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    Este manga contiene dos historias, la principal que ocupa la mayor parte del volumen y un oneshot final, una historia corta sin relaci n alguna con la primera historia ni los personajes.La primera historia Hey sensei o Nee sensei, nos cuenta la historia de un profesor de matem ticas de 27 a os acosado por un estudiante de 17 a os, qui n es el hermano menor de su ex novia Resulta que la raz n por la que el profesor y su antigua novia terminaron fue porque l no lograba ponerse en mood con ella Posteriormente l descubri y acept que era gay Sin embargo es virgen y nunca ha estado en una relaci n con otro hombre Por lo que l piensa que toda esta actitud del estudiante es algo asi como una venganza por lo de su hermana, o tal vez solo quiere burlarse de l al saber la verdadera raz n por la que la hermana termin su relaci n con l.Al comienzo el estudiante muestra una personalidad agresiva y un tanto ruda, pero en ocasiones el personaje cambia y se convierte en un estudiante timido y con miedo a ser rechazado por la persona que admira El profesor al comienzo parece f cil de manipular y torpe, con todo aquello de que a n es virgen, pero tan pronto parece fr gil cambia su actitud y se convierte en la persona a cargo, como un adulto responsable Y es tal vez estos cambios tan bruscos en sus personalidades los que generaron que yo no sintiera quimica con ellos o entre ellos Era como si ambos se turnaran el puesto de Alfa y eso me dej confundida, al punto de no poder engancharme del todo con su historia Tambi n presentaron de pasada algunos personajes secundarios, sobre todo el profesor de deportes, que pudieron tener m s peso durante la historia o que insinuaron algunas cosas de ellos pero nunca pas nada relevante.Con respecto al Oneshot, es la historia de dos viejos amigos que se reencuentran, uno de ellos es un delincuente reformado que trabaja en una tienda de ramen y el otro es un polic a Es la t pica historia del reencuentro y de personajes que siempre se amaron pero nunca se lo dijeron Estuvo bien, pero los oneshot casi siempre pecan de ser cortitos.

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    Favorite trope of mine, good artwork but dub con if I recall.

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    Taboo love, good read.

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    So, we have a tiny tale to tell before we begin the assessing of the story and art which, you may be able to deducefrom my rating and shelf tag stating favourites , I really liked Let the tiny tale begin I inadvertently realised that I had become a fan of Yaya Sakuragi Now, how does one inadvertently become a fan of an author whose name is clearly attached to their stories Simple The mind is too busy focusing in on finding stories it ll enjoy and it magically just glosses over the authors name I m not sure how this happened so many time I actually own eight of Sakuragi s works in physical print I have three on the way I m also hunting down the final two books I know are in English but are hard to locate I ve read her stories online, in print and bought them without ever really noticing the name until this volume showed up for a spectacular price quite by accident on a site It s only then as I was double checking this was one I read online ages ago that I saw that I had so many of Sakuragi s yaoi s So now I feel like a complete dingus for failing to notice and that is my tiny tale that is apparently mostly me blathering on about nothing Aren t you glad you read all that We re closer now for the sharing Now let s never share again lest we get too close and I learn things I m not ready to learn about you On to the actual review It was incredible I adored it immensely It was so much fun and so sweet The story was paced right so you could get a general idea about the characters, go through the trials of their relationship and reach a perfect ending Perfect for me, anyhow It wasn t forcing a HEA but was a HFN which implied they d live and grow and it s very likely they will be together as long as they live I m a romantic who needs the touch of reality, what can I say I liked the way the the gap was portrayed where they both try and sort out how to work a relationship with ten years age difference and how we didn t have to deal with the whole fear of people knowing they might be gay and the trope Why is my heart beating like this over a guy which is tired It s tired, I m tired and we re all very tired We all need a rest The ending is the best though It s just brilliance I know I already mentioned the ending earlier with HFN aspect but I needed to mention just how sweet it is because it was a realistic promise instead of the far away promise of those who can t begin to understand what it means to be together forever Read the manga, you ll get what I mean winks oh so subtly before disappearing like Cheshire Cat

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    Meine Meinung Puh, nachdem mir Was zum Naschen von dieser Mangaka nicht so gefallen hat, bin ich mit etwas mulmigen Gef hl an diesen Manga gegangen Aber da mir sonst alle ihre Mangas gefallen haben, hoffte ich nat rlich auf das Beste Tja und ich hatte Gl ck.Die beiden Stories die in diesem Manga enthalten sind gefielen mir beide sehr gut Emotional war die erste und lange Geschichte, um den Lehrer Isa und seinen Sch ler Takashima Homura nat rlich ansprechender als die zweite, Ein harter Knochen In der ersten Geschichte kommen sich ein junger Lehrer und ein Oberstufensch ler n her Keine Angst den Altersunterschied sieht man anhand der Zeichnungen nicht Die Geschichte wird sch n entwickelt und war interessant Die erotischen wurden zwar teilweise wieder sehr offensichtlich zensiert es fehlten dann einfach K rperteile aber es war okay Die zweite Story ist zwar kurz, konnte mich aber trotzdem gut unterhalten Hier geht es um einen Kleinstadtpolizisten und dessen alten Jugendfreund.Der Zeichenstil war wieder gewohnt toll Da geh rt Yaya Sakuragi zu meinem absoluten Favoriten Auch wenn sich die Gesichter hneln sind sie doch so gut differenziert, dass es zu keinen Verwechslungen kommt In der Wahl der Kleidung variiert sie sehr sch n Die langgliedrigen Finger und Zehen sind erst etwas gew hnungsbed rftig, aber mittlerweile liebe ich sie und f r mich sind sie ein Erkennungszeichen f r diese Mangaka Bei den Sprechblasen ist oft nicht klar, wer was sagt Das st rte nur geringf gig Meine Wertung 5 von 5 Sternen

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    The characters of the manga was very intersting Lovely I guess Though in my own opinion wish there was D Love how the settings,thoughts and the MAIN Plot went.Love doesn t matter between gender, though.

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    utterly forgettable plot, nice art Tea for Two, please and i ll add i bought this at least partly for the one shot included at the end, not realising until afterwards i d confused it with another one shot about a policeman, which i think is by Suzuki Tsuta.

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    This book is really sexy It s Hot I just didn t understand the story with the cop What does it have to do with the story

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ねえ、先生? download ねえ、先生?, read online ねえ、先生?, kindle ebook ねえ、先生?, ねえ、先生? e169d3019783 Isa, A Math Teacher, Can T Help But Be Drawn To His Student Homura He Cannot Imagine How A Boy Years Younger Could Possibly Seduce Him, But Homura Has Eyes Captivating Enough To Weaken One S Worst Enemy Will The Temptation Of This Dangerous Love With His Student Cause Isa To Cave