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Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All pdf Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All , ebook Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All , epub Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All , doc Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All , e-pub Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All , Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All 5eedf08c96d From The Author Of Printz Medal Winner Bone Gap Comes The Unforgettable Story Of Two Young Women One Living, One Dead Dealing With Loss, Desire, And The Fragility Of The American Dream During WWIIWhen Frankie S Mother Died And Her Father Left Her And Her Siblings At An Orphanage In Chicago, It Was Supposed To Be Only Temporary Just Long Enough For Him To Get Back On His Feet And Be Able To Provide For Them Once Again That S Why Frankie S Not Prepared For The Day That He Arrives For His Weekend Visit With A New Woman On His Arm And Out Of State Train Tickets In His PocketNow Frankie And Her Sister, Toni, Are Abandoned Alongside So Many Other Orphans Two Young, Unwanted Women Doing Everything They Can To SurviveAnd As The Embers Of The Great Depression Are Kindled Into The Fires Of World War II, And The Shadows Of Injustice, Poverty, And Death Walk The Streets In Broad Daylight, It Will Be Up To Frankie To Find Something Worth Holding On To In The Ruins Of This Shattered America Every Minute Of Every Day Spent Wondering If The Life She S Able To Carve Out Will Be Enough I Will Admit I Do Not Know The Answer But I Will Be Watching, Waiting To Find Out That S What Ghosts Do

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    Let s talk about how good this book is The writing is gorgeous, the story compelling Our narrator is a GHOST telling the story of an orphan but also revealing her own tragic story in the process But the book is about than that It s about what it means to be a woman, then and now It s about the secrets we are forced to keep and the ones we impose on ourselves It s about forgiveness and justice It s about survival and loneliness Beautifully written and wonderfully told XO

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    The story of two girls one living, one dead, separated by class and time but both struggling with what it means to be a woman in this world and what it means to be human and alive Both are punished for their sexuality and suffer violence at the hands of those who should have kept them safe, but both have rebellious streaks and push back against the forces that limit their power It s the story of unwanted girls mistreated girls abandoned girls who refuse to accept their fate and who know in their hearts that folktales legends and stories always tell the truth.Laura Ruby has built a totally believable ghost world where spirits filled with loss and longing replay their final moments, obsess over their deaths, fixate on the living, and pass easily through walls And she has done so with the smart and lyrical prose you should expect from her by now.I lucked into an ARC of this, read it immediately, read it again underlining favorite passages, then went online to pre order a copy in advance of its October pub date What can I say Read this book when it comes out, if not sooner If you re local I ll loan you my ARC if you don t mind all the underlined passages

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    When I wasn t reading this, I was thinking about it, it s that good I love a good historical fiction which this was , but when you throw ghosts into it I m SOLD 10 10 WOULD RECOMMEND I cared about every character I was angry, sad, elated for them I cried and laughed and grinned, and at times was thoroughly creeped out which I love Frankie is such a beautifully nuanced character, and I loved her wittiness and humor I wanted to shake Toni at times, and I cannot tell you how deeply I felt for them, and Pearl, and Marguerite, and Loretta, and all the women who had to overcome so much during this period in time The writing really captured all the feelings my Granny talked about when she mentioned the war and the Depression Desperation, grief, anger but also hope and love Laura Ruby is a fantastic storyteller and man, I loved the writing so much A super solid 5 5 stars for me

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    2.75 Unfortunately this didn t work for me, which is sad because I loved Laura Ruby s previous book Bone Gap It tried to do too many things at once and I was only ever interested in one of the main character s stories Will still recommend this though if I know people who like this sort of thing.

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    Excuse me First of all, how dare you Secondgive it to me now

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    Amazing story, just a little too much YA angst for my personal taste.

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    I read this in three hours on a plane and cried at the end So good

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    Actual Rating 3.75 5 The worlds of orphans and ghosts collide in Laura Ruby s latest genre mashing novel.Set in 1940 s Chicago the time period artfully described on the back cover as when the embers of the Great Depression are kindled into the fires of World War II , in the realms of both the living and dead, the novel manages to balance typical elements of young adult historical fiction and fantasy, complete with fable like storytelling and characters based on Ruby s own Italian immigrant family I was drawn to this novel because of how much I enjoyed Ruby s award winning novel Bone Gap, which was one of the first magical realism novels I d read and a book that showed me that like in music, the basic genres of books could be blended and their lines blurred to mystifying effect Thirteen Doorways continues this genre bending style, this time incorporating it into a bleak yet lushly realized and dutifully researched world of ghosts and orphans, a world ravaged by war and poverty and broken promises Ruby expertly weaves a slow burn story through many complex characters and heartbreaking situations, leading to an unexpectedly show stopping and wholly satisfying conclusion.

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    Frankie and her two siblings are growing up at an orphanage in Chicago during WWII after the death of their mother Their father visits occasionally, but has to work and support a new family The story is told by a ghost who is watching over Frankie, but also is trying to remember what happened to her to make her a ghost As Frankie and her siblings grow, it becomes evident that even safe places aren t so safe and dangers lurk everywhere, especially if you are a girl It s an incredible story Don t skip the Author s Note at the end It will add a whole extra layer to this tale Review from e galley.

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    Thirteen Doorways Wolves Behind Them All is a tale about two different girls One is a young orphan who desperately wants her chance to live The other girl is figuring out why she still exists even after death Their stories will tug at your heart because they are complicated, messy, hopeful, and like all of us they just want to be seen I loved it because it reminded me that no matter how unfair life is you have to keep fighting or else you re just existing, not really living Laura Ruby s writing is beautiful in every sense, and I was so wrapped up in her world that the world I was living in didn t exist any, all that mattered was what her characters were doing and saying This book was real it was not a cookie cutter book you read after a devastating fantasy, it was something you read to feel every emotion and feel like your part of something .

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