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    First volume This is rather silly But it makes me laugh so much.Second volume Ehhhh that s work harassment Sue him, now Third volume That sounds absurdly crazy Why the hell I m still reading this Fourth volume Cute Still obsessive destructive love But cute.Fifth volume Awwwwww I can t believe this is so pretty hearts as eyes.Sixth volume I m totally captivated This is the review of the whole series Read in Manga Rock.Volumes and chapters view spoiler Volume 1 chapters 1 7Volume 2 chapters 8 15Volume 3 chapters 16 23Volume 4 chapters 24 31Volume 5 chapters 32 38Volume 6 chapters 39 48 hide spoiler

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    I first read this manhwa years ago when I was at high school I totally fell in love with it back then Reading it again after than 10 years, while a little silly, it s still very enjoyable, fun and one of the best.

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    Sinceramente, esperaba m s Voy a pensar que es el primero tomo, y la que mayor a de las veces los primeros vol menes de series largas no me suelen gustar o me parecen flojos, porque si me centro en lo absurdo que me ha parecido todo, empezar a pensar que he tirado mi dinero y mi tiempo Empiezo el segundo esta noche, vamos a ver si remonta la cosa.

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    When I first read this series, I fell in love with it Now however Let s start with a few problems with yaoi in general shall we 1 rape is almost always portrayed in a romantic way.2 abusive relationships are sexy 3 possessive lovers are also sexy If Ewon had been a girl, people would have a HUGE problem with this series, and unfortunately I fall into the latter It s sexist The idea that it s okay for men to abuse their same sex partner is disturbing on so many levels.However, as shounen ai goes, this is one of the best and somewhat realistic of the genre Somewhat realistic It s still an abusive relationship But I m still giving it a 3 because it s one of my first series.

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    4 fluttering hearts This is a review for the entire series, Book 1 to 6I felt sad for it to end Gosh, how I wish for of Ewon and Mookyul It s real fun watching their bickering So cute Hehe I think they are well suited to each other Ewon is like a soothing balm to Mookyul s short fuse nature Both of them had a harsh childhood I am so glad they found each other and filled the void in their hearts with their undying love for one another.At first the art didn t appeal to me I actually read this manga a couple of years back If not mistaken I stopped at Book 3 or so Maybe too many distraction back then I am not too sure why I didn t finish the story I am certainly glad I picked it up again I would say the strong storyline makes up for the weak artwork Yea I am totally captivated by this story Mookyul s obsession and possessiveness towards Ewon was really endearing I know those are not healthy traits in a lover yet I couldn t help but to enjoy the attention Mookyul bathed Ewon with Makes my heart flutters I guess this is what every girl wants in their romance.The story makes me wish there are Asian TV dramas with such a premise featuring gay couples Perhaps this would no longer be a dream in like a couple of years down the road I seem to find many of those around me especially friends that are open minded to same sex relationships these days Could be the advancement of technology has helped to broaden many minds Exposure is knowledge, knowledge is power Mookyul loves to bite alot I think he has serious fetish for ears He can t get enough of nibbling, biting and licking Ewon s ears How the poor boy suffers Lol But I think this is sexy and erotic. Mookyul is the black haired one and Ewon is that sassy blond. Reviewed October 4th, 2016

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    SERIES REVIEWTOTALLY CAPTIVATED is one of the best yaoi manga s I have ever had the pleasure of reading It did take me a while to get used to the art and get into the story, but once it had my attention I was stuck to this manga like glue Ewon ends up working for loan shark Mookyul for no pay because of his ex boyfriend is pissed at him for cheating And unknown to us Ewon actually knows Mookyul as the little kids, whose jewels he grabbed Mookyul now wants Ewon as his lover, but Ewon isn t so keen on the idea.Based on the plot, it doesn t seen like one of my typical manga books that would grab my attention, but it did It did, because of the amazing characters of Ewon and Mookyul Mookyul is definitely one of those bad boys with a horrible attitude that is possessive of Ewon And Ewon is a total cutie and is not afraid of talking back to Mookyul and telling him like it is, though he does run away after he bitches him out.There was many obstacles for them both to be together, but I enjoyed reading through this story and their relationship My only disappointment is that I wish this was so much longer I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to read of this amazing story I highly recommend TOTALLY CAPTIVATED weather your e a yaoi manga reader or a m m romance reader It is definitely worth the read

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    This book was making me laugh This is a story about Ewon he is not very faithful to his boyfriend Jiho Jiho starts dating another guy who is the boss of a mafia group His name is Mookyul Mookyul makes Ewon work for him since he thinks Ewon keeps stalking Jiho When in reality Ewon had just been trying to apologize to Jiho and get back with him The attics being of course the boss is always pushing Ewon around and making him do things like try to collect money He tells Ewon if he doesn t collect he will kill him Of course each time Ewon comes back without the money the boss will tell him start preparing your grave, get the casket ready But of course he never really does try to kill Ewon In another chapter Ewon accidentally breaks a vase and goes into hiding while he is gone the office goes to ruin since he is the errand boy and does everything There is going on between all of the characters and it is a fun read I really have to dig up volume 2 and read the next volume.

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    I had read this manga a long time ago, and it captivated me Now that I read it a second time, despite having forgotten the plot, I know why this one is among the favorites, but there are things I didn t previously mind that now I do.First of all, I have to admit Totally Captivated is different from almost all yaoi mangas The artist manages to express a lot of emotions through the eyes, the characters are smoking hot and she can draw funny moments as well as depressing scenes Also, Mookyul and Ewon don t jump into bed at the first opportunity Far from that.However, what I don t like is Mookyul s personality He thinks he s the king of the world and everybody has to do what he wants I know he actually is the boss, but sometimes he acts like a spoiled brat He reminds me of a boy from a shojo manga But, like I said, it s hard to find a good manga, different and refreshing, so I ll keep going.

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    I enjoyed this It cracked me up at times Mookyul as really good looking, young mafia boss Jiho is his current lover, very feminine looking and Ewon s former lover Ewon, out of guilt for how he treated Jiho and his need for a job gets caught up as an errand boy housekeeper type of assistant This books just gives us a start into the characters I like what I see so far but I do feel it was just a teaser, a scratch on the surface SO I hope it delves deeper into the story Only 3 chapters And Chapter 2 was over half the volume What is up with that It should have been divided better I liked the character drawings Their expressions are priceless

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Totally Captivated: Volume 1 (Totally Captivated) download Totally Captivated: Volume 1 (Totally Captivated), read online Totally Captivated: Volume 1 (Totally Captivated), kindle ebook Totally Captivated: Volume 1 (Totally Captivated), Totally Captivated: Volume 1 (Totally Captivated) d0b90cd5e199 The Mafia Threatens Ewon Into Working For A Loan Shark, Where He S Forced To Run Dangerous Errands For No Pay The Culprit Who Doomed Ewon To This Life Is None Other Than Jiho, Ewon S Jealous Ex Who Still Burns At Ewon S Infidelity Their Gang Leader Mookyul, With Movie Star Good Looks And The Bizarre, Drunken Habit Of Biting People On The Neck, Takes A Keen Interest In His Attractive New Errand Boy Will Ewon Be Able To Survive The Violent Underworld Not To Mention The Constant Sexual Harassment He Must Endure As An Underling Of Mookyul This Funny, Hip Title By Hajin Yoo Will Thrill And Amuse Fans With Plenty Of Intense Shonen Ai Action