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    Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange The StoryMitsuo Shiozu is a high school student with a very peculiar ability he can see ghost Moreover, some spirits manage to go as far as to possess his body to solve their unfinished business on this realm.During one of those possession moments, Mitsuo meets Hasunuma, a very gentle and good looking boy As their friendship goes stronger and spirits come to their ways , Mitsuo needs to figure out what he feels for Hasunuma.And, if it s not asking for much, without losing his body to weird haunted souls.The Analysis Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader I m that kind of person that wakes up one day and says hey, I think I ll start a new manga series today So I randomly search a title online, get it and read it to my heart s content Eerie Queerie was one of those titles, found by chance in a catalogue I didn t expect to like it the way I did, as all I wanted was to have a nice time, haha Eerie Queerie is a four volumes manga series, of the kind that improves with each passing chapter The author develops her drawing style a lot and the story is involving to the point that you can t stop reading Overall, four out of five stars DThe narrative pace is slow and kind of confusing in the beginning The reader can see flashes of Mitsuo s life and then what he does to help the spirits around him to move on Until volume two, there were isolated cases than a sequential story, which isn t necessarily bad I though confusing, but okay.The plot was simple, but full of twists Every time a new character was introduced, I knew that I, as a reader, would have a headache trying to understand if the new person was good or bad Btw, that was nice, haha Other interesting thing is that, despite being a clear yaoi manga, the romance is not the main genre The adventure and the spirit world have all the focus and that s okay Almost, haha I liked the main characters overall and found them to be very funny and charismatic, each on their own way Mitsuo is the cutest guy and I felt sorry for him on than one occasion for several reasons My favorite was Hasunuma, as he was the most real and non absurd one in the group, haha cof, and the most handsome, cof.The art is the big flop in this series if you ask me As I said, the author develops a lot during the chapters, but it went from weird to not so weird, haha And I m very picky with manga art, so good bye to one star.One thing that also made me take off that star is the relationship between Mitsuo and Hasunuma They clearly have feelings for each other and they even say so many times, but we never got to see any kind of action ANY KIND I got disappointed It s not because the series is not romantic that people don t kiss and do stuff, ugh The author makes the reader believe that the amorous feelings between characters are meaningless Overall, it s a good ghost series, a light and funny read for those days when you don t want to think and need a good laugh DThat s it, thanks for reading

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    I am not sure how I feel about this manga reading it as an older person Much has changed since this was first written and I first read it I do like most of the characters, but dislike how the main character is so naive It is a little annoying to be honest I also wish Tokyopop had kept the original title as Ghost I really liked the two ghost girls I would have liked if this showed of the supernatural side of things and kept the girls around longer.Personally, I feel like the homophobic slurs shouldn t have been in there I get it Homophobia is real, and maybe the author was trying to show that, but I guess I just don t want to read about it since we see enough of it in the real world Reading is an escapism for me, and probably for a lot of people.The one shot Step was not needed It also gave homophobic vibes and also the transgender slur bothered me The Watermelon and me side story at the end was just odd Manga anime can be weird and odd in general, and Chibis are nothing new I do like weird and odd, mind you, but this one really seemed out there.Concept of the manga is interesting, but I think it could have been done in a better, realistic way I know this is asking a lot, but I m just saying Anyways, I still enjoyed it over all.

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    Ghosts are all a bunch of selfish jerks, apparently.Unfortunately for Mitsuo he seems to have no resistance to being possessed, so every spirit with unfinished business is lining up to borrow his body, with no concern for how their antics ruin his life.I find base concept here someone taking your body and doing whatever they want with it, everyone you know thinking you re behaving like a crazy person horrifying rather than humorous, so this story read a little oddly for me, what the light tone, but I gather this was Shiozu s first publication so I ll see where it goes.

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    Today is a good day for me when it comes to finding some interesting new manga series to read.The first story in this volume was a nice introduction to the subject matter possession by ghosts and blossoming homosexuality , and the second story was sad in a good way.The two extra stories were pretty decent as well, though I always find it a little unnerving when they put such long extras in the first volume it could be a sign that the series won t last very long due to innevitable cancellation.Lately, I ve been reading a lot of ghost stories, and this may be one of my favourites.

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    Not impressed Story lacked sufficient gravity for the topics involved, never found any part of the story particularly clever The last chapter is also completely unrelated to the series and also was a disappointment.Also, I m similarly off put by the awkward English language version of the name They should have kept the original Japanese series name Ghost

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    3.5 stars, I remember this series from back in the day Loved at the time but eventually sold swapped away the series.

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    Way too apologetic about the queer content for me to add it to my queer shelf, but it s cute, and perhaps something was lost in translation.

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    Mitsuo Shiozu is basically an ordinary student with one slight exception he is able to see and communicate with spirits and they can take over his body This wouldn t be too bad of a problem except that this includes girls who can take over his body and have an attraction to particular boys.Which then sets up a lot of the humor of the story Mitsuo, who is not attracted to guys, finds himself, well, sort of himself someone else s self, flirting with certain boys and, at one point, is even kissed by a boy who is apparently a remarkably good kisser, too Mitsuo himself is a really nice boy and really wants to help the spirits than inhabit him, but sometimes they get a little too enthusiastic and he tries to find ways to exorcise the spirit As the story goes on there end up to be at least two boys who are interested in Mitsuo, and not just when he is inhabited by a female spirit.If you can t stand the thought of boys being with boys then this is a series you will want to avoid, but if that type of thing doesn t upset you, then this is a really good series to read This is one of the few manga that, as soon as I get a new volume I want to read it, it s that good.

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    It s not uncommon for me to peruse manga with names that make my teeth clench, but I couldn t pass up the concept high school kid s life becomes very complicated when he finds out that he can see ghosts and they can possess him And so far he has a talent for drawing in girl ghosts, which in one case leads to him confessing his love for a guy in front of the entire school Which leads to him being harrassed And to some unexpected friendships.I m definitely checking out Vol 2 when it comes out, since I really enjoyed this Mitsuo is sweet yet prickly, and endearingly drawn as a skinny, scrawny boy with hair like baby chick s down Hasunuma is blatantly putting the moves on him, something that Mitsuo s only occasionally aware of It seems like Ichi is being set up as a recurring character too I found most of the little asides to be entertaining for once.Though I wasn t into the chapter titled Step, which had nothing to do with our characters but shared the theme of letting go and finding your happiness Too bad I didn t care about any of the characters in it.

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    Rarely have I liked continued to like a series such as this one Even the best of series will usually get old after a few readings, but no so with this series The series surrounds Mitsuo his misadventures as he discovers that he s just psychic enough to see ghosts, as well as to be posessed by them The first one he finds ends up posessing him to be near her crush Hasunuma, who also attends the same school as Mitsuo Hasunuma, however, seems to have designs on Mitsuo I thoroughly liked this volume The pacing was nice, the characters are all highly likable, the artwork is gorgeous I d definately recommend this for a first timer in the yaoi BL genre, as there s nothing truly objectionable in this series.