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合法ドラッグ 1 txt 合法ドラッグ 1, text ebook 合法ドラッグ 1, adobe reader 合法ドラッグ 1, chapter 2 合法ドラッグ 1, 合法ドラッグ 1 915f66 A Drugstore That Deals In Medicine And Danger Kazahaya Kudo Has A Gift When He Touches A Person Or An Object, He Sees Visions With No Money And No Place To Stay, Kazahaya Was Out Of Luck Until Fate Brought Him To The Green Drug Pharmacy Now, In Exchange For Working In The Store, He Gets Room And Board But In Order To Make Ends Meet There A Catch He Must Take On Special Assignments From His Boss That Can Only Be Handled By Someone With Kazahaya Gift With The Help Of His Co Worker And Roommate Rikuo, Who Has Unusual Powers Of His Own, Kazahaya Finds Himself On Missions Most Surreal

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kawa Nanase born 2 May 1967 saka, bloodtype A Mokona Apapa born 16 Jun 1968, Ky to bloodtype A Nekoi Mick born 21 Jan 1969, Ky to bloodtype O Igarashi Satsuki born 8 Feb 1969, Ky to bloodtype A CLAMP originally began in 1989 as a twelve member d jinshi circle, but by 1990, the circle had diminished from twelve to seven Of the remaining seven, Tamayo Akiya

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    Bizarre.It s like reading a surrealist picture, absurd and weird, yet not completely understandable Romance is absent Volumes in the series

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    Rilettura Infatti la vecchia edizione della Star Peccato rimanga inconcluso anche se recentemente ho scoperto che c un seguito uscito nel 2011 mentre ero in pausa Un giorno lo recupeter.

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    This reminded me of the early volumes of xxxHolic, when Watanuki was still learning about Yuuko s world It s the same here for Kazahaya and Rikuo, with the added mystery of their past.

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    The first volume of one of those manga where CLAMP goes New phone, who dis regularly.I know it wasn t their fault the first time this story went on hiatus I think the magazine it got published in was discontinued or something like that.It then took years for the continuation to come out, fittingly re named Drug DROP, since it s on hiatus now, too.I clearly remember how excited I was when I picked up this first volume when it came out here in 2004 And how couldn t I have been The art is beautiful even if it s not in my favorite CLAMP style , our POV character Kazayaha is adorable, his dark and brooding partner Rikuo is mysterious and his boss is a comic relief character who only shows his true, much darker self to his boyfriend.There are missing loved ones, who might be dead already, fish in the sky and fireflies you can t see.Everyone has some deep and dark secret.In many ways, it s a much subtil work than what one would usually expect from CLAMP, but no less enjoyable I want to say that I want people to read this manga, but I also don t want anyone to be disappointed when they ve finished the second volume of Drug Drop and there is just nothing Except waiting.And everyone who has read X 1999 or worse Clover knows that it could take a really very long time I m talking about than a decade here.So, yes This is a great manga, but loving it hurts.

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    I can honestly say I think because I m super old and I can t clearly remember back then this is the first manga I ever read as a teen It was loaned to me from a shitty friend who shouldn t have even really been a friend, I assume so she could get a chuck out of me running acoss the heavily implied homosexual portions of this manga Joke was on her, of course, because I loved it from day one and thus began my love affair with yaoi.Now probably fifteen years later, I think I appreciate this manga so much Back then I was really only interested in the characters having romantic moments, or implied romantic moments As an adult now I can appreciate the nuances of the relationship, the story, and most importantly, the art work And I can say I love it even now than I did then.I ve kind of got a soft spot in my heart for CLAMP anyway They always do the best stuff imo, and they rarely disappoint.I decided to reread this not to get the feels from long ago, but because for some reason I never picked up the next two volumes, and I just did now So I m really excited to finish the story that I started fifteen years ago, and get some kind of resolution on these characters Is this a perfect manga No But for me, perfect can just be a feeling, and this book gives me the feels.

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    Demasiado corto, necesita m s historia, m s desarrollo y m s p ginas Sin embargo me ha enganchado.

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    Book read 3 31 16.Review 4 1 16I hate to call someone s art cute, because I know how disrespectful it is, but, I can t help myself The ladies behind CLAMP made some really cute art for a really intriguing story.A month after almost freezing to death, Kazahaya works for the beautiful, mysterious Kakei at the Green Drugstore.He and his rescuer for lack of a better word Rikuo are placed in charge of several Shady side jobs by Kakei, and, being completely off the books as it were, they rely on Kazahaya s abilities.Kazahaya can view the memories of people, and even of things He uses this ability, which, to smaller degrees, Rikuo and Kakei share with him, to complete these tasks for Kakei They tend to drift into a supernatural nature, and they re always dangerous.Kazahaya and Rikuo face a cursed book, ghost insects, and a mystery concerning a woman from Rikuo s past.As for the art Maybe a five out of ten Very generic, nothing special at all But it works with the story flow, which is all you can really ask for.Now the plot Seven out of ten Kazahaya s a whiney bitch, and i love it The back and forth with Rikuo is funny and realistic, and Kakei and his very special friend, Saiga, were besides being the only reason this manga would be mislabeled yaoi were captivating to say the least.Dialogue is, as expected, sometimes a little odd and forced, but overall it s decent The characters work extremely well off each other, they re memorable, and they re hystarical I especially liked the chemistry between Kakei and Saiga, they seemed like an old married couple who can still pick on each other I hope to see of them in the future.I m curious to find out about these characters, and learn about their business Will definitely be persuing the other Legal Drug volumes, and the renamed Drug and Drop.

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    Welp, let s talk about this for a moment Full series review I really wanted to like this But the BL overtones basically overpowered the story Any story that s interested in potential romantic plots than in the actual HEY WHY DID THEY PICK UP THAT GUY IN THE SNOW HM plot is annoying to me The character interactions just don t click the way they do in xxxHolic which I really enjoyed and I For the record, I m not into BL as a general rule but don t mind it if it s well written This just wasn t There was no chemistry between the MCs and it felt like the tension between them was being put on by circumstances like a bad shoujo manga P Noooo thank you Yet I will try again with the newer series pickup of this because my vague theory is that this is a fairly early CLAMP work and maybe the new version will be better I just so wanted to like this because I enjoy the setup of the shop as well as Kohou s special powers.

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    Eine meiner liebsten Clamp Reihen So traurig, dass sie abgebrochen wurde die Geschichten sind so wirr und so magisch Ich liebe es einfach.

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    Clamp is loveeeeeeeeek tis connected with watanuki love the connections sweet angels, even sweeter devilssigggggh , now just add some kobato.

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