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Blood on the Moon txt Blood on the Moon, text ebook Blood on the Moon, adobe reader Blood on the Moon, chapter 2 Blood on the Moon, Blood on the Moon 7106b0 Detective Sergeant Lloyd Hopkins Can T Stand Music, Or Any Loud Sounds He S Got A Beautiful Wife, But He Can T Get Enough Of Other Women And Instead Of Bedtime Stories, He Regales His Daughters With Bloody Crime Stories He S A Thinking Man S Cop With A Dark Past And An Obsessive Drive To Hunt Down Monsters Who Prey On The Innocent Now, There S Something Haunting Him He Sees A Connection In A Series Of Increasingly Gruesome Murders Of Women Committed Over A Period Of Twenty Years To Solve The Case, Hopkins Will Dump All The Rules And Risk His Career To Make The Final Link And Get The Killer

About the Author: James Ellroy

James Ellroy was born in Los Angeles in 1948 His L.A Quartet novels The Black Dahlia, The Big Nowhere, L.A Confidential, and White Jazz were international best sellers His novel American Tabloid was Time magazine s Best Book fiction of 1995 his memoir, My Dark Places, was a Time Best Book of the Year and a New York Times Notable Book for 1996 His novel The Cold Six Thousand was a New York

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    It s because outside of the major dreams everything is always changing, and even though you keep doing the same things, you re looking for new answers James Ellroy, Blood on the MoonThe first book in a trilogy of books the L.A Noir or Lloyd Hopkins Trilogy that predate the Ellroy genius that is the The L.A Quartet The Black Dahlia, The Big Nowhere, L.A Confidential, and White Jazz and the Underworld USA Trilogy American Tabloid, The Cold Six Thousand, Blood s a Rover Blood on the Moon has many of the elements that will be repeated in most of his later cop novels especially those in LA Quartet idealized women, mothers, sexual obsession, dark history, inner demons, etc This isn t nearly as good as the best of the LA Quartet, but not bad It is like discovering a wet moth just after it has climbed out of its cocoon It is early, imperfect, but contains a lot of creepy potential If you are new to Ellroy, don t start here If you are already an Ellroy fan, this is still worth the time.

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    Ellroy writes with intensity As I m sure everyone knows who is remotely interested in his writing, Ellroy has been obsessed with the death of his mother nee Hilliker whose murder was never solved The Black Dahlia, written after this book, was an unsatisfactory attempt at atonement, and the books I ve read of his continue to obsess with familial relationships That s especially true of Blood on the Moon, first in the Lloyd Hopkins police series Lloyd is that special cop who sees beyond the obvious and has a brilliant track record catching the bad guys But his relationship with Janice, his wife, whom he loves, and his children, whom he wishes above all to protect by telling them stories of his life on the streets lest they experience them themselves, and his senile parents whom he promised to keep in their home, and his brother who he coerces to maintain them are you going to kill me Lloyd when our parents are dead Why because of some incident at Christmas when Lloyd was 8, even if it was rather horrific, and the women he saves and sleeps with All of these relationships form a convoluted psyche that Ellroy explores brilliantly, I think Lloyd s affair with Kathleen, a former schoolmate and now feminist bookstore owner reveals his rapacious ego and driven obsession as a foil to the obsession of the serial killer, whom Lloyd believes to be a gay man driven to kill women because of his own tormented self identity.Hints to Ellroy s obsession with the death of his mother abound on the pages At one particularly gruesome homicide, Lloyd cuts down the 29 year old female victim, before the ME has had a chance to check out the scene, cradles her body in his arms, and murmurs how he won t let her murderer go free and he ll render justice It reeks of romance, vengeance, and an idealized perception of women We learn the origin of Lloyd s obsessive behavior toward the end of the book, although I found the scene less than convincing His relationship with Kathleen also had a surreal quality to it that I thought jarred with the rest of the book.There s a thread in modern detective literature that the bad guys can t get caught unless the rules are broken Lloyd certainly breaks many of them in his own personal vigilante quest for his personal justice It s a theme I find insidiously subversive, and really if Lloyd had followed the rules in this book the carnage would have been much less.

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    hard boiled James Ellroy .

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    I started reading James Ellroy with his Los Angeles Quartet, beginning with The Black Dahlia and going forward Although there are still of his later books I haven t yet cracked, I always had this sneaking suspicion that his earlier works would be interesting And so, Blood on the Moon 1984 is the first volume of his Lloyd Hopkins trilogy Lloyd is an intense homicide detective with an incredible number of arrests Although happily married, he tends to develop relationships with women he meets in his line of work This particular novel is a dark one indeed from a writer known for his dark places It deals with a serial murderer of women whose crimes are a distant commemoration of a sexual assault on him while in high school The crime is re played in the book s first chapter Keep the details in mind, because, although you will not know it for over a hundred pages, but they are the key to the story.There is a rawness to Blood on the Moon that makes reading it an intense experience But then all of Ellroy is pretty intense, and not to be embarked on if you are prone to depression Which, fortunately, I am not.

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    this is early ellroy, before he became stylistically himself, and as such is strangely awkward at times, even laughable in moments in dialogue and characterization but still, none of that really matters the man is just so forceful, so totally convincing, so full of energy and anger and forward momentum, the book is not only alive in your hand, but cutting you open and digging around inside your body and making you feel and see and remember and dream and think things, all kinds of things, all the time the guy s just a genius he makes everybody else just look so staid and temperate and humdrum and WEAK and i don t mean because of the violence although of course the violence is a symptom i mean that ellroy is never writing he s never just making stuff up to move things along, to pass time, to tell stories, to be a writer he s casting himself onto the page, every ounce of his being, all the time, without ever holding anything back because really, what could he possibly have held back here , rebuilding the whole world over and over and over and over, always trying to make sense of things, explain everything to himself and his characters, and always of course failing because who could succeed and of course trying to make sense of failure and maybe succeeding there are plenty of books that deal in madness, but the madness in ellroy s books is the world the madmen are often the sanest characters and the sanest characters most symptomatic of the larger madness some guy below calls this book pulp, and i suppose it is it doesn t give a shit about anything but everything, and i wouldn t be surprised to learn he wrote it all start to finish in one week long grief stricken speed induced session, edited it hastily one monday morning, and then went out and ate a steak i love this man, someone should give him a medal if he wasn t so obviously insane i d want to meet him.

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    What amazed me most about this book is not how terrible it is there are plenty of terrible books out there but how high the reviews for it are I have never read a book I thought was so completely awful on every front that clearly so many other people have really enjoyed Go figure.I couldn t even enjoy this book on a guilty pleasure level The prose was just so terrible, the characters were not only flat but ridiculous, and the plot laughable This man killed a woman obviously the criminal is a homosexual who was abused once as a teenager It s all so clear to Lloyd Hopkin s genius mind I prefer my genius characters to base their intuition on actual facts, actually That s what makes these types of books clever cleverness is something this novel does not even aspire to.Probably what bugged me the most were the female characters They are only there to be reviled or to have their innocence protected and obviously they all can t wait to have sex with any penis that walks through the door I certainly don t need my books to be gender PC I love me some James Bond on occasion, for instance But at least some of the Bond females have two brain cells, or some bravery, or enough character to be the villain Not in Lloyd Hopkin s world, though.Perhaps the funniest part is the faith that the characters seem to have in the power of poetry and the written word I ll erase him with my words she cries Well let me tell you, sweetheart If turgid prose could actually vanquish an enemy, James Ellroy would be the king of the hill.

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    A dark and multi faceted crime noir that oozes Ellroy elaborate crimes and a deadly depiction of humanity lay the foundation for novel driven by sex and death Ellroy s characters really come to life in BLOOD ON THE MOON but none than the protagonist Det Sgt Lloyd Hopkins is not a nice man his moral compass is skewed, his sense of right and wrong often blur into one another yet he s got a bullish determination to protect the innocent particularly woman it s this tainted view point to the LA Noir trilogy s first book that paints the protagonist in such an interesting way that you cant help but want to read to see how Hopkins train wreck personality pans out BLOOD ON THE MOON is captivating and a true page turner.

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