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The William S Club chapter 1 The William S Club , meaning The William S Club , genre The William S Club , book cover The William S Club , flies The William S Club , The William S Club ed1771dee677c A Beautiful Australian Journalist Who Changed Her Name And Fled Her Homeland A Billionaire Property Magnate Who Dredges Up Her Tortured Past An Elite Club With A Secret They Have Killed To Protect Sydney Is The One Place Charlotte Burke Swore She D Never Return But The William S Club Have Other Plans Lust, Sex, Violence, Blackmail And Even Murder, They Will Stop At Nothing To Keep Their Secret Hidden, Pushing Charlotte And The Other Players Towards Their Dangerous End Game

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    The William S Club is a suspenseful thriller with a great mystery all surrounded by enough romance, sex and action to wrap this book up as one of the better ones I have read this year.Charlotte has had a hard time in life between being there when her mother died and her father is arrested to living in foster care with the press hounding her about her dad, that once she is old enough to be on her own she takes the name Charlotte Burke and tries to never look back The William S club wont allow that to happen and arrange an entire press trip to get her where they want her.Damon Harvey is the younger son by only a couple minutes but that makes all the difference in the world While His twin is ushered into the family s secrets and dirty dealings as part of the William S club Damon is left to help hold him and his sisters together as a family after his mothers death.With Charlotte and Damon as the main characters and enough secondary characters that you almost need a play book the story is fast paced and while the mysteries and secrets come out slowly they are explored from every angle The story is one of murders, greed and blackmail as well as wild sex and even some love thrown in you find yourself drawn in and taken on a wild ride I love a good mystery thriller and this did not disappoint, I also love a good steamy romance and The William S Club delivers on that front as well We get in depth in the minds and personalities of all of the characters and while the author can sometimes be a bit verbose in her narrative the plot and the characters grab you and don t let go I enjoyed The William S Club a great deal and can t wait to see what Riley Banks comes out with next I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Disclaimer I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.From the book description I was really looking forward to reading this, unfortunately I think the book fell short of my expectations.I ve said in reviews of other books that I don t need a lead character I like, but it would have been nice to have had one likeable character in here.The female lead was annoying to put it mildly She started off interesting, pissed off at her boss, harbouring a secret, dreading the trip but her intelligence level just seemed to drop as the book progressed On no someone I cannot speak to is coming towards me, I could leave or I could snog this random lech , one of my friends has been murdered, and another has been blackmailed and has committed suicide as a result No need for me to lock my door, it s not like I ve almost been killed or my personal favourite this guy is the identical twin of my lover, I d better be careful around him and just accept all the drinks and romantic gestures he offers head desk The way she was described as not knowing the effect she had on men but being drop dead gorgeous yeah, that is totally realistic Her emotions and opinions of people could also take a 180 degree turn in a split second with minimal prompting which I found irritating I guess I just wanted her to pick an emotion or an opinion and stick with it for a decent amount of time view spoiler like Damon, one minute she loathed him, the next she can t wait to screw him, then she is scared of him, needs him I know we women can be emotional but really hide spoiler

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    This is an intriguing story of erotic suspense The plot is extensive, with lots of mystery, and it moves at a quick pace I was intrigued by the concept of family secrets and how far people are willing to go to protect those secrets There are a lot of characters in this one and, especially in the beginning, I found it difficult to keep track of them all I also felt character development suffered a bit, mainly because there were so many of them I would have liked to get to know the important characters better, to know what drove their behavior.For me, the graphic sex scenes stretched credibility I don t want to give away details, but I found it difficult to believe all the journalists so easily went along with behavior they would normally immediately reject.Despite these issues, Riley Banks writing style pulled me into the story If graphic sex doesn t offend you, this one will keep you guessing until the end.

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    The William S Club was not what I expected I was not sure I would even like it But as I continued to read, I found that I could not put it down The need to know what came next kept me reading I love books that I have to read while on the treadmill The plot twist in the end came out of left field, but it did not take away from the book To mention what it was would give away the story, so you will have to read the book to understand what I mean The characters were well fleshed out The story was rich in detail The William S Club is an excellent book and deserves every star I gave it.

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    I really liked the beginning of this book, immediately hooking me into its intrigue and difference As a reviewer as well as an author, I don t always know what a story will be like, given when it s free and not particularly my choice However, I did enjoy this book, with its twists and turns and surprises The writing flowed and the characters good and bad where believableand I loved the idea.Yes, worth reading.

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    The William S Club Review by Martha A Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat Think With Your Taste Buds A Book and A Dish Damon s grandfather pulled a heavy brass key from around his neck For as long as he could remember that key had hung there, a visual reminder of a lifetime of secrets I want to know the moment she boards the plane, his grandfather said Damon nodded Not like he had any other choice Fresh rain pelted the double glazed windows as the key clinked in the lock, echoing across the Spartan dining room The house had become mausoleum than home Behind the wooden door lay a metal door the kind used by bank vaults It protected a flight of stairs that led to the basement Not that Damon Harvey had ever been down there The basement was forbidden to all but The William S Club As a child, Damon spent hours pondering what lay behind that door Now he didn t care Let them have their secrets As long as they left him alone What began as a derogative term to explain the tight, inner circle of firstborn Harvey men became a badge of honor worn by each consecutive William Sydney Harvey including Damon s older brother, BJ Bill Junior older by a whole minute and a half But The William S Club were not without their secrets, the biggest one hidden in the basement Only one brave man had discovered that secret Paul Baker, a former employee of Harvey Enterprises And Paul paid the ultimate price for his discovery he lost his wife, his daughter and his freedom, spending twenty years in prison for a crime he did not commit Now out of prison, Paul is determined to find his daughter, Victoria, and prove his innocence But finding Victoria will be harder than he thinks She changed her name and fled Australia the first chance she got, distancing herself from her father s criminal past and her mother s apparent suicide Paul has no idea his daughter is being used as bait to draw him out or that Victoria, or Charlotte Burke as she is now known, is a guest on the Harvey s wine and dine press trip There is only one way Paul can save his daughter s life retrieve the documents his wife hid But first, he must find them When I agreed to read The William S Club I didn t realize that one of its tags was erotic, which isn t my cup of tea and since I don t read other reviews nor comments before reading a book I ve found myself reading something that just doesn t fit my suspenseful mind Well, The William S Club is a book that can claim the tag of erotic but I have to say from the very beginning the suspense grabbed me and wouldn t let go I was so hooked that I decided I could live through the erotica which actually came a little later in the book I found myself reading every page in the hope of finding out just what the Harvey men were hiding What was so precious that they not only killed outsiders for but family members too It took me to within the last few pages to find my answer and I was completely surprised I had ventured many guesses but none were correct Their secret was something so different that I would have never been able to come up with it on my own This is a true suspense novel with some erotic sex along the way.

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    Adult content but an intriguing international mystery.This well written book is filled with mystery, suspense, and evil scoundrels, all elements that make a very exciting read My only qualm about recommending this novel is the explicit sex scenes that might offend some readers However, the adult content is limited to a few scenes which demonstrate the truly vile nature of the villains Skip over anything that offends because the rest of the story is worth reading When the Harvey Corporation invites a hand picked group of reporters to travel on an elaborate press junket, their primary target is Charlotte Burke The investigative reporter is swept into a deadly scheme to kill her father, who just finished an unjust prison sentence in Australia Charlotte thought she escaped her painful past when she changed her name and fled Australia, but the William S Club tracked her down They are determined to lure her father into a death trap Charlotte hates her father, believes he was responsible for her mother s suicide She also hates the Harvey family ruthless men who ruined her life When Charlotte meets Damon Harvey, sparks fly Linked to the Harvey empire, she s determined to hate Damon but learns he s not a typical Harvey Damon is not a member of the exclusive William S Club and remains suspicious of their actions.The William S Club has only three members, a father, son, and grandson, each named William S Harvey William, Bill, and B.J Bill Junior are vile dangerous men who manipulate their guests into compromising sexual situations to gather blackmail materials They stop at nothing, including murder, to protect their family secrets When bodies start falling, they re unfazed and continue to execute their plan Unfortunately a psychopath among the guests is attracted to Charlotte Can she survive long enough to learn the truth about her father This novel takes the reader through a complicated maze of misdeeds to reveal the corrupt history of the Harvey family As Charlotte and Damon unravel the truth, violence touches everyone they love Shocking scenes of cruel debauchery reveal the evil characters of the enemy as Charlotte walks a perilous path of discovery The fascinating storyline and heart pounding suspense keeps a reader s attention to the very end.

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    Having received this as a Good Reads giveaway, I have to admit that I got a bit worried after the first few Chapters that Riley Banks might have added too much nutmeg into the spice mix The book seemed to have too much of everything The heroine, Charlotte, a feisty investigative journalist with a troubled childhood, is a 21st century Jane Eyre who has been invited into the employ of not one, but three generations of Mr Rochesters, two of whom are identical twins at the opposite ends of the morality spectrum Not only are the Harvey men charming, wealthy and good looking but they display every psychopathic and sociopathic characteristic n the text book, including an impulse to stop at nothing to keep the secret of the inner circle of firstborns from the world and the rest of the family and a sexual appetite to match the Marquis de Sade Just as Charlotte begins her quest for the truth, enter another plot with Charlotte s estranged father at the other end of the globe on a revenge and rescue mission to get to his daughter before the bad guys do The characters are all beautiful and the wealth of the Harveys brings ample opportunity to name drop the most opulent of luxury brands And just when your brain starts getting used to how the other half lives, and Charlotte moves closer to the secret, people around her start to die and disappear.So, did Riley Banks have too many ingredients in her soup The answer is a resounding yes, to the extent that when the Harvey s secret is eventually revealed, readers find themselves in a whole new genre Yet, somehow, something that should have been so wrong ends up feeling so right That comes down to a highly accomplished written style, complete commitment to the subject matter and an intertwining plot structure that is as precise and well crafted as the mechanics of a Swiss watch probably a Patek Phillipe Sky Moon Tourbillon Some might say less is but when recreating the lives of the seriously rich in a 21st century version of the Gothic novel, there is much to be said about making the mix as rich as you can get away with Riley has had great fun with her raw material and holds nothing back and the end result is a highly readable page turner, with great pace, lots of action which comes together no pun intended in a polished and gutsy way.

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    The William S Club by Riley BanksThe novel begins at the end of 1941, in London, during a bombing blitz by the Germans People were rushing about seeking shelter from the falling bombs One man remained seemingly unfazed by the turmoil He was woefully underdressed for the cold and ignored the shouts to seek shelter This was William, who seemed to have no hope, yet swiftly seemed to find hope in a newspaper tossed into his face by the wind.The William S Club is made up of the elite power force of Harvey Incorporated and consists entirely of the three living William Sydney Harveys, the living heirs to that first William Sydney Harvey, who braved the bombing in London to start the Harvey real estate empire.The William S Harvey Club is hosting a massive party to ring in the New Year It begins in France and continues on to several other countries Many beautiful journalists from around the world have been invited ordered to attend They are wined and dined in lavish manner, with nothing expected in return except some positive press at the end of the tour.This year, Charlotte Burke, from the Daily Telegraph in London is one of those selected to attend For some reason, simply boarding the plane belonging to the William S Club begins to trigger something akin to a panic attack She hazily relives brief memories that she isn t even sure are real And seeing Daman Harvey, the twin brother of the youngest William in the Club sends shock waves of fear coursing throughout her body.The William S Club is stunningly well written, with a number of characters, subplots, and issues that should appeal to readers of any number of genres from mystery to science fiction Banks has the ability to keep the pace swift, never letting boredom set in, while ensuring there are enough questions to keep even the most curious reader guessing until the bitter, violent end.This novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review part of the ongoing Goodreads Read for Review program.

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    I was hooked from page one but must warn that some of the passages in this novel are explicitly for adults only Banks s mystery thriller opens with William Harvey snatching up property during the blitz in WWII London setting up a legacy of wealth for the Harvey family.The beautiful young present day investigative journalist Charlotte Burke is invited on an international press tour by the Harvey property corporation, but Burke has a secret to protect from the Harvey family She stopped using her real name, Victoria Baker to distance herself from her father Paul Baker who was imprisoned as a result of his own dealings as an employee of William Harvey.The story is action packed and full of twists and turns as Burke slowly uncovers the underbelly of the Harvey family secret However, her investigation is not without danger For Burke and her colleagues, some of the danger comes from their entanglement in the twisted debauchery that William Harvey Jr feeds upon The author wants readers to despise the antagonists and uses graphic sexual situations to drive those aspects of the story to the forefront In the opinion of this reviewer, the story would have held it s own without the graphic detail of these passages The suggestion of debauchery and lurid sex would have been enough for readers to get the idea.The two sets of secrets, the Baker s and the Harvey s collide in a suspenseful conclusion For a debut novel, Riley Banks cranked out a good one However, the mixing of the lurid sex and erotica into what would have made for a well crafted and well written mystery thriller might be off putting to some readers I m looking forward to reading another from Banks without the extras.