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Dangerous Charismsa chapter 1 Dangerous Charismsa, meaning Dangerous Charismsa, genre Dangerous Charismsa, book cover Dangerous Charismsa, flies Dangerous Charismsa, Dangerous Charismsa 384331bb83d9d Offering An In Depth Psychological And Political Portrait Of What Makes Donald Trump Tick, Dangerous Charisma Combines Psychoanalysis With An Investigation Into The Personality Of The Current American President This Narrative Not Only Examines The Life And Psychology Of Donald Trump, But Will Also Provide An Analysis Of The Charismatic Psychological Tie Between Trump And His SupportersWhile There Are Many Books On Donald Trump, There Has Been No Rigorous Psychological Portrait By A Psychiatrist Who Specializes In Political Personality Profiling As The Founding Director Of The CIA S Center For The Analysis Of Personality And Political Behavior, Dr Post Has Created Profiles Of World Leaders For The Use Of American Presidents During Historic Events As Once Stated By Jane Mayer Of The New Yorker, Who Characterized Dr Post As A Pioneer In The Field Of Political Personality Profiling, He May Be The Only Psychiatrist Who Has Specialized In The Self Esteem Problems Of Both Osama Bin Laden And Saddam Hussein In This New Book, The Psychiatrist Who Once Served Under Five American Presidents Applies His Expertise To Profiling The Current Resident In The White House, With Surprising And Revelatory Results

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    Two things caught my eye on this one having had over 18 yrs experience in dealing with a malignant narcissist myself having been married to one for 11 of those years with three kids together and they were This narrative not only examines the life and psychology of Donald Trump, but will also provide an analysis of the charismatic psychological tie between Trump and his supporters and As the founding director of the CIA s Center for the Analysis of Personality and Political Behavior, Dr Post has created profiles of world leaders for the use of American presidents during historic events a pioneer in the field of political personality profiling, he may be the only psychiatrist who has specialized in the self esteem problems of both Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein This information coupled with the normal gradiation of personality trait disorders in depth anaylsis is why I picked this up.There comes a time when the enablers, the flying monkeys, the hard chore die hard supporters must face reality and stop living a life of denial, blame, and shame.What you see is what you get and I can t be any less clear in that diagnosis.While you cannot diagnose from afar according to the Goldwater Rule I m damn sure you can be open and receptive to the truths that surround you.The trail of destruction, the devalue, the discard, the god like leader to all, it s all very dangerous The Us v Them mentality is creating division among us all.The manipulation, the grandiose ego, the obnoxious non intellectual conversations, the feeling that he s above the law is not what our forefounders imagined in our highest office of the land.Regardless of political views these narcs will have you forget what you ve ever been told They will use their charm, their devotion to a cause which is the ONE, the magnetic persona, the loner abandoned wo wis me personality to make you feel empathy for them.Don t be fooled it s a trap.Malignant narcs are all about vanity , the me syndrome, the only one they care for is themselves.With all due respect everyone has a price, everyone is disposable, and no so than in the eyes of a malignant narc You only hold value if you can provide a source of supply, a sense of loyalty, a form of benefit, an ideal of valuation to the master.If you go along to get along you ll do well but never upset the apple cart, never ask questions, never try to be an independent voice among the masses or you ll be struck down.Narcs are competitive they seek to win at all costs, even if they lose they will twist the facts to fit their agenda.Folks I know how this story ends I ve lived it and I wish to God those who believe in the lies, the brain washing, the temper tantrums, the projectory, the mirroring, the emotional blackmail would understand this is not a behavioral issue but a personality trait disorder based on the DSM Manual.You cannot fix it alone You cannot ignore the problems You cannot turn a blind eye and hope for hopes sake it ends well.We have a saying it s an empty bottomless pit of nothingness for a reason These narcs cannot be pleased You can give your entire self completely and lose yourself in the process and they will walk away without a moment s hesitation.The wives, the children, the family members are secondary not primary in their lives There s no love, no commitment, nothing but appearance sake for how you shall look to attract followers and create a likeable image.It s about how one sells themselvesIt s all about being a con man A jekyll and hyde and I can t stress that enough.I understand the middle class worker wants recognition, they want improvements, they want a leader they can trust but this is not your man.Check reality and check accomplishments and you ll see the high turnover, the lack of control, the lack of respect from our allies, the lack of intellect, the bullying nature, the disgusting need for attention and spotlighting.You don t need to go far to see his selling points have yet to hit their mark MAGA is nothing than a sales pitch that s failed miserably.I ve yet to meet a narc that s financially stable, that can operate normally w o a fight or flight response upon their victims, a person of this magnitude that s well respected in their career or by those who know them best.Talk to those they left behind, the ex partners, the ex co workers, the ex friends they all have something in common.This much negative cannot be positive.For those who think he s playing others, he s getting what he came for, he s riding high it s a farse from a false sense of self He s not fooling those who lived it He s not fooling those who live with anxiety and fear and trepidation because of his actions , thoughts, mannerisms, and failure to keep America safe.It s a choice that must be made in 2020 and I hope you see through the smoke, fog, and mirrors.The Lost Self Life After Narcissism is my page on FB if you care to join me there along with 40k across 45 countries worldwide.

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    This was a really informative book about Trump and his followers The author wrote about the psychological reasons why his followers are so loyal and goes into detail about Trump s narcissism This book truly shows how much of a hold Trump has over his loyal followers.

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    The author of Dangerous Charisma is an expert of political personality profiling He ran a pilot CIA program to profile world leaders including Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat at the height of President Carter s search for peace in the Middle East.However, since Dangerous Charisma is about the most controversial President ever, Donald Trump, I can tell how you will rate it based on your party affiliation Democrats will love it Republicans will hate it So if you are Republican move on and read Piety and Power about Mike Pence or Witch Hunt about Trump himself There are books on each side of the aisle and actually the Pence book is very good.Now, back to the Democrats I don t think calling Trump narcissistic or mirror hungry is particularly new You hear it multiple times per day on MSNBC That being said, it is new to wrap these issues in the official psychological jargon from the DSM, the manual to diagnose behavioral disease Plus there are some great talking points for cocktail parties like that Citizen Kane is Donald s favorite movie, which is about an unhappy wealthy narcissist much like Trump himself.I enjoyed the look at the psychological underpinnings of Trump s diehard supporters It states that in times of stress, like being unemployed and seeing all their nearby factories close, leaves people looking for a voice in the wilderness stating follow me to the promised land where America is great again Obviously, if you are a Trump supporter, you are not going to like hearing yourself characterized in this manner You could be comfortably reading the Art of the Deal again and now you are so upset that you are planning on trolling me on social media I m just repeating what the author is saying Please troll someone closer to the source material.Speaking of the book, despite being a lifelong Democrat that held her nose while voting for Hillary in 2016, I don t think Dangerous Charisma Is very good It won t change anyone s mind and instead will just drive our fractured political system further apart It also reads like an undergrad textbook However, the cogent summary of the Trump presidency s effects on the public s mental health, strategies of the Democratic Party, and the United States ongoing foreign policy pulls my rating up to 3 stars.Thanks to Pegasus Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.