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    What in the fuck was that ending Urghhhhhh I just can t 2 sissy yakuza stars

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    I expected so much , coming from the author of Viewfinder.

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    Gorgeous art as usual, and a yakuza leader to boot albeit an uke this time but the story just wasn t on par with Ayano Yamane s usual works I ll stick with Asami Fei Long from now on.

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    Trigger Warnings one count of rape A Foreign Love Affair is a one volume manga following the story of a yakuza clan heir and a cruise ship captain After a one night stand on the yakuza s wedding night, they meet once in Italy and begin a whirlwind romance.This was, surprisingly, an incredibly sweet read.At first, I wasn t sure where I stood with it It started off with rough artwork, a quick paced storyline, and no discernible plot I didn t know where it was going or what the author was planning to do with the story and I found myself very bored very quickly and left it overnight.When morning came, I decided to come back to it If I didn t like it, I didn t like it it was just another one volume read towards my reading challenge.However, I found myself glad I came back to it Almost straight after the first two chapters of this manga, we go straight into the cute side of the story, the sweet affair and the characters developing a relationship Of course, this was rushed within the book and we don t get to see much of it developing I feel like perhaps doing this story as a two volume piece would have suited it better and paced the storyline better than it was done The characters relationship changing and developing was something I was looking forward to, but we didn t get to see much of it Rushing aside, the storyline is still enjoyable and smile worthy.The artwork seems to level out and seems to get better after the first two chapters as well which is something I do love to see It becomes much clearer rather than what seemed like a draft that hadn t been lined and the such, and it was a bit hard to focus on the story Perhaps this was just the scan I read of it however, I ve noticed a few people have a complaint with this, so perhaps there is an issue with the original print.Mild spoiler, trigger warningOne of my main qualms was the use of rape in this Understandably, it helped to move the story along slightly, but I feel like there could have been something different that Ayano Yamane could have used throughout this scene instead One thing I found I did like through this scene, however, was that it was not between the two main characters I ve found the yaoi genre tends to use rape between the MCs as a form of messy romance, and she managed to stay away from this trope quite well.It still would have been nice to have a sweet read such as this not using a trope such as rape for character relationship developments End A Foreign Love Affair has a lot of really good traits, but because of all those listed above, I can only give this three stars It s not the best manga yaoi that I have read and it never will be in my opinion.The ending is well done, it closes up fairly well and it s not hard to try and guess what will happen after this book ends The characters develop a little too fast, but it s still not as rushed as you would expect it to be within similar one volume mangas Both MCs were developed and almost seemed human, as though you could run into them on the street.I do wish there was another volume to this, maybe even just a short one shot giving us a little insight into how they get on after the volume I would enjoy seeing from these characters, but alas, the author seems to have completely shelved this.With all said, I was glad to have chosen to read this despite my qualms with the first two chapters It managed to surprise me, which doesn t often happen within yaoi with all of its tropes and problems Even with said issues, listed throughout the review, I would definitely recommend this to other yaoi fans who enjoy plots this explores It was fun I did get a giggle throughout it with the chuckle worth humour.

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    This was certainly pretty and at times really hot, but the story was. insubstantial, to say the least But I had fun inserting Ezio into this story because it s set in Florence and Rome And really, the art is gorgeous.

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    The manga, and also the anime hottttttt , were really good.

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    Four stars for the art which was quite lovely and the storyline was good to a point Insta love type as they had only known each other three or four days Then was the rescue scene on the boat view spoiler where they had sex in the boiler room or some such room on the ship RIGHT AFTER the uke had just escaped from folks that had drugged him, tried to sell him as a sex slave, and assaulted him using fingers, but still You d think the seme would be concerned enough to get the guy to a safe place and make sure he s ok before thinking about sex since he claimed to love him hide spoiler

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    the drawing was divine but the story was just meh, no depth, no chemistry, nothing _ just the sexy smut scenes

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    Normally I m a big fan of Ayano Yamane s yaoi manga Crimson Spell Finder are both excellent but this is far from her finest hour The main tale follows a high ranking Yakuza, Ranmaru Ohmi who goes on and Italian Cruise for his honeymoon He argues with his new wife Kaoru on their wedding night and heads to the bar where he gets picked up by Al, the hunky Italian captain obsessed with all things Japanese He runs into trouble a couple of times and Al comes to the rescue This really is a bit of fluff It s hot but lacks emotion and plot And it just kinda ends without any real point The set up Ranmaru Al Kaouri love triangle never really amounts to anything.There s a bonus tale about a bachelor scientist who after being hounded by his mother to marry seeks out a matchmaker to help him Only problem he falls for the matchmaker This one s quite cute.Artwork s good, but if you re familiar with the author s other stuff, it s not nearly as detailed or beautiful Stories are fine as far as they go, but feel unfinished.

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    The art is beautiful, but the story was not for me.

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異国色恋浪漫譚 summary pdf 異国色恋浪漫譚, summary chapter 2 異国色恋浪漫譚, sparknotes 異国色恋浪漫譚, 異国色恋浪漫譚 941a2e8 Japanese Yakuza Clan Heir Ranmaru Just Got Married On A Lavish Cruise Ship, But Things Aren T As They Seem The Marriage Is Just For The Appearances, And He Ends Up Getting Drunk And Spending The Night Not With His Bride, But With The Sexy Ship Captain When The Two Men Meet Again In Italy, It Is The Start Of A Spectacular Love Story

  • Paperback
  • 174 pages
  • 異国色恋浪漫譚
  • Ayano Yamane
  • English
  • 13 September 2018
  • 9781934129180

About the Author: Ayano Yamane

Japan s most popular BL manga artist Since the moment of her debut, she has fascinated fans with her beautiful characters and dramatic stories, making history in the BL world with her sales numbers Even now, she continues to always re set those records.Yamane Ayano