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    Interesting so far, although I don t love it For one thing, the main character is intersex, but the issues relating to gender and sexuality seem to be handled in a pretty insensitive, reductive, and tone deaf way Consent is pretty absent, although the main character seems like a good, considerate boyfriend or girlfriend The whole things is quite creepy and dream like Not just the part where the kids are actually dreaming, but the entire school setting the students no noticing when other kids stop coming to class, the nurse that wasn t there before, the basement that no one knew was there, shifting couples having sex in odd places.It seems obvious that the nurse school has something not in the kids interests going on, so I ll read to find out what the secret is.

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    After School Nightmare begins in a kind of Freudian sexual identity stew Our main character is an hermaphrodite intersex male on top, female on bottom , with a girl and a boy interested in him her, though neither of them and almost no one has any real sensitivity on these issues So far, anyway.The school requires you to take a special class where you take a drink and then have dreams, some of which you may share with others as in in having the same dream, right You might actually dream someone else s dream A Freudian psychologist s fantasy, this story Well, it is too early to tell how good it will be, but it is promising Not too deeply into characterization yet, but it s an original start

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    10 BOOK SERIES REVIEW.So, Mashiro Ichijo is intersex person, living life as a boy and keeping away from the others at his boarding school When he s admitted to a special after school class, he and the other special students are forced to confront their darkest secrets in order to graduate.When I began reading this series, I couldn t tell if the interesting and intriguing parts the classes nightmare were good enough for me to wade through the other parts Ichijo s relationship issues.It s understandable the Ichijo would be conflicted He has gender identity issues and feels the need to prove himself as a guy But for the reader, it s frustrating because he doesn t seem to work them out In his close relationships, view spoiler Kureha only likes him because he s not really a guy, and Sou s entire basis for pursuing him is Ichijo is really a girl Instead of having support for his self identification as male, or even support as he tries to figure himself out, everyone who interacts with Ichijo leaves him feeling less than human A real guy would do XXX, that s very girly, the way I knew you were a girl is because you did XXX, and a real man would never do that It NEVER stops hide spoiler

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    I honestly don t know what to make of this manga Parts of it were good, and other parts just disgusted me.Good parts first, I suppose.The GoodThere s a special class in this school, one you have to pass in order to graduate The purpose of this class, it seems, is to make you get over your psychological trauma issues by sharing a dream with other individuals One character, for example, was raped as a child and has issues regarding it and the treatment she received from her father as a result Another the main character is a hermaphrodite, and has trouble with coming to terms with this fact This part is really cool from a psychological standpoint This manga is a psychology buff s dream Someone in that field could probably write a huge paper on this manga alone.The way the characters appear in the dream, as an extension of their trauma, how they deep down see themselves, is also interesting One character has never been able to move past the trauma she had at five years old, and so in the dreams she appears looking like her five year old self Mashiro regularly pops between wearing a girl s uniform and a boy s uniform because he she has gender identity issues Another character who feels like she squashed her true self in order to get ahead has a hole in place of her head and heart.The BadDespite the psychological aspect of this manga, not much was done about exploring the characters themselves They re pretty much defined by their trauma and that alone I couldn t tell you anything about Mashiro other than he she is a hermaphrodite struggling with gender norms or about Kureha other than she hides her trauma and fears by being bubbly I know the purpose of this story is that they re trying to get past the trauma that seems to define them, but there s to a person than I don t know if I m a girl or a boy Maybe this stems from the fact that there s a lot the reader needs to be told about the nightmare class and so time is spent on explaining the nightmares and traumas than the characters involved.This also seriously falls into gender stereotypes and, I think, serious sexism Yeah, Mashiro is struggling with gender norms and am I male or female issues, but just about every presentation of all things feminine is that it s bad or unworthy These include Girls use guys as some kind of criteria to determine who s better than who as if girls have nothing redeeming about themselves and are worthless without a man, even to each other Five years old and she s already spoiled goods Do you hear me She s ruined for life as if a girls virginity is the ONLY thing that matters They are valued by their sexual status, not by their actual achievements or personality When I lost to Sou I knew it was because I m a girl This one s from Mashiro, so it could just be because of his her gender issues, but nothing is presented to dissuade this argument Nothing s presented to show Mashiro was having an off day, or that Sou s just a natural at Kendo and no one, male or female, can beat him, or even that Mashiro s any good at Kendo at all it s not like we see any other match All that we re told is Mashiro s a girl Ergo, he she obviously can t fight and win I sensed a lot of hostility toward women in general in this manga I don t like it It might just be me, but I seriously don t like it True, each of these quotes are from a character s opinion and is not presented as fact, but it still makes me angry that no one even tries to refute these claims NO ONE.In GeneralThis is a book for older teens, definitely There s sex, talk of sex, violence because of sex and gender This is just one big Freudian affair, and I wouldn t recommend it for anyone under the age or maturity level of 16.

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    It s been a while since I read this series and I was too busy raging at it to finish , so my impressions might be a bit fuzzy The lgbt representation in this series was so tacky and awful The main character Mashiro is said to be male on top, female on bottom , which is a pretty bizarre way of describing somebody The book uses male pronouns for him, he usually wears men s clothing, and his nightmare self is just him in a skirt So my guess would be that he s a mercifully flat chested transman, right The series likes to claim he s intersex also a valid interpretation, I suppose However Mashiro s female love interest has a tragic past, and only loves trusts Mashiro because he s not actually a guy His male love interest Sou is super rape y and insists Mahiro is a girl and should start wearing dresses and doing girl things In short, neither of them give a fuck what Mashiro says about his gender identity or related subjects which is his main trait internal conflict , and instead just project whatever the fuck they want on him But both are romanticized and neither of them are ever called out for be terrible.Every time one of them talked I wanted to throw the book across the room Which was really distracting Also, you d think a book that kept advocating bullying it s main character to identify as female would be less misogynistic No such luck The story was pretty rad though, if you can ignore the gross love interests and themes.

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    I read all of these, and loved them Even though I figured out the twist by book four A wonderful, slightly creepy idea.

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    5 5 Daaaamn that was a amazing first volume to the series

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    I got into manga a few years ago, stopped, started up a few months ago, got frustrated by the on going nature of the genre turning what started as an interesting plot into boring soap opera, and finally went trolling for rec sites This title was on a top five list of best shojo manga cleverly titled Manga Before Flowers Doubly clever for me because Boys Before Flowers got me into my other crack entertainment Korean Dramas I ve already flown through seven volumes the manga is ten volumes long , so I m not going to try and review each and every volume Frankly, I d have a hard time remembering where one volume ended and the next picked up I ll just give a vague, spoiler free review here, and then review the entire series when I m finished with volume ten.We follow a high school student at a boarding school as he struggles to figure out if he s a boy or a girl The top half of his body is male, the bottom, female He s been put in a class where he battles other students in a strange dream world with the promise that once he graduates from that class and therefore the school he can choose his gender and become either fully female or fully male So we re not talking strict realism here But within the borders of the setup the author does a great job exploring gender issues There s a deliciously creepy buildup of mystery and suspense as we start getting hints that maybe the school itself is not what it seems But there s also a realistic depth of relationship between the protagonist and his fellow students as he tries to figure out how he defines himself and they struggle with their own issues and self definition And of course, there s also plenty of blood spray as the students fight in the dream world Gore You re soaking in it g I ve been enjoying the pace, from the slow build to the inevitable clashes and switching of allegiances and am fully on board with the protagonist s struggle And I ve been enjoying the artwork it provides the bulk of the story telling and often its the panels without words that bring on the creepiness I m eager to see how it all turns out.

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    I d really like to re read this series uhuhuh It was really strange and original and kinda creepy at times

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    This book is messed up.It s so messed up and crazy that you want to turn the next page to see if it can get any weirder.It Can.

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