with high expectations on narrative.

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    Read this book but don t remember it Swapped away my paperback copy years ago on Mangatude.com.

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    Chiaki sees Eiji for the first time when they are both called to task for not having arranged their parental teacher visits Each has his reasons for avoiding this onerous duty Chiaki s dad uses him sexually, and abuses him by cutting or hitting Eiji lives with his aunt and uncle to avoid his abusive crazy mother In Cut, by Toko Kawai, we watch them as they come together, and make an attempt at healing themselves and each other. They run into each other in the park that night Eiji is resting there, after his job at a restaurant Chiaki is there with his stepfather, who is after him, as usual, in a sexual way, and Eiji inadvertently sees and overhears them The next day, they both have parent teacher interviews, and Eiji realizes who Chiaki s partner is Chiaki is disturbed, and wants to talk to Eiji, privately, to let him know that that man is not his real dad He spies a long scar on one of Eiji s arms and this is how they begin.Eiji says he doesn t care what they do, and when Chiaki attempts to explain, Eiji unexpectedly turns violent and hurts him Only the arrival of Eiji s aunt prevents further violence Chiaki tries to find out who this strange boy is, but he doesn t have much of a description to go on when he enlists the aid of one of his friends Chiaki is on the roof with a female friend, who wants to fool around with him, completely unaware that he has no sexual interest in her, and they are caught in a compromising position by none other than Eiji The girl leaves, and the boys end up hanging out together, exchanging names at last.It seems that they cannot stop meeting, and slowly, they begin to reveal themselves, and their histories Neither one has had it easy, and they each have the scars to show for it.You can read my complete review at Yaoi Radius

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    Interesting But it has its flaws, which are many A manga based on depressed people who simply don t see an end to their many torments Some texts and dialogues are interesting, very interesting actually, but the graphics and features of the characters simply don t match in several parts Whenever something cool and or sad happened, they had sex Sex sex sex sex It would be infinitely better if the author had limited herself to make a simple conventional romance and had placed at convenient moments, instead of all the time I still had hopes for it to not have a happy ending, despite it being predictable, but the impression it left me was simply Doesn t matter if your life was awful, your stepfather sexually abused you your whole life, you cut yourself often, you re unable to see anything beyond the abyss in front of you, you have a trauma that you carry since you were a child, you were stabbed, have scars all over your body and was part of an accident that killed your real father, above us, we will always have a beautiful blue sky Now let s have sex It really could have been better developed in many ways, but it s still a pastime.

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    Reading Yaoi manga is interesting to do from time to time and this was one of those interesting ones to say the least The book revolves around a young man that sleeps with his step father and they are basically in an SM type of relationship, but then he falls for one of his classmates that also has some issues from his own past.The manga was initially hard to push through at the beginning because of some of the opening scenes and initial character plot points, but once I got about to the half way point it turned into a beautiful story about redemption and love The story showcased how one is not their past, but that they move on and can develop further The drawing was lacking in some places, but I think with this particular genre that this is a place to help teach an artist to draw instead of necessarily being about quality of the picture I enjoyed the story though overall and would recommend it to people looking for a viewpoint outside of their own Just be prepared for some of the graphic content that is contained within, hence the parental advisory label on the front of the book.