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    Me descojono totalmente JAJAJAJASi esto es as en el primer tomo, la que me espera xD

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    This is a brainless funny story Very easy to read, and very enjoyable Izumi is the youngest son of a family touched by fame father is an actor, mother is a model turned into an actress, brother is a member of a successful music group Izumi is the black sheep of the family by choice Once, as a child, he was forced to dress and play a girl role for an ad with a boy, and that was the last time he has ever been in front of the cameras.Until the boy he shared stage with all those years ago comes back and demands the same girl to be with him in the new ad he s going to be a star of.The problem is Izumi is not a girl.Double GFY Very drama llama, but in a humorous way Bordering on exaggerated.I didn t real all the books The love story is pretty stablished by volume 3, so I didn t feel the pull to continue with book 4 and finish the series That speaks by itself Read in Manga Rock.Read up to volume 3 Still 3 to go.Volumes in the series view spoiler Volume 6 Chapter 26Volume 5 Chapter 24 25Volume 4 Chapter 16 23Volume 3 Chapter 11 15.6Volume 2 Chapter 1 10.5Volume 1 Chapter 1 5.5 hide spoiler

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    Cuando recog este manga no estaba muy segura de mi compra , el anime, aunque gracioso, no me termin de gustar, pero, sorpresa en papel es muchisimo mejor El plot sigue siendo una tontada, pero esta vez me ha convencido, sin ser nada profundo.Ideal para desconectar de lecturas densas.

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    Love Stage 1 Love Stage 1 , Eiki Eiki, Taishi Zaou

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    Izumi comes from a family of actors He wants to be a mangaka although he has no talent but his family keeps trying to get him involved in show biz.This was much better than the previous Eiki I tried, although it still features disturbing non consensual sexual activity It wasn t as bad here because 1 the character is close to adult 2 it doesn t go as far, and 3 the older brother Shugo is my favorite character intervenes nice to see at least one Eiki character acting like rape is not okay I get that non con is a standard of yaoi just as for western bodice rippers, but I find it particularly odd that Eiki seems to recognize that it is awful and traumatic and yet retains it as a romantic trope Here we have the character crying and then hiding in bed for several days after being assaulted, and even the attacker seems to acknowledge that it was wrong But clearly they will end up together Confusing.Whether Izumi will ever learn to draw is less clear.

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    This will never not make me laugh Okay, but honestly I really enjoy Love Stage I think it s super creative and funny and not like a lot of other yaoi s out there and I adore all the characters and it basically just makes me happy I love that Shogo is such a doting brother, and I love that Ryomei is sort of an asshole, and I love that Izumi is a closeted dweeb, and I love the Sena parents because they re sort of perfect, and I love that Rei is part of the family and it s just I really like it, okay

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    WAAHHHH SOOOO CUTEEE This manga is just soooo perf Even if it is not a yaoi manga, it would still be adorable OMGOMGOMGOfjiaefjaekgfhjaefij All the characters were cute hot So many pairings But gosh is Izumi Ryouma cute or what SHIP SHIP SHIP The manga had it all Sweet, funny, stimulating coughs coughs AHHHH EEEEEEEEEE KYYYAAAA Ahem, well this is a bad review But I really LOVE this I can t stop reading it

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    This series is addictive I started the series, and kept reading it till I had finished read all 4 of my Edelweiss ARCs V1 V4 then went looking for scanslations online, so that I could read V5 What I found for V5 are actually illustrated summaries, but I loved being able to continue it I really want .Izumi and Ryoma are perfect for one another.

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