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Gentle Persuasion txt Gentle Persuasion, text ebook Gentle Persuasion, adobe reader Gentle Persuasion, chapter 2 Gentle Persuasion, Gentle Persuasion 58e1d0 CAN SHE DRAG HIM OUT OF PARADISE Landing Reclusive Marketing Genius Dane Montgomery Would Be The Coup Of Ophelia Reid S Executive Recruiting Career And Her Ticket To Her Dream Job In Paris It Would Also Be Practically Impossible With Dane Firmly Entrenched In His Idyllic Hawaiian Coffee Plantation, And His Intolerance Of Headhunters, Luring Him Back To The New York Rat Race Is A Long Shot If Ophelia Fails, She Sacrifices Her Dream And If She Succeeds, Dane Sacrifices His Neither Can Afford To Give In Or Give Up But Spending A Week With Dane, Exploring The Island And Their Growing Attraction May Weaken Ophelia S Resolve And Dane S Starting To See That New York Has One Thing Hawaii Doesn T Ophelia Reid Too Bad She S Moving To Paris

About the Author: Cerella Sechrist

CERELLA SECHRIST lives in York, Pennsylvania with two precocious pugs, Darcy and Charlotte, named after Jane Austen literary characters Inspired by her childhood love of stories, she was ten years old when she decided she wanted to become an author A former barista, Cerella could spend hours discussing coffee origins and flavor profiles She s been known to post too many pug photos on both Insta

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    Predictable storyline and stereotypical character descriptions, but still a sweet, entertaining read Dane Montgomery was a very likeable character.

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    I adored this book Dane Montgomery is a hot commodity, an ace in his field of Marketing and Advertising and recruiters have been clamoring to bring him out of retirement where he s made a new life for himself in Hawaii as a coffee purveyor and owner of the Okina Inn and coffee plantation Meanwhile Lillian Reid, a.k.a the dragon lady, and owner of Reid Recruiting has entrusted her daughter and employee, Ophelia Reid, with the task of enticing Dane back to the states Towers International, Reid Recruiting Agency s biggest client wants Dane, and Reid is determined to rise to the challenge Their company is at stake, along with Ophelia s future of expanding operations to Paris where she s dreamed of residing for most of her life But when Ophelia meets Dane and observes what he has built she begins to have second thoughts about her intentions, and maybe even some feelings for the charasmaric and elusive Dane Montgomery Which will she choose Will she proceed with luring Dane back to the mainland with Towers International s lucrative offers and incentives simultaneously saving her mother s company and winning Lillian Reid s respect and approval and finally fulfilling her dream of moving to Paris Or will she opt for love instead I truly LOVED this book It was an engaging story with nicely developed characters and a beautiful ending I d already read book 2 in the series, The Paris Connection, and loved it so much that when I had an opportunity to go back and read book 1 I jumped on it Cerella Sechrist is an excellent storyteller and I m confident that if you like wholesome romance you will thoroughly enjoy Gentle Persuasion Highly recommended.

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    I received this book as a first read I wasn t sure how I would like the book seeing its PG 13 but as soon as I started reading it I could not but the book down Cassie is a recuriter head hunter for her mother s company Her mother gave her an assignment to go to Hawaii and sign Dane Montgomery who was a marketing specialist that switched jobs 3 years before and bought a coffee bean plantaion in Hawaii and gave up the fast hard life in New York City Recruiters have come before to lure him back into worring but no one every succeeded Cassie job was to get him to sign a contract to work for Towers Resorts international and if she did her mother would give her, her dream job of opening an Agency in Paris and be in charge of it Paris was were Cassie first grew up and loved the place and wanted to go back Cassie did the one thing she s never done before start having feelings for the person she was trying to recruit and Dane was actually opening up his heart for Cassie A lot of things got in their way Cassie ex boyfiend of 4 years comes into the picture, he wants Cassie back but she doesn t want him yet her mother CEO keeps trying to push them back together If she gets Dane to sign she will be moving to Paris yet Dane will be moving back to New York City so she keeps telling herself she not falling for Dane its all work related.I don t want to write to much as to give the story away but I liked the way it ended I enjoyed her book so much I m going to check out her other books on .

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    All Ophelia wants is to get her mom s approval and opening up a business in Paris, which has been her dream If taking on Dane Montgomery will make that dream a reality then so be it Dane Montgomery wants nothing to do with recruiters and has always driven them away with no problem but when Ophelia shows up as his resort he can see he s in trouble This author is a new to me and I have to say I enjoyed the book than I thought I would

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    I m pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book It s a Heartwarming Harlequin and the cover says Wholesome, tender romances I prefer my romances steamy and violent, but after a brief exchange with the author in the goodie room of the Romance Writer s of America conference, I decided to take one I have a theory about books If you like the author, you ll like the book, and vice versa It hasn t failed me yet.The conflict here is intense It may be set in the relaxing atmosphere of Hawaii, but the stakes are high for Ophelia I figured there was no way she was going to get Dane to fly back to New York, to a life of intense pressure Who on Earth would Throw in an overbearing mother, an annoying ex that doesn t really seem to love her as much as he claims, a shifty landowner and mounting debts, and paradise turns into a bit of a nailbiter.And I m glad she made it so difficult, right to the end It made for a pretty good read that continually forced me to turn the page asking She s he s not really going to

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    Dane Montgomery escaped the NY rate race to his Hawaiian coffee farm and wants to stay there forever But Ophelia s mother dangles the Paris branch of their executive recruiting office in her face if she succeeds in convincing Dane to take a plum job for a special client, thus ensuring that she and Dane will butt heads And do they ever How Ophelia convinces him or doesn t is the crux of the matter Complications arise when each is attracted to the other, Ophelia s ex proposes quite publicly and Ophelia begins to rethink WHY she loves Paris so much.Great characters, a great setting, and oh so much fun when Ophelia turns down the ex But will she turn to Dane And will he go back to NY

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    Cerella Sechrist is a good writer and I enjoy her books She was wonderful enough to sign my copy of this book I won it in a summertime giveaway which I thought was really awesome.The first part of the book was a bit slow for me, but by the chapters 3 4 it got better and I really enjoyed it The lead female character Ophelia some of can really relate to having a mom who thinks it s her job to arrange your life As soon as she meets Dane Montgomery whom she is to recruit to prove to her mother she is worthy of a promotion to Paris, she realizes the job is going to be much harder than she imagined So she hires her potential recruit who owns the B B she is staying in to give her a tour of the island This is a good book, and I did enjoy it.

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    Once again, Sechrist has penned a sweet romance with a charming setting and delectable food descriptions The title and cover fit perfectly this is a gentle love story featuring a hero and heroine whose dreams are at odds, both determined to persuade the other of the rightness of their stance The unique tour of Hawaii, a fun cast of secondary characters, insight into interesting careers, and a dream theme that encompasses the heroine s mother make this a nice medley of story elements I m looking forward to following one secondary character s romantic Parisian adventures in The Paris Connection

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    WoW It made me miss Hawaii The writers ability to draw you into the Hawaiian culture while telling the story of Ophelia and Cole is amazing I didn t want the story to end.The housekeeper and the additional staff at the Inn Ophelia stayed at were a wonderful part of the story.

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    It was okay view spoiler the beginning was quite boring for me nothing cliche than a story taking place in Hawaii about a pretty NY girl with a dream of living in Paris But Dane s character was interesting and although the ending was expected, the romance was still pleasant hide spoiler

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