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グラビテーション 1 summary グラビテーション 1, series グラビテーション 1, book グラビテーション 1, pdf グラビテーション 1, グラビテーション 1 ea76a27a3b Shuichi Shindou Is Determined To Be A Rock Star He Has No Experience, No Talent, And No Band After Finding A Charismatic Guitarist And Getting A Gig, He S Ready To Show The World What A Genius He Is With His Powerful Lyrics However, Eiri Yuki Overhears His Amateurish Verse And Puts The Young Musician In His Place Unable To Get The Harsh Criticism Out Of His Mind Shuichi Forces Himself Into Yuki S Life And The Two Find Their Futures Inexorably Linked The Force That Brings Them Together Is Like Gravity And There Is Nothing They Can Do To Stop It

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    I was a bit confused when I started this one off and I don t think it was my fault this time around I was paying attention and focused but the storytelling was all over the place and many of the characters looked so similar it was hard to differentiate who was who Eventually I figured things out but it took to long to sort it all out.The main character is an 18 year old wannabe rock star named Shuichi Shindou He dreams of being a famous pop star and writes terribly cheesy lyrics for his band Bad Luck He and his guitarist think he s a genius One night he stumbles across a mysterious man who declares his lyrics are shit Shuichi is forever obsessed by this charmer and is determined to find out who he is and starts to insinuate himself into Eiri Yuki s life Soon the two are kissing though both vehemently deny liking men It s the gravitation between the two, you see, it cannot be denied They re both very pretty though so who am I to cast stones at true lust er love Rather like Dee in the yaoi series Fake , the older, experienced love interest here is an arrogant dick But Dee worked as a love obsession because he had charm, a sense of humor and a wicked grin His callousness and dickery moves could be forgiven Angry Eiri has none of these attributes and just comes across as a big old full of himself, sneering dong He s nothing but mean to Shuichi who weeps like a little girl throughout the entire book but yet Shuichi keeps coming back for set downs It s a weird dynamic One I think I m too old and jaded to sympathize with at this point in my life Ah well, I already have 2 so I may as well read it before calling it quits here Eiri can only improve from here, right

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    I m extremely glad I didn t read this as my first manga series I ll freely admit that I m a novice to this style of storytelling DramaCon and FMA are the only two I ve dabbled in and I think if I d picked up Gravitation before those two I would never have given manga or anime another glance I should note two things before I go further at the point that I m writing this review, I m through Volume Four of this, and I ve watched all of the anime episodes did so before I started reading Excuse me while I complain 1 Unbelievability As someone else noted in one of the reviews I skimmed, this romance is totally ridiculous Several reasons the instant attraction obsessiveness, both characters insistence despite the evidence that they are totally straight, the ridiculous pacing.2 I m with Yuki when it comes to Shindou s lyrics Good heavens, man, have you ever read poetry or really listened to a song Add to this the fact that despite such crappy writing, Bad Luck gets picked up by a major record label blah See 1 RE unbelievability.3 Art style Okay, so Murakami includes these little thingummies at the end of most volumes with short comics unrelated to Gravitation But because of the way she draws, the characters all look the same So at least once per minicomic, I find myself going, Wait Isn t that so and so from the main story There s simply not enough differentiation in the character designs.The good things 1 Everyone from Nittle Grasper, no matter how stupid their band s name is Particularly Tohma and Ryuichi Forgive me I can t spell these names off the top of my head so I m dropping the surnames Or first names Er I m confused They re much mature, and much interesting characters.2 Most of the time, Eiri Yuki s pretty cool I do wish he d slap Shindou at least once, though Face it, the kid deserves it If I keep reading the series, though, it ll be for Yuki s backstory, even though I already know the basics from the anime.3 Hiro Especially on the game show, when he gets that stupid addition question That was one of my favorite moments in the anime as well.Conclusion This is not the manga as serious storytelling that I ve let myself get used to with Fullmetal Alchemist This is wacky with a dash of serious FMA s the opposite Will I keep reading Eh, maybe I haven t decided yet It s not a priority, that s for sure.I d call this series a bit of a culture shock Maybe if I had read a little manga before getting to this, I d have reacted better.

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    Review, Volumes 1 4 Wow Just wow Whatwhat is this series So I should begin by saying I watched the anime first As such, the art was kind of a letdown, and I couldn t tell some of the characters apart Which was annoying, but I usually figured it out However, other than the art, I much prefer the manga.It might have been that I watched the dub I shouldn t have watched the dub, I especially should ve known better after trying the Loveless dub Needless to say, it was pretty bad, and I love dubs But the anime possibly just the dub made a lot of things vague and confusing that didn t need to be The manga wasblunt Like, very blunt Very, very blunt Ah, Tokyopop, I miss thou, even if thou did have some of the wackiest manga translations This was no exception.That said, the anime was also much innocent The manga is far from it it s not explicit, but the languageJEEZ I just didn t expect it or something.As for the actual story and characters, again I prefer the manga s version of Yuki He seems less of a jerk, and like there s room for him to improve The anime was only 13 episodes, so showing his softer side kind of came all at once near the end, and I didn t buy it However, if there s barely any further development with both his character and Shuichi s in later volumes, I might kick this manga down the stairs I tolerate them now in part because I m assuming they develop thoroughly than in the anime.I still like Hiro He s so sweet And also Tohma Seguchi remains just as creepy, if not creepier, so I like him too And the women, actually, even though they tend to act the sameThe story is wack and all over the place, but I kind of expected that Some parts make me cringe I think the author should have dealt with certain situations seriously than she did, even though this is a comedy or if it s just pure comedy, then maybe these sorts of things shouldn t come up However, it was HILARIOUS And in the end, that s the biggest reason I love this manga, I think I m really unsure how much I like the actual characters relationships storylines because it s just so dang funny that I crack up every ten seconds reading it.Is it for everyone No Ohhh no But I like it for the most part so far.

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    Errr to old for this.

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    If I remember correctly, this was the first shonen ai series published by a major publisher Shuichi is adorable, and if the series were just about him and his best friend Hiro trying to make it in the music business, I think it would be cute and funny But in this first volume, Shuichi meets Yuki, a cynical romance novelist wow, it s so unexpected who he unbelievably see my new shelf falls madly in love with And thus Murakami trots out a few of the annoying cliches of the BL genre I am not gay, I just fell in love with a man the male partner is cool and self possessed, the female partner cries a lot and is prone to hysterics one of the guys was all about hooking up with women and of course, heterosexuals automatically know what to do even when they re switching teams.The band Shuichi idolizes is called Nittle Grasper and seriously, if that puts you off, just put down the book because you ll have to read it about a million times and one of their albums is Purple Nurple I have no idea if that is Murakami s unique brand of insanity or if someone at Tokyopop was getting clever.There is also a lot of cursing in this, which I don t remember noticing before, which suggests I m getting prudish as I get older

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    Shuichi 3

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    Pretty ridiculous, highly unrealistic, annoying crybaby, abusive jerk.Yet, I can t deny that this is nostalgic and I still enjoy the story line, even if it is a bit nutty, and cliche, and insta love.

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    I m on a bit of a nostalgia kick lately and re reading the manga of my teenage years I used to love this one Now, I m old enough to see how fricking problematic this relationship is Also, the pacing is just super weird The art is pretty beautiful, though.

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    I have a complicated relationship with Gravitation.It s basically the problematic first love I ll never get over And it may have had a lasting impact on me that I m not sure I m entirely grateful for.It started almost 10 years ago I discovered the anime when I was maybe 12 or 13, browsing YouTube for AMVs with t.A.T.u songs in them another queer fetishizing guilty pleasure I had when I was 12 I randomly stumbled upon a Gravitation AMV and, because I couldn t tell if Shuichi was a girl or a guy, I started watching it out of sheer curiosity.And thus my descent into fujoshi hell and lifelong moral degeneracy began.So, at 12 ish, I gleefully watched this love story unfold, enad by the dynamic between Yuki and Shuichi I adored them in all their angst and silliness So I decided to read the manga as well, which is actually available in Norwegian at Oslo s public comic book library Just so you know, that s really weird Norway thankfully isn t big on translating manga, but apparently they were back then Anyway, despite disliking the art style in the first 1 5 or so volumes, I loved the manga and even bought the last few volumes myself the ones where the art style had visibly improved I still have them on a shelf somewhere in my poor, unknowing mother s apartment Let s hope she never finds them.The series starts out with a simple enough plot that could almost seem realistic Boy wants to start a band, boy meets older boy who verbally abuses him for writing terrible lyrics, boy immediately falls in love with said verbal abuser.But that s only the beginning of it It gets so, so weird after a while The story and all its humorous elements are completely absurd At some point in the later volumes Shuichi gets a stalker with a mecha panda, if I remember correctly that should give you some idea of its level of absurdity There are kidnappings, mecha fights, parodic Americans with too many guns and lighthearted stalking aplenty I think it s hilarious that this is one of the most internationally famous BL mangas out there, given how laughably nonsensical everything in it is.That was also a big part of why I loved it At 12 14 I was weird as hell, and I m pretty sure this manga worsened my already bizarre sense of humor I might be damaged beyond repair, but at least a terrible sense of humor is a fairly harmless side effect of reading something so problematic at such a young age.The real cause for concern is that this was the first romance story I ever got truly invested in, so in some ways it probably shaped my view of romantic relationships and that s unfortunate at best I realize now that the two main characters and their on and off romance are very problematic Their relationship is unhealthy and abusive, even if it s played for laughs and portrayed as cute and romantic It s addictive in the same way real relationships with hot and cold emotional abusers can be addictive, and that s a very dangerous thing to romanticize.To be fair, both Shuichi and Yuki emotionally abuse each other to some extent it s not like Shuichi is some kind of helpless, harmless victim He s kind of a stalker and dangerously obsessive and dependent on Yuki, who responds by being mean and dismissive sometimes rightfully so, given Shuichi s irrational behavior Still, their personalities and dynamic are based on extreme seme uke stereotypes that are simultaneously very heteronormative and sexist in nature Which isn t uncommon in BL and yaoi, of course, but it s still worthy of criticism whenever it occurs.I understand why they re written like that, though It s a genre thing, and a rocky relationship between two messed up, emotionally unstable guys definitely makes for a interesting, dramatic and long romance story than a nice, healthy relationship would I m just not sure it was good for me to read this and grow so attached to it in my formative years If nothing else, this series does have a lot of entertainment value It s occasionally quite funny in all its absurdity and I still remember most of the characters as likeable and amusing And don t get me wrong, the two main characters do have a lot of sweet moments and romantic chemistry when they re actually being nice to each other They gave me a lot of joy and comfort as a young, confused teen whose most vivid experiences of romantic love were through queer fiction, however dysfunctional the relationship Never mind the fact that this is still the case I can t give this than 3 stars, but I can t give it any less We have too much history together It s been many years since I last read it and I m not sure I d like it all that much today, but I ll always have a nostalgic fondness for this fucked up, silly, very problematic BL manga.

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    Am I proud to have read this no do I still want to count it to towards my reading goal absolutely

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