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純情ロマンチカ 1 summary 純情ロマンチカ 1, series 純情ロマンチカ 1, book 純情ロマンチカ 1, pdf 純情ロマンチカ 1, 純情ロマンチカ 1 5cf6221baa Misaki Is Struggling To Pass His College Entrance Exams, And Has Taken Up A Tutor The Cool And Sexy Akihiko Usami, Who Also Happens To Be A Famous Boys Love Novelist At First, Misaki Is Disgusted By Akihiko, But Slowly, Misaki Realizes He May Be Developing Feelings For The Older Man And So Begins The Bumpy Relationship Of This Odd Couple, Filled With Comedy And Pure Romance

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    This may be one of the manga with the worst art I have ever read so far Seriously, the art style is awful The body is not proporcionated with the head hands are usually bigger than the body chins of semes are square and heads of ukes are triangle shaped However, I love Junjou Romantica I watched the anime before I read the manga Actually, this is my first yaoi, and one of the most romantic and funny Misaki and Usagi are my favorite couple, followed very closely by Tatsumi and Morinaga from The Tyrant Falls in Love, Volume 1 Usagi is the typical seme serious, cold towards everyone except his love, dominant but also sweet and caring behind closed doors And Misaki awww this boy is funny and cute His moody expresions, or when he is angry are always making me laugh.The only thing I do not like is the story between Hiro san and Nowaki This is my least favorite couple among the 3 main couples But one thing is certain no matter how ugly the art, the plot and the characters are amazing, and once you are into the story, it will not matter whose body is bigger than the head.Note aside Please, please, let it be a 3rd season of Junjou Romantica

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    Una historia que he seguido por mucho tiempo y por fin ya la tengo en papel y fue una experiencia incre ble para qu leer Junjo rom ntica 1 Por que pone muy bien los 3 tipos de amor El que apoya y no hay intereses de por medio El obsesivo y el doloroso 3 Los personajes son tan bien estructurados, contundentes y excitantes, que hacen que suspires y quieras tener un novio as Amoooo a esos personajes 4 Las escenas de sexo gay est n muy bien cuidadas y sin censura En verdad al arte es muy bueno 5 Las frases que mencionan en este libro, son tan fascinantes que puedes aplicarlas en tu vida diaria y en tus relaciones amorosas.

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    Ser a m s bien un 3,5, porque la historia me encanta Usagi es la ca a , pero el dibujo psche, estoy leyendo el 3 y noto mucho la diferencia.

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    i read this a while ago, actually, but it popped up on my feed and i got eerily sucked into memories of this awful mangathe characters were flat and boring i mean, what was i even expecting from a yaoi, though they were all cardboard cutout tropes.the plot was lackluster below lackluster, even and the character i don t even remember his name, but the silver haired one was creepy as fuck and at one point outright forced himself on the smaller brown haired boy.i don t think so on top of all of that, the art was repulsive overall, it just wasn t something i enjoyed reading and i figured i d just go ahead and get this review out of the way.it says one star but if i could i d give it 0.

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    HAHAHAHAIM SCREAMING AND FUCKING CRYING INSIDE I LOVE THIS However the show is much better The art sucks.

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    cute cute cute kawaii cute cute cute kawaii cute cute cute kawaii that sums it up nice.

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    I have watched the 2 seasons in anime as well and loved it I noticed that in the books you get a better idea of how the relationships develops over the year The anime shows Misaki s and Usami sans antics much better It almost develops into comedy at times But it does lack the explicit scene s and for me it are those that show me how the relation develops My Japanese is progressing very nicely as well, as the anime is in Japanese with subtitles g

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    Kyaah I love how there are minor pairings in the story too I especially love Hiroki s and Nowaki s awkward realtionship with each other

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    Interesting when I decided to finally start following through with my rerating reevaluating my manga plan I found that I had initially given this three stars, but then decided on five because it was funny and wonderfully entertaining Well, it s back to three now.Why Well, one reason is the reason for my rerating my manga plan in the first place Junjou Romantica was one of the first manga series I read, and back then I simply was missing points of reference And these days it would be wrong to say that I like this as much as, say, Hyouta Fujiyama s Dear Green or Shiho Sugiura s Silver Diamond And even compared to Shungiku Nakamura s other series, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi , Junjou Romantica doesn t measure up.But let s start with the positive reasons for me giving this three stars there s a lot of humor in this series, And especially in the details, and it does make me laugh out lout at times, and it is entertaining There s also a definite emotional involvement in these characters for me, Hiroki and Nowaki just push all sorts of buttons, and I can t help but loving them The other Junjou couples, however, less so which means that in a direct comparison to Sekaiichi Hatsukoi , where, if you count Yokozawa Kirishima and I most certainly do I have three couples I like, Junjou Romantica definitely loses Terrorist never managed to interest me, and Romantica well With them, I have several problems.The first is the fact that, like so many BL stories, it starts with a rape And while it is a common trope in the genre, it s the one I like least of all, and at this point I have read enough BL stories where it isn t used that I can no longer just go, Oh, hey, whatever, it s just how it is It s always made me uncomfortable, obviously, and I still go into reading and new and unknown story with some trepidation, expecting some degree of let s call it dub con , being happily surprised when it doesn t happen But even if you say that the initial sexual encounter has to happen like that, where the experienced and aggressive seme ravishes the poor uke, which, yeah, is a common trope blah di blah if it s still like that even after years and years and countless sexytimes have occurred, it just really doesn t work for me And so we come to the biggest problem I have with the series, namely that Misaki never really changes and after 14 volumes that s annoying as hell I mean, if this was a serious story about sexual abuse and being trapped in an unhealthy relationship all his issues would maybe make some sort of sense, but seeing how this series is supposed to be a romantic comedy of sorts, it s just really, really grating So yeah As it is, I still reread this occasionally, just skipping to the good parts Hiroki Nowaki emotional porn And I admit one tends to be a bit biased in favor of long BL series, just because there aren t that many of that Three stars is a fair rating for a series that you shouldn t take to seriously and that can be fun, and emotionally involving, but which compared to others just isn t that good.

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    This review s for all of published Junjou Romantica volumes.This manga was the one who grabbed me into gay understanding and addicting world The cute and sometimes angst relationship of Misaki and Usagi san always got me swooned off my feet LOL.This story told about 3 different relationship Junjou Romantica is a story about Misaki, a boy who s gonna go to college with a mess of a scores Always supporting, his brother finally asked his bestfriend, the smart rich cool Usami Akihiko, to teach his baby brother so he could pass the university exam And between his dissaproval toward his brother s idea and his bad feeling toward Akihiko who on their first meet keep hanging around Misaki s brother like a leech , he found the heartache and the love Akihiko held for his brother.Junjou Egoist is about Hiroki, Akihiko s childhood friend who always had a one sided feeling for said author When he cried in the middle of the park, he met Nowaki, a high school student who had him at hello Knowing that Hiroki was a student from a high rated university, Nowaki insisted Hiroki to teach him, both in school and heart subjects.Junjou Terrorist is focused on Miyagi, Hiroki s workmate and a professor for japanese literature, who always thought that he could never forget his high school crush for his teacher, until his ex wife s little brother and his Dean s son, Shinobu, came back from Australia and wormed his prescence through Miyagi s heart like a little terrorist.All of the three stories gave a different vibe The Romantica couple always give you a romantic and angst filled story, with the insecure Misaki and secretive Usagi The Egoist couple would give you a cute feeling, with Nowaki s puppy dog eyes and Hiroki who s not a romantic person but he ll try for Nowaki, anyway And the Terrorist couple would bring you a good laugh, with Shinobu crazed idea to be with Miyagi and Miyagi s dry humor to pry Shinobu off of him I love the Terrorist couple the most, because they re funny, but that doesn t mean that I don t love the other couples either.

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