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    Wealthy young executive Tatsuya Soga is trying to trace the younger half brother he hasn t seen since they were both children, when their father divorced his second wife and threw wife and child out of the house While Tatsuya s waiting for the detective s report, he goes to a friend s bar for the evening, and has a bad case of love at first sight when he sees a young waiter playing the bar piano Haru seems interested in him in return which isn t surprising because as rapidly becomes clear to the reader, Haru knows who Tatsuya is and still hero worships his adored older brother while being convinced that the Soga family must hate him Tatsuya quite innocently proceeds to seduce Haru in the belief that the attraction is sexual on both sides, leading to much angst the next day when he finally gets that report with a recent photo and the current name of his long lost brotherEmotional ups and downs follow as Tatsuya tries to protect Haru from the knowledge that they re brothers, while resisting Haru s attempts to get him back into bed It gets all the harder when he discovers the shabby conditions in which Haru lives, and feels he has to take Haru to live with him There s than one twist to the tale before reaching an ending that s or less happy and leaves them together.This is a single volume story, so the plot s not that deep, but there s still a solid story that s got to it than just an excuse to throw two pretty young men together and spice it up with a suggestion of incest And it s well set up, with the nine year age gap between the men making it plausible that Tatsuya wouldn t recognise the 17 year old he last saw as a child, and Haru having a good reason to be in that bar The characters are interesting and pleasant people Tatsuya is a decent, kind man who cares about other people, and while he s pushy when he first seduces Haru, it s an honest case of mis reading signals rather than refusing to take no for an answer Haru s believable as a teenager who s pretending to be older than he really is, but who s still vulnerable inside There are also some good supporting characters, in particular Haru s older step brother from his mother s third marriage.This one has plenty of explicit sex, but it s there to serve the story, which is good news if you find sex boring without a story to go with it It s not as graphic as in some manga, but it s erotic as it is.The artwork is excellent, and apart from the colour cover there are also two very nice colour plates inside The physical production quality is extremely good, with heavy paper and crisp reproduction of the art.The subject matter s going to squick some readers, but if you can handle that, this one s well worth a look.

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    A favorite mangaka and trope of mine, I have the paperback copy from DramaQueen which I treasure Another publisher that I wished I owned of their books

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    It cracks me up when anime or manga makes you think something is incest then turn it around like oops no we re not related in order to make it less taboo and scandalous Look guys if you wanna write about incest, do it, it can provide an interesting story line if you care to delve into it My main problem with this manga was that it literally had no ending, you find out yet another twist , the main character broods about it for a second then there s a moment of silliness and it ends they don t tie up those loose ends or really give us any finality due to that there seems to be no point in this manga ever being made.

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    the start of this book was so fast pace for me because they got right into the sex scene But,in slowed down a little towards the end it was an alright read I would say, it slightly reminds me of brother x brother but that s better in my opinion if you are deciding to read this book brace yourself for the spelling and context mistakes.

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    So good I love reading about forbidden romances.

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    I just can t do incest shudder

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    Trigger warnings for Lies Kisses Uso to Kiss incest, mild rape dubcon scene, homophobia, underage consensual.I m going to come out straight away and say I really don t like incestous toned yaoi I think it gives a bad name to gay men, and it can be used harmfully against gay communities However, Lies Kisses really shocked me I won t spoil anything but there is a plot twist about three or four chapters in that really changes the tone in the whole manga and it s strange to say the least.I really like the characters a whole, I find they have a lot of depth, and their designs are absolutely stunning albeit a little stereotypical in uke and seme designs There isn t much of a plot line, but the plot that there is is well done The sexual scenes are shown to have preparation, and the uke caring for the seme, letting him know that he s going ot start moving etc I think that this yaoi has been done splendidly, if you don t read the extra two chapters It s well written, well drawn and in a strange way addicting I wanted to stop reading after chapter 2, but I ended up reading the whole thing, dragged in by the mysterious tones each chapter finished with, and before I knew it, I had finished the whole thing.In my opinion, the last two special chapters ruin this manga, and I would recommend missing those however, I d actually recommend this manga It s the rare one out of thousands where I recommend a potentially harmful yaoi, but either way, it was really enjoyable.

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    I really like Masara Minase, but this time her work hit a sour note for me Just as the title states there is a lot of deception and sex between Tatsuya and Haru From page to page, the story weaves back and forth, twisting truth with lies, as these young men fall hard for one another, even though they don t know if they re really related or not half brothers The art is great and the story interesting, but it turns out they are in fact half biological brothers, which means the underlying theme is incest In the beginning, according to the plot, I thought they might be step brothers, which I don t care much for either, but can tolerate Certain sexual fetishes turn me right off and incest is the biggest one I don t care what combo it is, it just wigs me out, and unfortunately this book wigged me right out So the only reason I ve given it the three stars is because of the art, character development and plot Period As for the incest, no thanks.

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    This is SO GOOD FOR ME What the description doesn t cover is that there s a lot of Are they actually related or not and who knows what when I mean, LIES and KISSES, there s a whole lot of both If you want to know before going in, view spoiler they really are blood related hide spoiler

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    LOVE I picked this one up without looking at the back or anything, just because I love the author so much So imagine my surprise when the opening words are Sir, we ve found his mother but we can t find your brother Gay Marmalade Boy Squee I mean.look at them Talk about love at first sight This manga is too cute for words Instant favorite, this one I should note that the are they aren t they game may make those of you with ye olde incest squick kind of uncomfortable, so you might want to skip it.

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嘘とキス download 嘘とキス, read online 嘘とキス, kindle ebook 嘘とキス, 嘘とキス 7cda2f1b88b5 Separated As Children Due To Circumstances Of Their Parents Making, Tatsuya And Haru Meet Again At The Bar Where Haru Works Part Time Unaware That Haru Is His Long Lost Younger Brother, Tatsuya Invites The Young Man Out For A Drink Haru, Who Has Forever Admired The Kind Hearted Brother Of His Memories, Agrees To The Invitation But When The Evening Leads To Something Beyond Brotherly Love Will Haru Reveal His True Identity