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    Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange This review contemplates this series until volume 9 The StoryChiga, vice president of his class, is obsessed with his president, Kokusai The other guy is a magnet to pervs and weird people, so Chiga feels like is his duty to bodyguard for Kokusai.What started as only a safety arrangement very soon grows into friendship with the undeniable pull of desire and passion behind it.Can Chiga confess his true feelings for Kokusai Will Kokusai accept something The Analysis Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader First things first HACHIYUMI, WE HAVE TO STOP STARTING UNFINISHED SERIES LOL This one I m not really sure if Hachiyumi recommended to me or if I found it myself and filled her whatsapp with crazy fangirlings while reading and bossing her around for her to read it too, haha Both scenarios are equally like to happen and I apologize for my eccentricities to all my offline and online turned offline friends, as I have no control whatsoever when I m obsessed with something, haha Now, to the manga it had me since page one The art is so delicate and yet the males remain so manly, haha I loved everything about this series Oh, well, I don t really loved that it takes so long for its chapters to be out and about, but one can t have everything, right Haha The title starts light and funny and gets darker with each volume until you are grabbing your seat and eating your nails without being able to breath For sure, a 5 stars series The narrative is manly from Chiga s point of view, but we get to switch characters as the series go by I liked the main couple and Chiga is one of my favorite manga guys Also, the relationships on this series are so real, with the difficulties, the love, the camaraderie and all It begins with a very fast pace and it slows down as the story gets complex.Which brings us to the plot It starts simple and revolving around Chiga and Kokusai, as they need to work out their differences and feelings to be together As things go by, new characters are introduced and Chiga and Kokusai start to share their spotlight with other gay couples This is highly common for long yaoi series and now I m going to tell the big secret behind this.The truth is that the authors rarely know how many volumes their stories will have The manga publishers are merciless and demand a good start for the series If you make trough that and the public loves it, only God knows when they will allow the author to finish their stories Don t believe me and need examples Okay.NARUTO The author had the whole story prepared, but when it was coming to the end, the publishers begged him to keep going as Naruto is a world wide gold mine Results The story got boring, confusing and repetitive.Back to Seito Kaichou Ni Chuukoku it is still being published and I think that s awesome, but once the main problem gets solved and Chiga and Kokusai start to go out, there is only a handful of things that one can do to keep the story going without falling for Naruto s destiny and that s why other couples take over Either the story that Kaori sensei had in mind came to an end and she is stretching it or she never had a plan for a long term publication and is going with the flow.If you ask me, the second case also happens with Sekaiichi Hatsukoi.Anyway, the characters and the art are the best assets of this series The characters are so real, intense and funny They always have some snarky remark to make and Chiga is incredible Kokusai is na ve, so Chiga is the skeptical with streets smart I laughed aloud many times while reading Seito Kaichou Ni Chuukoku And there is the art, that is breathtaking and only keeps getting better, as Miss Xtina would say Really, I love this delicate and beautiful art style that still manages to portray guys as guys lolOverall, if you like yaoi, daily life titles, wonderful art and awesome characters, you have to add Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku to your TBR pile Thanks so much for reading my review

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    I like the art in this but the content was unsatisfactory I had gone into it expecting it to be a regular graphic novel, but it isn t The plot is underdeveloped and the dialogue just doesn t make sense sometimes Plus, there are some sub dom themes that I m not okay with, even though I wouln t normally have a problem with this kind of dynamic, which makes me think that this book just didn t handle it properly.I have a lot of issues with this, it is clearly not my favourite, but it s not the worst either, so yes, two stars is what it gets.

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    Want to know the true meaning of a Japanese light novel Read this one There s really no plot to this manga but I didn t mind it at all If it wasn t for the quirky mix of characters, this manga would ve failed miserably As it stands, the characters make up for a story shortfall It s entertaining, awkward and stupid all that the same time Making you want to turn the page for .

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    I m a very big fan of this series It s one of the few series I enjoy rereading I mostly like how Chiga can t express his feelings to Kokusai so he constantly bullies him Or maybe its the fact that both guys love each other but can t tell for fear of rejection or the fact that the other doesn t feel the same way its cute n frustrating But I enjoy it everytime I reread this series.

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    I read this after watching the OVA, and I have to say that I preferred the anime, even the whole groper stalker thing makes slightly sense in the manga Well, as much sense as that whole thing can make, I suppose But this is cute, and fun, and just the right amount of smutty, I d say Not a must read, but entertaining.

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    Amazing in the sex scenes, and I loved them I thought the anime was better and clearer than the beginning of the manga, but the scene in the hospital in the mannga was completely hot, and there s only an anime for the fiirst couple of episodes anyways.

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    I m a fan of this mangaka, I grabbed up v 1 and 2 when they came out, then the series stalled out A couple years later 3 was released and I was excited it was picked up again but releases have been sporadic and I m not sure its all been released in English I tried reading scans where I could but the translations weren t great and so I go back from time to time to check for new releases Funny story though and I love the art

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    This must be good I will highly recommend it to my friends.

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    The story itself is cute and funny, but the other volumes are very expensive so unfortunately I don t think I will be able to finish this series.

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    Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku or Hey Class President is an ongoing yaoi manga series by Monchi Kaori that s also been made into an anime It s got all the trimmings comedy, drama, romance, and with a high school setting BCBEven as he tries to keep the student council president who has a mysterious charm that attracts men and perverts out of trouble, Vice President Chiga kun finds himself being drawn to him Chiga kun wonders how he, being such an intelligent individual, can be so unwillingly taken with a boy who is so country and simplebut watch out, because the president s sweet na vet is irresistible Basically, Kokusai is the student council president, a young man who attracts lecherous men like bees to honey, and can t seem to protect himself He s adorable, but unfortunately dimwitted and just not assertive He asks Chiga a fellow classmate and friend to become the vice president, and Chiga accepts.I thoroughly enjoyed this yaoi and look forward to reading The characters are highly addictive I guess what I like is the fact that Chiga isn t a normal seme aloof and abusive he s reluctant, protective and truly kind After he becomes the VP he finds himself gradually falling for Kokusai And it s a struggle for him, because he s a bit of a womanizer But he doesn t want to Kokusai to think of him as that type of person, and he has no intention of treating him that way He can be hot tempered and blunt, but overall he s a good guy trying to make sense of his feelings And he loves Kokusai Kokusai isn t the normal uke either He doesn t protest, and although he s somewhat confused with his own feelings, he still allows Chiga to become his boyfriend.I m not big into the high school setting, despite the fact it is popular in yaoi and shonen ai However Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku is one of the best I ve read The art is quite pretty, the plot flows, and the leading men are nice guys, for a change Don t misunderstand me, I love the all powerful and unemotional semes, but I also like to see variations too a man who doesn t need to be a prick a man who can win over the uke by simply being nice What a treat I also recommend watching the anime I give Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku 5 Stars Book Review

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生徒会長に忠告 1 download 生徒会長に忠告 1, read online 生徒会長に忠告 1, kindle ebook 生徒会長に忠告 1, 生徒会長に忠告 1 10788fe9c26f Even As He Tries To Keep The Student Council President Who Flaunts His Powerful, Man Seducing Charm Out Of Trouble, Vice President Chiga Kun Finds Himself Drawn To The President S Strength And Power Chiga Kun Wonders How He, Being Such An Intelligent Individual, Can Be So Unwillingly Taken With A Boy Who Is So Country And Simple But Watch Out The President Has A Temper