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Vampire Origins - Project Ichorous (The Strigoi #1) pdf Vampire Origins - Project Ichorous (The Strigoi #1) , ebook Vampire Origins - Project Ichorous (The Strigoi #1) , epub Vampire Origins - Project Ichorous (The Strigoi #1) , doc Vampire Origins - Project Ichorous (The Strigoi #1) , e-pub Vampire Origins - Project Ichorous (The Strigoi #1) , Vampire Origins - Project Ichorous (The Strigoi #1) 4860458098f From The Christian Crusades To The War In Afghanistan, The Vampire Origins Series Seamlessly Weaves Historical Fact With Vampire Fiction Exploring The Origins Of Five Very Different Vampire Tribes Strigoi, Cambion, Strix, Nosferatu And Bretonnian The Series Opens With Book Of The Strigoi Series Project Ichorous He Slaughtered , In One Night In Jerusalem And Impaled , In Romania In The S Now Vlad Has Discovered A Way To Enslave Humans And Rule The World And This Time, The Death Toll Will Be Catastrophic Only One Thing Can Put An End To His Plans A Strigoi Human And Vlad Will Stop At Nothing To Eradicate Every Last One Scarlett Fraser Has No Idea She S The Very Thing Vlad Is Hunting, Or That The Castle Her Dad Is Renovating Is Ground Zero For Vlad S Ichorous Project And His Plans For World Domination She Can Stop Vlad And Save The World But She Must Stay Human Long Enough To Do So As Scarlett Is About To Discover, Staying Human Is A Lot Easier Said Than Done

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    Riley Banks has created a YA vampire classic with Vampire Origins Project Ichorous She has deftly interwoven our violent history stretching back thousands of years to explain the need for vampires to control our destiny I loved the way the story begins with the Romanoffs saving two of their children, Alex and Anna by walling them up Through a hole in the wall, young Alex witnesses the horrific murder of his royal family by the Bolsheviks Alex and Anna are saved, taken to a castle in Romania where they are converted into vampires by the Evil Vlad Strigoi Vlad is head vampire of the Strigoi clan He is ruthless, cruel and plans world domination with his Ichorous Project.But Vlad doesn t expect a sweet 17 year old girl, barely able to handle the intricacies of dating to become his nemesis And that is exactly what Scarlett becomes as her father takes her and her clan of brothers and sister to Romania to renovate Vlad s castle.Can Scarlett remain human long enough to stop Vlad s desire for world domination You will have to read this FIVE STAR masterpiece to find out.

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    I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.Vampire Origins The Strigoi Book 1 Project Ichorous is a promising new series for all us who still love those bloodsuckers When I read the blurb, I was first attracted to the historical aspect of the novel Let s face it vampires have been done and done and done ad nauseum, but a novel which takes actual historical characters and even some pop culture icons and turns them into vampires is a fresh spin It would definitely explain a few politicians However, I was a little disappointed when I realized the novel didn t explore this in as much detail as I would have liked, but there turned out to be some fantastic characters My favorites were the shape shifters I m a sucker for a handsome werewolf If you aren t feeling particularly wolfy, don t fret There are multiple types of shape shifters in this house of horrors As a matter of fact, there is a plethora of nightmare inducing pandemonium a la Jonathan Harker going on in and around Castle Bran some I found clich like the bats and the taboo wolf vamp relationship but in that well worn blanket kind of way.I m not sure this novel is entirely YA because a number of the side plots were very mature both in content and age of the characters While I enjoyed the many plots, I became frustrated with how short some of the sections were Just as I was getting into the section, it was over Also, I needed the definition of the Strigoi and the real differences between the Strigoi and the Cambions spelled out much earlier I finally searched the net for strigoi because I needed clarification The vampire regs didn t seem firmly spelled out They all had these unique abilities, and I became confused about who could and couldn t do what Though the language isn t bad, there was a lot of bow chicka wow wow shenanigans but no descriptions of the act Overall, a bloody fun time 4 Stars

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    First I want to thank the Author for giving me this book.I Loved this book and all it s characters especially Lachlan Can t wait for book 2.The Story Vampire Origins Project Ichorus is about Scarlett and how she finds herself tangled in vampire affairs At first I wasn t sure what to think about this book but I have to say I loved the vampires Riley Banks created.Scarlett and her family must move to Romania because her dad just scored a job of building a Hotel Scarlett is one of the two girls in her family and one of four quadruplets, the whole family is very different and Scarlett has trouble getting along with her siblings, especially her younger sister Ruby, who she blames for her mother s death.Throughout the story we see how Scarlett s family becomes involved not only with vampires but also with all types of animal shifters Apart from seeing things from Scarlett s point of view we are told things from the points of view of the other characters.The Characters Scarlett Is the main character of the story I loved her, loved her flaws, the way she interacted with friends and family, her emotions I m not going to lie she is difficult to like at first since she is a tad rude to everybody especially her sister Ruby, but as the story goes on we are shown that Scarlett just needs her mother and that she hasn t been able to get over her death I think she was written in a very realistic way and the overall development she had in the book.Lachlan He is a vampire and one of the bad guys He was born a vampire not made and was in line for the throne of his clan but he is exiled for turning a human girl into a vampire As a villain I loved Lachlan he is cruel, manipulative, stops at nothing to get what he wants and he has no humanity I was not surprised by this since he has never been human, this last part was the thing that made him so believable as a bad guy he is what he is and nothing and no one is going to change him.Even though he is a bad guy he is my favorite character.Alexis and Anastasia The only remaining members of the Romanov family The only thing I cans say is that I didn t expect that but I loved them.The Writing Riley Banks tells the story in multiple Points of views At times it is a bit confusing it shows how every character, no matter how small the part, had a very important part in this story.The way each character was written was very good, they all had personalities and none of them felt like a filler character This is my only complaint, since at there are many characters the change of point of view was a bit confusing at the beginning characters were great This book truly captures my interest immediately since the world building was excellent all the different types of vampires and shifters are very original.Final thoughtsI would recommend this book to anyone in need of a good vampire story, yes there is romance but it s not the main focus of this story.Rating 4.5 5 starsYou can find my full review at my blogLittle Book Pixie

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    Love this book since I first read it and love watching it grow can t wait for

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    I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Outstanding Finally we are back to vampires that are ruthless yet still pretty to look at think Lestat, Anne Rice essence very attractive luring you in but vicious monsters in disguise It took me a minute to get all the characters straight but it is Sooooo worth it You can get the storyline from the jacket but what you can t get from the jacket is how R.B manages to give each character SUCH a personality I ve found that a lot of novels that have than 3 4 main characters tend to loose a little outside of 2 3 of those characters but not this book From the definite 11 12ish would consider critical to the storyline there are also at least 6 that add flavor here and there AND are just as well developed There are layers upon layers in there.sort of like having chocolate cake with chocolate icing on top then you find out holy shit there s another layer and it has sprinkles I really enjoyed how R.B wove legend myth her story funny bits about some familiar faces all together to produce a rather original, fast paced, fun fun read The movie selection scence between Scarlette and Lachlan made me snort a bit funny R.B.Ahhhh.LachlanI love him, I hate him, I need to have him, I need to kill him He has come the closest to Lestat s vampire hold on my heart Then there s Caleb, I must say at first I was ready to pout if her turned out to be a Jacob ite twilight but oh how he isn t He is just as lethal as the others, sometimes killer without remorse it seems but there s to him So many characters.Lachlan, Caleb and Ryder oh my Just the tip of the iceberg but those turned out to be my favorite guys.I just wanted to pop little miss Angeline s head off..and Renee grrrrr.cut her eyeballs out with a spoon and feed them to her sadly she d survive.Like I said before once you get your head around the characters the whole story just explodes.I have only 2 issues with this book 1 I SOOO wish the Fraser s were older hence taking this out of the YA arena why yes I am a selfish bitch 2 It ended and I don t have the next book yet My first introduction to Riley Banks was through The William S club..I should have know from her creative twist in that story that this one would be outstanding Jolly Awesome

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    Who knew there were different clans of vampires Join the world of vampires and live forever Do you have a choice Probably not because the lost Romanovs, Anastasia and her brother, Nicholas would surely have turned down everlasting, bloodsucking life if they had a choice Yes, the Romanovs are now undead and residing in Vlad s castle in Transylvania Vlad Strigoi is a vile character, sucking the life out of anyone who strikes his fancy, but an innocent teenage girl might be able to destroy him Scarlett is a beautiful redheaded teenager with three brothers and a younger sister, raised by a single father because Vlad killed her mother and turned her into a vampire, too Scarlett s barely able to control her raging teenage hormones and conquer the world of dating Can she really be the one to kill a vampire who is thousands of years old and one of the original five There are five different clans of vampires with different rules of existence, the Strigoi, Cambion, Strix, Nosferatu and Bretonnian Who knew The author has created a history for vampires dating back thousands of years We learn some of that history in this first book of the series, and avid readers will surely learn in future volumes.It might be difficult to like any of the vampires when they feed on humans regularly, but the author makes us understand their problems and hope they can overcome their blood lust Some of the vampires fight their tendencies, feeding on volunteers or taking blood from packages, but Vlad Strigoi wants to create an unending supply of blood by enslaving comatose humans and draining them slowly Humans are just a food source to him Can Scarlett fulfill the prophecy and rid the world of this evil vampire The author fleshes out various characters, delving into the teenagers relationships with young vampires, and making the readers care about the innocent humans We cringe as they fall under the spell of their vampire lovers, and pray that they can escape a terrible fate This is just the first volume, so we ll need to wait to learn the whole story.

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    Vampire Origins The Strigoi Book 1 by Riley BanksGenre YA Paranormal and aimed at the upper teens from 15 18 The story begins with our main character Scarlett as her family moves to Romania for a new job opportunity for her father It is a huge family with Scarlett being the only girl of quads at the age of 17 and their baby sister Ruby who is five Their mother died after giving birth to Ruby While Romania is known with the history of vampires no one believes they do exist As the siblings make friends with the people around them their father starts to work for a man by the name of Vlad Things start to get interesting as the supernatural stories of their youths are being played out behind the scenes in real life.The older children sense things are not as they should be they could not possible imagine what is the truth behind the many lies that is being told too them Vlad for instance is a vampire an old one at that who plans to run the world His family are told to stay away from the humans to not bite or turn them The answer is simple He needs Scarlett and Ruby if needed to complete his plans While Vlad needs Scarlett she is also the only one who can kill Vlad if she is taught how to do so But it is not only vampires that exist around this family.Intertwine in this story is romance between the quads and who they are puppy eyed over No one is safe and the family best be careful o who they trust if they can trust anyone.The pace of this book was really good With the cast of characters being long I did not get confused The characters were developed well This book is not for those who are not into the supernatural It is also not for those who rather not read about teenager and their sexual encounters for this is a presence in this book If you have no problem with either then you will enjoy this book and how it is woven together.

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    Disclaimer I received a copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review Let me start out by saying I loved this book for so many reasons I won t go into the whole list but here are the main reasons The author seamlessly weaves historical facts and legend into a great storyline She keeps vampires true to form, killers, pure and simple There were plenty of plot twists and surprises to keep me turning pages well into the night There are quite a few characters in the book and I must admit in the beginning it s a little hard to keep track of them and where in time place you are, but that wasn t a big deal, definitely not enough to deter me from reading Speaking of characters I quickly adored Caleb, he s kind of the underdog outcast of the family I also liked Anna, Alex, Rose, Scarlett, Nataschia and Angeline even though I hated her through at least half the book The characters I loved to hate were Lachlan, Renee, Veronika and of course Vlad They are all just so mean, devious and ruthless One of my favorite scenes actually has Veronika in it.I don t want to give away too much but she turns someone into a rat Her whole thought process for the action actually made me grin she s just so mean The ending of the book is definitely a cliff hanger which made me immediately check to see if book 2 was out not yet by the way I ve read many vampire books lately and this is by far my favorite of those I can t wait to read book 2 to find out what happens next and to learn about the other vampire tribes So, would I recommend this book YES Who would I recommend it to Vampire lovers, YA lovers, or just anyone who is looking for a fresh take on an over written topic Go get yourself a copy of Vampire Origins Project Ichorus you won t be disappointed

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    Vampire Origins Project Ichorous by Riley Banks was absolutely amazing I was fortunate enough to win this novel from LibraryThings.com in an exchange for an honest review Many of the e books that I have won lately have not been very good and just complete let downs for me I was shocked when I found myself engrossed in every page and I could not put this book down.The story involving these vampires shape shifters humans was a nice change from my normal paranormal series I read Although it was a paranormal romance book, there were plenty of history, tall tales, and suspense woven into the story I really liked the fact that there was an integrated cast system In most novels vampires and shape shifters are usually on the same level but just not getting along too well Oh believe me there was no love between the two species, except for a forbidden taboo romance that no one was to know about.Each character I feel had a suiting personality, and fit into the story nicely Sometimes there is an overabundance of characters and it throws people off the story and has people wondering why is this person here again They have no real part and clearly did not even need to be mentioned I can say that in Vampire Origins that was not case at all Every person made sense in their role to create the story.I want to read the second book right now However is has not yet been finished so I will have to patiently await it I hope Riley Banks writes as fast as possible Anyone how enjoys a good romance YA suspenseful vampire book will love Vampire Origins Project Ichorous.

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    When I saw that this book was about vampires, I was instantly hooked Loving paranormal fiction vampires witches mostly , I was very interested in reading this story When I first got into it I could draw some parallels to other vampire novels I d read, but that didn t distract from my enjoying the story My one major critique would be that there are a lot of characters involved It was necessary to have that many in order to show how they all correlated and how their stories mingled, but I had trouble at first keeping up with who was whohuman, vampire, shifter The book centers largely around the nature of vampires while giving the back story of a major vampire tribe and its leaders I ll admit that I kept waiting for a few things that never happened, but again, that didn t necessarily make me enjoy the story any less The book contains about vampires in general and the intrigue surrounding their overall intentions in situations than it does about romance and love affairs between species Overall, I enjoyed reading it and think the author did a very nice job Crystal

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