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その指だけが知っている [Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitteiru] chapter 1 その指だけが知っている [Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitteiru], meaning その指だけが知っている [Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitteiru], genre その指だけが知っている [Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitteiru], book cover その指だけが知っている [Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitteiru], flies その指だけが知っている [Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitteiru], その指だけが知っている [Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitteiru] 4c873864cbd45 It S The Ultimate Expression Of Love To Wear Matching Rings With Your Significant Other, Showing The World That You Are A CoupleHigh School Student, Wataru Fujii, Also Wears One Though He Is Single When He Accidentally Switches Rings With Popular And Handsome Senior, Yuichi Kazuki, They Discover That Their Rings Pair Up Since Then, Kazuki, Who Is Known For Being Kind To All Becomes Strangely Harsh To Wataru They Alternate Between Hot And Cold, As In Between Clashes They Begin To Sort Their Feelings For One Another Are Wataru And Kazuki The Worst Of Enemies Or Are They Actually Soulmates Already A Popular Genre In Japan, Especially Among Females, Yaoi, Also Known As The Boy S Love Genre, Is Becoming A Rising Phenomenon In North America As One Of The Top Titles Of Its Genre In Japan,Only The Ring Finger Knows , Will Sure To Engage Readers To A World Of Intimacy And Unique Emotion That Is Solely Yaoi Manga

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    This was my first intro into boy s love It still is one of the most cherished and favorite manga I ve read Matching rings are the in thing at Wataru s high school they signify whether your best friends, single, currently seeking or an actual couple Wataru wears his ring, for none of these reasons but because he has a special attachment to the ring itself.Through a series of events he finds out that the prince of the school, Yuichi Kazuki, wears a ring that s a match to his He doesn t understand why someone who is so kind and friendly to others would actually act the opposite towards him Wataru realizes soon that his interest in Yuichi, and the emotions that he invokes in Wataru run deeper than he imagines But he s even suprised when he finds out Yuichi s real feelings.This story is beautiful, funny, and sweet I fell in love with Yuichi and Wataru as they struggled and came to terms with their feelings.

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    Ein wirklich s er und spannender One Shot Manga, den ich super schnell durchgelesen habe Sehr niedlich, hat mich aber irgendwie entt uscht, weil ich so hohe Erwartungen hatte, da viele diesen Manga in h chsten T nen loben Das ganze war zwar spannend, aber ich habe schon sehr viel Gef hlvolleres gelesen Der Zeichenstil war auch nicht 100%ig meins, sowie ich mit Kizami ich bin mir nicht mehr sicher, ob er so hie nichts anfangen konnte Die Aufl sung war sch n und das Zusatzkapitel hat mir eigentlich am besten gefallen Naja, ein sch ner Manga, den man gut und schnell lesen kann Immerhin habe ich jet total Lust auf Shonen Ai bekommen xD

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    Slight spoilers within this review not hidden, please read with care.Good Reads recommended Only the Ring Finger Knows to me after I read 1 Okane ga Nai 1 I thought that the plot sounded quite cute, romantic in a strange sense of the word, and I decided to give it a try.When dating someone, you wear matching rings with each other, on the left index finger commonly known as your wedding ring finger Until then, you wear your ring on the right index finger to show you are single and the right middle finger for something or other, I don t quite remember the manga mentioned it briefly I think for having feelings for someone you re not ready to share.The first chapter is totally full of drama, so much going on at once We re introduced to a relatively well looking boy who happens to share the same ring as his attractive, well sought after by the girls senior Amazingly, they accidentally swap rings and it turns out, the rings only fit the others left ring finger Pretty amazing foreshadowing, predictable and honestly a little bit disappointing However, the second chapter tones it down, focusing on the two main characters of the manga.I was disappointed when it turned out Male A was only being a jerk to Male B because Male A is popular and didn t want people to like another man Stereotypical, disappointing and pretty much insulting Then again, it is Japanese, and things like this are quite typical in Japan so I suppose I ll give it the benefit of the doubt cultural differences Either way, I had to put it down The plot line simmers down into a boring game of cat and mouse from chapter three and I just got bored with it Perhaps I ll try and give it another read sometime, but for now, this isn t the manga for me I m disappointed in this yaoi maybe due to the whole dynamics of Yuuri on Ice and other yaoi manga I ve read but this was just Boring, a disappointment, and filled with so much unnecessary drama I regret not finishing it, I really like to read a book completely before giving my full review on it, but I just couldn t finish this one.I wouldn t really recommend this to anyone, unless you ve just joined the manga scene and you re looking for a simple one to read I wouldn t really recommend this to anyone who s been reading manga for a while.I m definitely going to try this again later on, as I said, but honestly, give this a miss.

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    Akhirnya kubaca juga manga yg cukup populer ini, yg juga cukup berimbang antara bintang 1 3 dengan bintang 4 5 di GR, dan terutama ada sebagian temanku yg memberinya 2 3, sebagian lagi 4 5 Jadi kurasa ini lagi2 masalah selera dan juga masalah mood, imo, lol Awalnya aku ragu buat mulai baca secara utk karya Kannagi sensei ini kadang ada yg bnr2 kusukai, kadang ada yg tidak Dan aku juga takut manga yg diadaptasi dari novel ini tdk bisa disampaikan dgn baik oleh illustrator nya yaitu Odagiri sensei Odagiri sensei adalah mangaka dari Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru The Betrayal Knows My Name yg sejujurnya menurutku ceritanya biasa saja walaupun gambarnya bagus Jadi ya itulah kenapa aku selalu menunda membaca Only the Ring Finger Knows ini.Lalu banyak yg bilang ini ceritanya tipikal sekali alias cliche abislah pokoknya, yg simpel dibikin rumit dll Well, setelah kubaca sih memang benar kalo cliche dan simpel dibikin rumit itu Tapiiii.mungkin aku memang suka yg begini atau memang lagi mood atau alasan lain yg tak kupahami, aku merasa ceritanya ini sweeeeet banget deh, sudah bikin aku badump badump sedari awal, hatiku juga ikutan ngilu2 sedikit waktu Wataru galau, hehehe Simpel dan cliche memang, dan aku sebagai pembaca yg sudah baca banyak komik selama 25 tahun, sudah melihat banyak tipe plot dari simpel hingga rumit dan original, mungkin akan dikira merasa bosan dgn yg simpel dan cliche dan sukanya yg original But nope, aku takkan pernah bosan dgn yg simpel dan cliche, asalkan penyampaiannya bagus dan menyentuh di hati, pasti kuberi 4 5 Anyway, sayang sekali yg diadaptasi ke dalam manga cuma 1 volume, sisanya 4 volume lagi dalam bntk novel, padahal aku pengen liat versi ilustrasinya, krn cuci mata abis sih bishounen dua2nya, hihihi Trus, karena aku lagi kejar setoran utk deadline manga akhir tahun, terpaksa utk lanjutan novelnya Only the Ring Finger Knows ini baru bisa kulanjutin setelah target manga Desember tercapai deh

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    once is a coincidence twice is a plot i am here today to tell you there is a book mutilator at large at the the north york central library and they must be stopped i am calling you out villain, right here in front of god and goodreads stop ripping pages out of manga i want to readwith regards to the book it was okay mostly it had me thinking about the structure of the romance novel how the male love interest is a figure of mystery and part of the satisfaction in the resolution is meant to come from our hero ine finally figuring out what is up with tall dark and constantly brooding i actually think this works way better in a high school love story like this one because i am perfectly willing to believe in teenagers as dramatic and secretive oh god, i like this person thought the fifteen year old they can never knowsounds legit to me3 stars

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    There is nothing wrong with Only the Ring Finger Knows But there is nothing that makes it stand out either It is typical yaoi manga The story is cute, but not memorable In this particular high school, the style is to wear matching rings with your partner Wataru is shocked and a little nervous when he learns that his ring matches with Yuichi Kazuki, the super popular and handsom senior Romantic Ehh I didn t care for the main love interest Sexy Not really The most you re getting out of this one are a couple of kisses and they re kind of awkward, if you ask me I feel like this manga is rated so highly almost exclusively because it was one of the first yaoi manga easily available in the States.

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    I m actually feeling exhausted after reading this because of all the drama The story is cute enough about two high school student falling in love with each other, and it s handled rather well, but seriously, so much drama about a ring It was a bit too much to take for me.

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    Very overrated since it was one of the first yaoi released under the yaoi specific publisher June Mediocre but enjoyable.

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    If you re up to high school bittersweet, mellow, happy ending romance, this one is for you On a side note, I really like a determined uke who can take care of himself.

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    The first yaoi book I ever read Loved this, thought at the time it was the sweetest most romantic book i d read in a long time I ve reread this so many times, an absolute fav