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SUPER LOVERS 1 files SUPER LOVERS 1, read online SUPER LOVERS 1, free SUPER LOVERS 1, free SUPER LOVERS 1, SUPER LOVERS 1 a117ceacf Haru Visits Canada To Spend The Summer Holidays In The Woodland House Of His Strict, Strong Willed Mother, Haruko There, She Burdens Him With The Responsibility Of Caring For His Younger Adoptive Brother A Wild And Unruly Little Boy Named Ren Who Trusts No One And Prefers To Wander In The Woods With Haruko S Dogs Rather Than Associate Other People Haruko Orders Haru To Civilize RenAs The Young Man Strives To Teach Ren How To Live In Human Society, Their Relationship Gradually Improves So Much So That Haru Plans On Taking His Little Brother To Japan With Him Once He Finds A JobUnfortunately, Fate Has A Cruel Habit Of Interfering With One S Plans

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    So very cute.I understand why people would have doubts pondering whether or not they should read this I m no different, I was suspicious Age gap is no problem for me, but when you tell me one of the boys is 8 and the other one is 17, then I may have issues However, this story is not like I expected it to be It s unbearably sweet There are no graphic scenes, and no hint of sex until very into the series I think the displays of affection truly begin when Ren is 15, and they are mostly kisses and hugs So it may test the patience of than one reader, but from my part, I m hooked The dynamics is so ambiguous, so significant but yet so very frustrating It goes at a snail pace, mind you Sometimes I wondered whether I was reading too much into this or not Sometimes there is a big step forward that made my heart beat full force and my brain say Awwww Sometimes I just tried to go with the flow and try not to give labels, not to judge, not to expect this or that, not to focus on this on that, too much, or too little.I found a new meaning to every little gesture Maybe I think the world of them Maybe.The road is important than the goal here, it seems.Still, that wouldn t be enough to convince me, but I cannot in any way explain how this just clicks , how limits are so blurred you don t even get where that brotherly affection ends and where the soul love vibes start It s so subtle, and so powerful It works.And if it doesn t just stop reading it No big deal.There is a story beneath, even though it s not an epic story with big ups and downs It s just the life of Haru, the oldest brother, with his two twin little brothers, Aki and Shima, and the youngest, newest adopted brother, Ren Then we have Hary s mother, Haruko And an unexpected guy so alike Haru, Natsu, who puts the things in jeopardy Later, a Ren s nemesis, Akira, makes an appearance, and his imperturbable fa ade crumbles for once Also, we have Ren s growing up, Ren s resistance at being considered a kid, and Ren s struggle to find his own place, to find his own space, and developing his own personality without being swallowed by an overprotective Haru who may or may not see him as just a brother who needs to take care of him On the other part, Haru s clueless loving behavior towards Ren was adorable but utterly annoying from time to time Slowly, they push each other apart but then they pull each other close, trying to find some leverage and balance Trying to figure out what the other one means to them, what they do really mean to the other one This is a review of the whole series Read in Manga Rock Chapters and volumes view spoiler Volume 10 Chapters 28, 29 Volume 09 Chapters 25 27.2Volume 08 Chapters 22 24.5Volume 07 Chapters 19 21.5Volume 06 Chapters 16 18.5Volume 05 Chapters 13 15.5Volume 04 Chapters 10 12.5Volume 03 Chapters 7 9.5Volume 02 Chapters 4 6.5Volume 01 Chapters 1 3 hide spoiler

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    I m not used to writing reviews of manga series but I felt the need to do it beacuse I think Super Lovers is totally worth it I ve read all the 23 chapters available in English up to now 7 volumes and a half but I ll try not to spoil anything for you Let s start with Miyuki Abe s drawing style it is amazing I love how she draws her characters, places and other stuff I think it s not easy to find a so well drawn yaoi series, especially if you are used to stuff like Junjou Romantica, which I love, but honestly, the art is not good So the first thing I appreciated about this series was how good it felt to the eye the second thing I fell in love with was the potential of the story from the very beginning I was surprised by how unusual the characters were.Haru, a beautiful 17 year old boy that meets for the first time and without expecting it to happen his adopted brother, a distrustful 8 year old boy that doesn t know how humans behave Ren, this little boy, preferes wolves company over that of humans and Haru makes it his mission to take down Ren s walls and tame him This may be considered the plot of the series, but there is much than that just below the surface And I love it.Like in other yaoi series, there are a lot of funny scenes that will make you laugh out loud and, obviously, there is romance, but there is also a certain amount of darkness hidden behind that and I think this is what makes the story worth it Haru is not just that smiling and outgoing hot young man, he had to go through pretty tough times in his life and is much damaged than he likes to admit Ren, on the other hand, is not just a wild child that needs help He is caring, he is wiser than people of his age, he knows what he wants, and what he wants is Haru s love all the kinds of love he has to offer to him.And here comes the love story It may cause problems for those who are against incest or under age relationships not that Haru and Ren are blood related, but still, to someone it may seem disgusting and I m aware of the huge age gap between them, but don t worry, nothing happens between them until Ren is 15, and really, not much happens between the two of them anyway There are kisses on the lips though, even when Ren is really young, so if it bothers you, do not read For me, the relationship between Haru and Ren is very interesting and powerful The way their story slowly evolves, the way they first become brothers and then step by step turn into lovers is beautiful They grow up, they face their problems and they do it because they are together they make each other better and stronger there are also other characters that I really like They are all very much human and three dimentional and I really appreciate that I love the twins with all my heart They are Haru s half brothers and they are very important to the story I ve started to like Natsuo too, even though I hated him at the beginning I love the doctor LOL and I m curious about the new characters that were introduced in the last few chapters so I hope that someone will translate the next chapters very soon plaese ___

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    SWEET BABY JESUS WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE This was just sweet UGHHHHHHh Gosh is it good or what Okay, first I would like to say Haru, oh my gorgeous Haru 3 doki doki 3 Ren for a little kid is adorable gorgeous I swear I am not a pedo He kind of reminds me of Natsume from Gakuen Alice Aki and Shima are cute too especially Aki So I give a HUGE thumbs up to Miyuki Abe s art GOORRRR GEEOOUUUSSSS The plot kind of sounds typical and cheesy but for now it is not yaoi yet It just seems like a kind brother to brother relationship I don t know where this manga is going but I hope they keep this sweet, lovingness yeah that is not a word throughout the manga.I am having so much of Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan feels right now This manga is just so much It has depth and it is not just some cheap, steamy yaoi Like seriously, is this even consider a yaoi Because I personally don t think so, it is shounen ai It is beyond sweet and it has just so much character, and substance.AND GOSH THE ENDING TO CHAPTER ONE ARE YOU KIDDING ME THAT, MY FRIEND, IS HOW YOU START A BOOK Just from that one chapter I knew Miyiki Abe will be one of my favourite authors.Gosh Cannot Simply Explain My Love You know I will go hunting for of Abe s works right

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    It s still a bit too early for me to tell where this is going and whether I m really going to like it What I can say at this point is that I like the pace with which the story is developing Hopefully the characters will have the time to develop slowly, to make them and their romance believable Since it s a longer series they don t need to tumble head on into a relationship, so I have hopes for the one.

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    This series is cute, cute, cute, cute, and cute And yet it s surprisingly not fluffy in all its adorableness There is a bit of an age gap fifteen and twenty something , so don t read it if that bothers you.This is also one of the only manga that plays with the almost incest idea and it doesn t really bother me Rather than feeling like a cheap plot device, this author takes the relationship between the two characters that developed at an earlier age and slowly transforms it into something else A lot of drama comes into play meanwhile, with the whole nature of their relationship, so it s not just tossed aside either The relationship is probably my favorite part, since the author took the time to really develop it, instead of just throwing them in a room together and yelling, Now have sex I also liked a lot of the cultural elements of this series, such as the fact that Ren speaks better English than he does Japanese, and therefore doesn t get a lot of the politeness and nuances that come with the language His adoptive mother doesn t think this should be that big a deal, being raised abroad herself, and declares that he should study somewhere else, as The highest form of education in Japan isn t all that impressive compared to the rest of the world WHAT My whole life has been a lie In all seriousness, Japan ranks fourth in worldwide education according to an article I found, so I really don t know what she s talking about The other thing I found hilarious was that whenever someone saw the step brothers sort of kissing, it would often be explained with, They were raised in Canada, so they re practically foreigners A translator s note said that it was a common perception in Japan that everywhere else in the world was open with their affections, and kisses between friends and family were common It s funny because that s what I thought Americans think of the rest of the world, since whenever you take a Spanish class, kids seem to be weirded out by the idea that some cultures are openly affectionate than our own, such as in many Latin American countries, where a kiss might be a form of greeting And yet I ve also been told by a girl from South Korea that we re very open with our hugs, much than her culture is.Sorry to go on a tangent, I just think cultural differences are fascinating That combined with the ADORABLE love story even if I do wanna punch Haru sometimes and the gorgeous art makes this one a must read Assuming you like this kinda stuff, that is.

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    To be honest, I have ambiguous feelings about this series, or rather, I m still undecided whether I am comfortable with the relationship depicted in it or not Two things I can say, though a that it s not shota if it were, I wouldn t read this and b I trust the group that s translating this their taste in manga is pretty reliable and the relationships depicted in the manga they translate usually don t feature non con or anything like it I am still not sure about the age difference, though BUT Despite all this, I just am completely in love with all the characters, which explains the four stars so far The final decision will come once it s clearer how the character s relationship will develop and how that is handled, so we ll see So far, it s really enjoyable, though.

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    Fell in love with the kid that was so hard to handle The host of a brother was great to In the end I couldn t help but keep reading on to see what happens next.I mainly fell for it because it was just like an old school love story Trouble after trouble but ending so sweet Maybe you can tell but i have read way past volume1 It s a great yoai that left me wanting .

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    At first I thought I was going to hate this The cover gave of that pedo feel and i was like Not again but once i started reading it I fell in love with everything The art is amazing The characters are great Most of all the storyline actually makes sense.

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    The art I love the art of this manga soo much Haru and Ren, they are the cutest.Their first encounter with each other and the development between them was just le sigh I loved that Haru was there to help little Ren when he was distant and withdrawn Not many would give much effort to help someone like that.Haru is distant to most, but when he cares for someone, he REALLY CARES FOR THEM.

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