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    3.5 stars This manga reminds me of another work by Yuki Shimizu, Love Mode Not the story per se, but the style several couples, some of them established, some struggling to get there, some so new to it that they don t even realize their feelings for each other yet And because we learn about the comings and goings in the Mito family through Raizo, the funny young guy, it also reminded me a bit of Fruits Basket , what with the crazy family and the nutjob main hero I m interested in reading

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    This is a love story about words user, puppeteer and their paper doll a story when a word isn t just a communication tool but can be powerful enough so that even a cuss isn t just a mere cuss words but could do harm, and a wish or hope can be granted by words alone.In Ze s world, just a single word from your mouth, you can bond people, you can make them love or hate you, you can make them forget everything, you can crush their body, and you can kill them just with one word Die But that can happen only when you re a Kotodama A Kotodama never choose or learn or use magical items to be a words user, they re born with it They can use it to earn money, be it in form of good deeds or bad deeds And that s the fate befalls upon Mitou Clan But, nothing s perfect in this world, even in this fiction world Such a convenient skill has its own disadvantage too Physical injuries would appear on Kotodama s body whenever they use the words The they use the words, the closer they are to death, due to the physical injury this power can cause Therefore, Kotodama need a Kami beside him her all the time.A Kami paper is a human doll, made by puppeteer from paper doll Kami, a living doll with human appearance, may have brain and soul, but neither warmth nor blood flows through their veins like a vampire, huh minus fangs and blood thirst, lol And their solely life purpose is to heal their Kotodama s wounds There are 2 ways to heal Kotodama First, Kotodama can use words to transfer their injuries to Kami s body Second, transfer it via body fluids using mouth or fingers However, the Kami receives pain, the faster his her core is destroyed and the faster he she dies When Kami dies, he she will turn back into paper doll and reset their past memories when the puppeteer restore their human appearance for their new master Meanwhile, when Kotodama dies, someday he she will reborn as a Kami.1 Kami created for 1 Kotodama And 1 sad love story for each pair I love all the couples in this manga But imo, the most touching one and made me cry most is Himi and Genma s love story I don t really like Genma, though.Imho, this is another diamond in the dump, another original story among the cliche ones I really really like this manga And totally recommended it for yaoi lovers D Anyway, this manga kinda reminds me of Hybrid Child Btw, the puppeteer in this Ze manga, I am really curious about him Just how old is he I believe there must be to him than meets the eye, hoping the mangaka would tell his story ASAP I was currently reading vol 5 as I posted this review There are some missing chapters here and there from vol 6 to 11, but that won t stop me from reading it as I had already found the chinese version, yippie D Well, this one is a good story indeed, so I want to buy the official version from emanga.com Better save money, 11 volumes _

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    More of my reviews and ramblings at PANTS OFF REVIEWSLike what the feck I don t know why it took me so long to read this I should have taken the hint because it s by the same Mangaka who created one of my all time faves Love Mode So I dived into this one with a somewhat high expectation of awesmazingness, and I freaking got it.Raizo is trying to make it after losing his beloved grandmother He takes the position as a housekeeper in a house full of some unusual but very attractive men and women The job is easy enough, cook, clean, and keep things organized If only simple meant that there was no man in the strange creepy mask, no crazy talk about curses, and the fact that he just watched someone s arm get ripped off and put back together again huh Talk about an unusual household.So Raizo is in over his head, seems that everyone is sort of doll and is used to heal the person they belong to It becomes all sorts of crazy from there, and Raizo is wishing his grandma were there, to keep the crazy away.I loved this unusual little manga I found it hilarious and definitely, a series I will be continuing I can t wait to see what becomes of Raizo and his potential mate Though it feels very light and easy now, I have a feeling things are gonna get tense and interesting Happy I took a chance on this manga

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    As I finish reading the last chapter of this series, I kept on thinking How could I never even heard of the title of this amazing book HOW COULD I.s t o r yIn the beginning, the story focused on Raizou, a somewhat happy go lucky guy who had to move to a mansion filled with 6 unique strangers after his last living relative passed away Here, he immediately fell for one of the resident, a quiet pretty boy called Kon Little did he know that his life in the mansion will not only revolve around his attraction towards the mysterious boy, but also around the secret business that the whole residents were keeping.Oh hell no, they were not drug dealers view spoiler Instead, they were involved in a business where they are paid to deliver a curse through the power of kotodama Kotodama masters were able to make anything happen just by saying so, including killing people just by saying die There was a catch, however Kotodama created a backlash for the user The severe the curse, the severe the injury that the user would receive.That is why every kotodama masters required a kamisama The word kami itself could mean God or paper In this case, kamisama is a paper doll made by the puppeteer which was used by kotodama masters to transfer their injury they got from using their powers Kamisamas were durable, healed pretty quickly, and did not even bled That didn t mean they couldn t die, though.Being a yaoi that it was, apparently the method to transfer the injury was either by transferring them directly when delivering a curse, or through the exchange of body fluid The severe the injury, the deeper the connection needed .Oh, have I told you that masters and their kamisamas can only be of the same sex Aaaanyway, it turned out that the residents of the mansion were in the kotodama business and our main protagonist, Raizou, were pulled into the complex, violent business hide spoiler

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    4.5 stars, one of my top favorite yaoi It took awhile for the whole series to come out, I think it stalled out around v 5 but eventually we got the rest Very much love this one and reread it a few times Be warned there is one volume towards the end that strongly suggests shota, not my favorite part and quite a bit icky but other than that its a great strong story line with multiple couples Lots of angst and strong silent types falling for fragile ukes.

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    I treasure this manga It s a jewel.

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    3,5 STARS

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    Reread in japanese Kon s way of speaking in japanese is somehow manly than in english I like that.

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    Following the death of his grandmother, Raizou Shichikawa takes a position as a housekeeper in a rather unusual household How unusual is it Glad you asked Step inside, and we ll take a look, as we begin volume 1 of Yuki Shimizu s Ze.Raizou s name means thunder master, but his face belies his name, as one of the guys in the household is quick to point out The residents of the mansion include Ouka Mitou and his doll Benio Kotoha Mitou and Konoe Waki and Kon Raizou is told he ll be rooming with Kon, who seems less than thrilled with his presence But since the death of his grandmother, he has no family and nowhere to go, so he has to stay with them For now he has no futon, so they give him a sleeping bag, which will do in a pinch Raizou makes a comment to Kon that the house looks like one where you might find zashiki warashi, or child spirits When he asks Kon if he s ever seen such things, the youth replies all the time Then he tells Raizou that if he wants to leave, this might be a good time to do it When Raizou asks what Kon would like for dinner, he replies it doesn t matter whatever it is, he won t eat it.Undaunted, Raizou puts his best foot forward in cooking the best meal he can for his new housemates He goes to inform them that dinner is ready Waki lies and says he ll be down He then catches Ouka and Benio in the middle of some perverted looking training guess they re a bit busy to eat right now but at least Konoe and Kotoha are at the table and already eating by the time Raizou returns to it Well, Kotoha is eating, Konoe is not And when Kotoha accidentally bites his tongue through eating too fast, Konoe is quick to cure it with an intimate kiss, before carrying him out of the room Suddenly, Raizou is confronted with a kitsune Or at least a person in a kitsune mask The kitsune encourages Raizou to eat this lovely meal he has prepared, and as he does so, listens to him talk about his late grandmother, whom he misses greatly The next morning Raizou optimistically prepares breakfast When he takes some to Konoe, he finds him hard at work on the internet, something about placing curses Konoe makes fun of Raizou s clothes, but the truth is he was forced to sell his good clothes to cover his grandmother s death taxes, so he doesn t have much left Waki gives him some money for new clothes, and asks him to run some errands while he is out, taking Kon with him While Kon waits for Raizou to try on some clothes, a strange man accosts him, accusing him of being a kami sama Luckily Raizou returns just then, so Kon grabs him and runs, which baffles Raizou, but Kon holes up with Waki upon their return, with no answers forthcoming A strange thing happens at dinner that night Raizou has made nabe hot pot , the smell seeming to draw everyone in, when suddenly someone cries, It s coming and then, without warning, Konoe s arm has simply come off of his body and landed in the nabe Something is very strange in this house, but what And is it any wonder that interest in the nabe suddenly wanes The others take it in stride, but it seems that they have two choices open to them they can either tell Raizou the truth, or kill him Luckily for him, they choose the former option They explain to him about the kami sama, but he is still confused about who is who and what is what Again, they don t eat, despite the meal Raizou has gone to the trouble to prepare And no matter how much he tries to tell Kon that he is there to do the work, Kon insists on trying to do it Apparently, that is how he measures his self worth The next day, Ouka offers Raizou a lift to school on the way to work, but Raizou has forgotten something, so he has to return to the house Will he be in time to prevent a tragedy You can read my complete review at Yaoi Radius

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    This rating and review are for all of the completed volumes.Finished Review I have some rules considering writing manga reviews In manga series, usually I ll only review once per title, usually at the volume 1 But I ll write reviews in every volumes if it s an intercorrelated anthology in the same title like, Salad Days, for example This story, I thought at first was in the latter category, but now when I m done reading it, I realized that one review is actually adequate So I ll edit it.Yesterday, someone in a fanfiction s author group recommended me this manga At first I thought it was from my favorite mangaka, the creator of Dear Green Hitomi no Ounowa, but when I get down to it, it s actually from Yuki Shimizu sensei, the one who draw Love Mode Wow her artwork is developing so farThat being said, this story is a multipairing stories revolving around a kotodamashi family some kind of shaman who could use words to hurt people In the beginning, there is Raizou, a stray boy who got taken into Mitou household as a cook The house occupants consisted of Mitou Ouka and her human doll Benio Mitou Kotoha and Konoe and also Waki and Kon At first, Raizou thought they were just a normal family, but in fact, they are pairs of kotodamashi the shaman and kami sama the human paper for kotodamashi s barrier Waki is the puppeter the one who made kami sama Benio is Ouka s kami sama, Konoe is Kotoha s, and Kon haven t got his kotodamashi yet There s also a man wearing a fox mask, who happens to be Asari, kami sama of Mitou Shoui, the head of Mitou family Later volumes would also showed us the story of Mitou outer branch family There are Genma who got quite a tragic story with his late father s kami sama, Himi And also Ryusei, a kotodamashi who refused to use his power, with his suddenly appeared kami sama, Moriya.From the pair list, I love Asari and Shoui s story the most He and Shoui just so ugh I cried when I read their story in later volume Second favorite is Moriya and Ryusei, because their total straight guys attitude is amusing to read, though the romantic and dramatic feeling from this pairing is quite lacked since Ryusei is well a slut lol But this story will be hard to follow for those who doesn t familiar with Japanese folklore Not many description made to explain the world of kotodamashi and kami sama And it s true that Yuki Shimizu seems like cannot hold a world building very well The first few volume was full of confussion, and the essential explanation of kotodamashi and kami sama world comes much later So let me explain some thing about the universe for you who might not understand.Kami sama is basically a paper, literary a paper, whose resurrected with some ritual from the puppeter They are tasked to protect their assigned kotodamashi, to heal their wounds and to act as a barrier for when the kotodamashi got a rebound from the curses they made While kotodamashi could curse other people, or even a country, it s not without a price Usually they would get wounds, depends on the scale of destruction they made Kami sama need to heal those wounds by exchanging bodily fluid with their kotodamashi Sometimes, the person got cursed by kotodamashi would strike back with any kind of expellment, and when those times come, kami sama was there to be their kotodamashi s barrier.Well, I really love japanese folklore, so this story interests me Also, this story put me into tears several times But there are still rape forced sex angst in most pairings, which I cannot tolerate, whatever the reason If you love someone, talk with your mouths, gentlemen, not with your dicks Thankfully, Yuki Shimizu s artwork in this one is so pretty.

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是-ZE 1 summary pdf 是-ZE 1, summary chapter 2 是-ZE 1, sparknotes 是-ZE 1, 是-ZE 1 10d35d9 S LOVE DESTINY If Fruits Baskets Was Done As A Yaoi Manga, It Might Look Something Like This Raizou Has Recently Moved Into A Strange Mansion Upon The Death Of His Last Living Relative Given Room And Board In Exchange For Taking Over The Household Chores For The Half Dozen Residents, Raizou Slowly Comes To Realize That The House Is Hiding Some Pretty Dark Secrets Are His Houseguests Than What They Appear And Will His Attraction To The Lord And Master Kon Prove Hazardous To His Health From Peccatore Sanctuary In The Weird House Of Wakeari, Raizou Has Fallen In Love His Object Of Desire Is Kon Even Though Kon Is An Antisocial Pretty Boy, He Does Not Laugh At Raizou As The Intense Love Scene Of The Tenants Continues Day After Day, Raizou Begins To Like Kon And At The Same Time, Kon Is Doing A Secret Job For Clients That Come To The House The Love Destiny That You Can T Escape From By Yuki Shimizu Commences Now

  • Paperback
  • 是-ZE 1
  • Yuki Shimizu
  • Japanese
  • 10 December 2018
  • 9784403660993

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