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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Crimson Spell (Book 1)
  • Ayano Yamane
  • English
  • 21 December 2019
  • 9781598831047

10 thoughts on “The Crimson Spell (Book 1)

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    What s what in the story Crimson Spell is a fantasy series set in an Europe look alike world, the main character is a prince who is possessed by a cursed sword, and the cursed prince is on a quest to break his curse Along the way there comes a handsome but jaded mage who ends up helping the kind hearted prince From this point onward romance, smuts, faes magic and monster fighting ensured LOLI really like this series and hope to read in the future.

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    El dibujo es delicioso, mucho, pero la fantas a no es lo m o y el plot es un poquito forzado para mi gusto A ver en pr ximas entregas si cambia la cosa, lo voy a leer sin prisas eso s.

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    A powerful mage and a cursed prince In a travel to find the cure to the prince curse everything can happen funny, incredible explicit sex scenes marvelous draw, to a already in my favorite shelf.My applause, image error

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    This is a re read Still loving it Yamane sensei s men are uber delicious to look at The sex scenes are so well done that it kept me staring at the pages for long time and I love flipping back to it just to stare at it again and drool some The pervent in me was a tad bit disappointed by the missing view spoiler penetration scene hide spoiler

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    This is like someone took a less epic DD novel and inserted m m porn I can t even call it erotica, as it was completely basic ass fucking with no foreplay and one character who was always unconscious during the sex As a concept the aforesaid is actually rather amusing to me the problem is that the dialog and plotting are on the level of the worst of DD writing We get lines like, Talent such as yours is seen but once in a generation You are correct to assume we feared it After all, we were right to do so It was your excessive, uncontrolled power that brought about the disaster a decade ago Followed by a scene where a group of men chase one of the two companions out of the room with the intent of killing him, and the second man remains calmly finishing his non urgent conversation before following to intervene For even odder contrast, there is also the obligatory cutesy magical animal, which I associate with manga aimed at kids The art is fairly good Not fabulous, but definitely better than average.

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    2.5 This is quite entertaining and sexy Who wouldn t want a pliant but dangerous demon at their feet Uhm Sometimes there are changes of scenery and storyline that are quite confusing and make me scratch my head often than not To be continued This is a review of the whole series Read in Manga Rock.Chapters and volumes view spoiler Volume 1 chapters 1 7.2Volume 2 chapters 8 13Volume 3 chapters 14 21Volume 4 chapters 22 28Volume 5 chapters 29 37.5Volume 6 chapters 38 50 hide spoiler

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    Sex and magicwhat else is there to life

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    Maybe like a 2.5 I honestly don t even really know what to think about this one I was excited because it s BL fantasy most of them are contemporary , but then the fantasy aspects were glossed over so much I mean, we find out that Vald s one of the MCs kingdom is being invaded, and then he pulls out a sword, becomes possessed by a demon, and goes on a month s journey to find a sorcerer all in the span of a HANDFUL of pages.And then there s the issue of consent, which seems to be rife in BL manga In this one, Vald becomes possessed by a demon at night, and Havi has sex with him But it s still Vald s body, and the demon cant speak so couldn t exactly give consent so in my mind this was rape, or at the very best non con I am just So Sick Of the lack of consent in BL manga It s not sexy It s harmful.I will read the other volumes because I bought the entire series because I thought it would be amazing

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    3.5It s a solid fantasy story, with plenty of sexy scenes featuring the usual yaoi disregard for the concept of consent Though both characters are beautiful and there were many lovely images, a lot of the art was oddly stiff and awkwardly proportioned, especially compared to her classic Finder, Volume 1 Target in the Finder It s definitely not enough to turn me off the story and I am greatly looking forward to Volume 2 Definite must read for lovers of yaoi.

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    Every manga by Ayane Yamano is a masterwork And Crimson Spell is no exception The drawings are beautiful, the characters lovable and the sex so hot that it burns the pages Bald in his demon persona is the hottest thing on earth but then, I have a thing for intricate tattoos And it s not all about fantasy stuff and wizards, fighting and demons, there is also humor there and the chibis are so funny looking that you just have to laugh I m definitely looking forward to the next volume

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The Crimson Spell (Book 1)characters The Crimson Spell (Book 1), audiobook The Crimson Spell (Book 1), files book The Crimson Spell (Book 1), today The Crimson Spell (Book 1), The Crimson Spell (Book 1) fedd5 The Curse Of The Magical Crimson Sword Has Turned Prince Bald Into A Monster To Break The Spell, He Sets Out On A Journey With The Sexy And Gorgeous Magician, Havi Bald Has No Idea That When He Turns Into A Beast At Night, Havi Uses His Unique Talents To Pacify His Beastly Appetite The Luscious Journey Of Bald And Havi Begins

About the Author: Ayano Yamane

Japan s most popular BL manga artist Since the moment of her debut, she has fascinated fans with her beautiful characters and dramatic stories, making history in the BL world with her sales numbers Even now, she continues to always re set those records.Yamane Ayano