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    I thought that this may be a book that would elude me, having never been exposed to Korean culture or the massively popular Kpop trend But I think that the author has written a story that will resonate with all women, because it speaks to the female role in a society that remains dominated by men If I Had Your Face shoots from the hip when examining how a woman s worth is measured by her perfection in the high beams of the male gaze beauty that only copious amounts of surgery and touchups can achieve, not too outspoken, not too smart, and rich but not rich than her male counterpart The book is also brutally honest when breaking down the barbed nature of female relationships, being at once ruthlessly competitive but also fiercely loyal Despite being a work of fiction, every character rings true right off the page I m so glad I took a chance on this one, and can t believe it is a debut I look forward to work from Frances Cha.

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    The story of a group of women trying to survive life in Seoul They have each found their own path but none of them seem happy as you follow their lives, their history is revealed.Written well and easy to follow the story drags you in until you cant put it down.I enjoyed following the narrative but in the end I felt like I was left with a lot of questions unanswered I am also unsure if this a true reflection on how society is in Seoul now or the authors vision of the way it is heading, This is definitely something I will look into and will end up teaching me about the world so it gets a star for that I love anything that educates me

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    Read it in a breeze It is a beautiful novel about contemporary Seoul and millennials living in South Korea, and the beauty culture and how it affects women there.The novel follows the lives of 4 women, 3 of whom are friends, that live in the same apartment complex It is very fascinating to see how they live their lives, from a westerner s point of view, knowing very little about South Korean culture, but it is also a beautiful novel about ordinary women and how they deal with relationships with men, bosses co workers and their careers.I would definitely highly recommend it, as I read it in a very short time and couldn t put it down

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    An utterly compelling novel of four women navigating a world of strict social hierarchies, extreme plastic surgery, and ruthless men whose friendship will be their saving grace

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If I Had Your Face download If I Had Your Face , read online If I Had Your Face , kindle ebook If I Had Your Face , If I Had Your Face 202f502061cb A Riveting Debut Novel Set In Contemporary Seoul, Korea, About Four Young Women Making Their Way In A World Defined By Impossibly High Standards Of Beauty, Secret Room Salons Catering To Wealthy Men, Strict Social Hierarchies, And K Pop Fan ManiaEven As A Girl, I Knew The Only Chance I Had Was To Change My Face Even Before A Fortune Teller Told Me So Kyuri Is A Heartbreakingly Beautiful Woman With A Hard Won Job At A Room Salon, An Exclusive Bar Where She Entertains Businessmen While They Drink Though She Prides Herself On Her Cold, Clear Eyed Approach To Life, An Impulsive Mistake With A Client May Come To Threaten Her LivelihoodHer Roomate, Miho, Is A Talented Artist Who Grew Up In An Orphanage But Won A Scholarship To Study Art In New York Returning To Korea After College, She Finds Herself In A Precarious Relationship With The Super Wealthy Heir To One Of Korea S Biggest CompaniesDown The Hall In Their Apartment Building Lives Ara, A Hair Stylist For Whom Two Preoccupations Sustain Her Obsession With A Boy Band Pop Star, And A Best Friend Who Is Saving Up For The Extreme Plastic Surgery That Is CommonplaceAnd Wonna, One Floor Below, Is A Newlywed Trying To Get Pregnant With A Child That She And Her Husband Have No Idea How They Can Afford To Raise And Educate In The Cutthroat EconomyTogether, Their Stories Tell A Gripping Tale That S Seemingly Unfamiliar, Yet Unmistakably Universal In The Way That Their Tentative Friendships May Have To Be Their Saving Grace