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Answers in the Attic (The Inn At Holiday Bay, #4) summary Answers in the Attic (The Inn At Holiday Bay, #4) , series Answers in the Attic (The Inn At Holiday Bay, #4) , book Answers in the Attic (The Inn At Holiday Bay, #4) , pdf Answers in the Attic (The Inn At Holiday Bay, #4) , Answers in the Attic (The Inn At Holiday Bay, #4) 66dd10ec7a A Heartwarming Cozy Mystery Series About Losing Everything, Taking A Chance, And Starting Again After Suffering A Personal Tragedy Abby Sullivan Buys A Huge Old Seaside Mansion She Has Never Even Seen, Packs Up Her Life In San Francisco, And Moves To Holiday Bay Maine, Where She Is Adopted, Quite Against Her Will, By A Huge Maine Coon Cat Named Rufus, A Drifter With Her Own Tragic Past Named Georgia, And A Giant Dog With An Inferiority Complex Named Ramos What Abby Thought She Needed Was Alone Time To Heal What She Ended Up With Was, An Inn She Never Knew She Wanted, A Cat She Couldn T Seem To Convince To Leave, And A New Family She D Never Be Able To Live WithoutIn Book In The Series, The Remodel Is Almost Complete And Abby And Georgia Are Planning A Huge Grand Opening The Only Thing Left For Abby To Do Before Lonnie Can Wrap Things Up Is To Go Through The Items Left In The Attic By Prior Residents Abby Is Just About To Get Started When A Woman Named Trinity Roswell Shows Up Claiming To Be The Great, Great, Great, Niece Of Abagail Chesterton, The Wife Of The Man Who Built The House, Chamberlain Westminster Trinity, A Woman In Her Thirties, Is Doing A Family History And Has Questions About Abagail Abby Only Knows What She Has Been Told By Others But Invites The Woman To Help Her Dig Through The Contents In The Attic They Figure That If Abagail Did Leave Anything Behind Then The Attic Is Where It Would Be Stored While Abby And Trinity Seek Out The Last Of The Secrets The House Once Held, Colt Is Busy Remodeling His Own New Home, Tanner Has A New Litter Of Puppies, Nikki Is Dating A Man Georgia Doesn T Like And Doesn T Trust, And Annie Notifies Abby About A Death In The Family

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    Love when there is 2 mysteries in one This time around there s family mystery to help solve While a murder needs to also Love all the twist and turns on both cases The characters were well written and keep me reading to the end.

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    Time moves pretty fast, with a lot of things happening in this book, up to and including the completion of the inn I loved the ending and can t wait to see where the author takes the next book in the series.

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    Kathi Daley has many series in her stash of writing but this draws me to it with each new book written Each book in the series focuses on the refurnishing of an old mansion and the original owner As items are found during the procedure it provides an additional link into the completion of the mansion into a bed and breakfast In this book we are taken to the attic to sort through the mementos left up there A developing ancestral tree by a distant relative of Abagail Chesterton, the wife of Chamberlain Westerminister, the person who built the mansion is included in this book The continued yearning of Trish to get her sister to reconnect their relationship plays into the final opening of the Inn at Holiday Bay Bed and Breakfast The characters are likable and you might find yourself drawn to wanting to be a friend Since the Inn has been completed I am anticipating what direction will Kathi Daley take us in the next book..

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    Answers in the Attic is the fourth book in Kathi Daley s The Inn at Holiday Bay series The setting is charming, and the well developed characters are affable and caring The writing style flows smoothly, and the book is a clean and easy read The well plotted storyline and interesting mysteries keep the reader engaged in this steadily paced book Abby Sullivan s life changed dramatically when she lost her husband and their infant son in a tragic accident, but she s adjusting well to her new life in Holiday Bay, Maine Georgia Carter is a talented cook and baker, who s also recovering from traumatic events in her life Georgia and her dog, Ramos, are living with Abby and Rufus, the Maine Coon cat who adopted her, in a cottage located on the property Abby plans to open an inn and the mansion she purchased is in the final stage of renovation Abby and Georgia will soon be welcoming guests, but before that can happen, they need to go through an attic full of furniture, boxes, and miscellaneous items so Lonnie Parker, her contractor, and his crew can turn the attic into a sixth guest suite Abby is determined to stop procrastinating and tackle the attic but is sidetracked when Trish Roswell shows up at her door looking for information about Abagail Chesterton, the wife of Chamberlain Westminster, the man who built the mansion in 1895 While looking into her ancestry for a family memoir she plans on writing, Trish discovered that Abagail was her great great great aunt Abby agrees to look for anything pertaining to Abagail as she goes through the attic Lonnie knew where Abagail was buried, and after accompanying Trish to the old Chesterton family cemetery, Georgia and Abby find themselves caught up in Trish s search for information about her ancestors Abby and Georgia are thrilled when they find dozens of Chamberlain Westminster s sketches in one of the trunks in the attic Meanwhile, Abby helps her friend, Police Chief Colt Wilder, look into a murder case he recently reopened Abby s still trying to reconnect and mend fences with her sister, Annie.

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    I loved this Along with the charming Maine setting and the wonderful characters, there s always than one mystery in each book, so the plot was rich and exciting with many twists With the inn nearing its grand opening, only the attic is left to tackle When a stranger shows up looking for information about her ancestors, the attic reveals many treasures As someone who has been working on my own family tree, I could easily identify with the excitement and satisfaction of solving those little family tree mysteries But the central mystery of a neighbor seeing a murder but no evidence found at the scene was the real star of the book, both riveting and unexpected I loved watching it unfold with lots of surprises along the way Can t wait for the next one

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    Answers in the Attic is the fourth wonderful mystery in Kathi Daley s new series, The Inn at Holiday Bay When a woman shows up at the inn looking to see if Abby and her best friend, Georgia, have come across anything that might help her in her search for information about ancestors who had lived in the inn long ago, they find themselves intrigued by the search and eager to solve the mystery of the lone name Emily on a tombstone in the family graveyard.Besides that little mystery, Abby s cop friend, Colt, has a new old case involving a murder from the past, and Abby and Georgia are working like mad to try to have everything ready for the grand opening of the inn, so there is a lot going on in this latest installment.I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I highly recommend Answers in the Attic to cozy mystery fans.

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    Answers in the Attic earns 5 5 Family TreesEngaging and Entertaining Abby and Georgia are delightful distracted from their plan to tackle cleaning out the attic by Trish Roswell who is extremely keen on researching her family s ancestry Her great great grandmother was sister to Abagail Westminster, the woman for whom Abby s house was built Finding Abagail s family home and their family cemetery provides a few mysteries and whets everyone s appetite to discover answers However, it s answers to the identity of the remains found in a shallow grave that is the most compelling The victim s wounds are similar to an incident from three years back a neighbor had at the time reported having seen a murder, a husband killing his wife, but no evidence, no body, seemingly solid alibis, and the victim just video chatted with the investigating officer So, who is this Sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock film Love it This fourth book focuses on the theme of family from ancestral revelations to contemporary disfunction, from new Maine family friends to a reunion with blood relations Kathi Daley uses a first person narrative from Abby s perspective entwining much of the everyday life in Holiday Bay with endearing friendships, budding and rekindled romances, holiday festivities, and the grand opening plans, but it s the investigations, mysteries, and a cold case that fascinated me the most However, the ancestral research and the cold case mystery seem to take place off the page and revealed only through informal and formal conversations rather than Abby s direct efforts The final reveal did answer the main mysteries with clever details and issuing some justice The writing is well paced with vivid description and entertaining dialogue, and as is Kathi s stylelots of fur friends Well worth reading, but newbies should consider starting from the beginning to enjoy the whole journey.

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    Answers in the Attic is the fourth book in the exciting The Inn at Holiday Bay cozy mystery series This book is filled with elements of a cozy mystery including suspense, romance, humor, love, friends and family, and a sense of community The story takes place in the charming tourist town of Holiday Bay, Maine The main character is Abby Sullivan, a writer from San Francisco who, after suffering a devastating personal tragedy, sold her condo, packed up all her belongings, bought a huge old house she had never seen in a town she had never been to, and moved to Holiday Bay Spring has sprung, renovations in the old mansion are progressing, and plans are being made for the grand opening of the inn As Abby cleans out the attic and works with her new friends, including the local police chief, Colt Wilder, she hopes to find answers to the many questions they encounter in three or four different mysterious circumstances I love that this community comes together to celebrate holidays Easter and the 4th of July in this book I love the way Ms Daley writes in a continuing saga fashion with hints and clues to stories in the future and red herrings I love that not all questions are resolved in each book I enjoy the character development and the introduction of new characters Along with the suspense, there were moments that made me laugh, and moments that made me teary eyed As always, this author s writing flows smoothly, and her setting and relatable characters make for an extremely enjoyable and quick read I really look forward to reading the next book in this series.

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    This has become one of my favorite series by Kathi Daley as well as a favorite as far as cozy mysteries go I have enjoyed watching the Inn come back to life and getting to know the members of this community This selection takes place over a matter of weeks as the final preparations are being made for the inn s Grand Opening.Of course, no matter how well anyone plans, life adds complications as we make our way through each day This wonderful addition to the series adds not only one or two but several mysteries to solve, as well as touching on a continuing theme that has been woven into all the books Although we are told that Abby s deceased husband has been cleared of all suspicion of wrong doing on his job as a cop, I still feel it could come back to play a roll somewhere down the line I was happy that her sister, Annie, is also not totally out of Abby s life.The book has everything we love about a Kathi Daley series community events and adorable animals and food Oh so much delicious food Even without recipes given, my mouth was watering and I wanted to call friends over for a cook out.It also has a cold case mystery that the local law enforcement is puzzling out, some ancestry research that is popular today, including the mystery of a grave with only a single name I thought I knew the answer to that one early on, but it kept my interest until proven And of course all those secrets and treasures stored in the attic that had me anxiously awaiting this book.Roll it all together and I had to read this book in one sitting So find yourself a comfortable spot and grab a cold drink Turn off your phone ringer and enjoy

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    Abby is looking forward to getting her Inn finished, she has to clean out the attic so her contractor can finish up the rooms there The grand opening is soon approaching and she couldn t be happier One morning there is a knock at her door, she finds a woman there who says her name is Trinity and she is looking into her family background She is related to the wife of the man who built Abby s Inn Abby is happy to help Trinity in anyway that she can She hopes that while cleaning out the attic they will find some treasures that will be useful to Trinity in her quest for knowledge of her family Meanwhile Colt is working on a case of his own It was a cold case, a woman saw her neighbor get killed but when the police arrived at the home no one was there They contacted the husband who was out of town and he had no clue to what they were talking bout and gave them the phone number for his wife When she was contacted they face timed and she was very much alive Several years having passed a body has been found and it is the woman that the neighbor saw get murdered With everything that is going on with the remodel, the upcoming grand opening, and her new friend Trinity will Abby have time to help Colt with his new case Follow along as she does her best to juggle all that is going on and turns to her friends for help This was a great read with an interesting murder mystery that had me wondering what really happened.

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