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Fake, Volume 1 summary Fake, Volume 1, series Fake, Volume 1, book Fake, Volume 1, pdf Fake, Volume 1, Fake, Volume 1 b7f79a230f Ryo And Dee, Two Of New York City S Finest, Are Called In To Investigate The Activities Of Some Two Bit Street Punk The Operation Goes South Rather Quickly When Dee Is Kidnapped And Ryo Must Put All Of His Skill And Training To The Test To Get His Partner Back In One Piece Their Partnership Is On The Line As Electrified Emotions Raise Feelings Between The Two Guys That Are Hard To Ignore

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    At first I thought this was pretty dumb, with the ridiculously hot and young detectives doing a terrible job of police work never following procedure, yelling at their chief, ranting about everything they re asked to do and the slapstick drug dealers and the racist humorous sidekick brown street kid that Ryo lets move in with him and And then as I was formulating this to myself, I realized it was a parody of that sort of American odd couple cop action comedy movie, with some cute guys kissing thrown in for the teen girl intended audience And it was actually pretty fun, viewed from that perspective.I also liked the side story with kids Bikky and Carol going camping and getting attacked by the bear.

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    My first yaoi Aww Here are my thoughts, which I m sure you are dying to hear I liked it But didn t love it I mean, it s very cute, but it s so well, immature There s an aside from the author at one point where she says, Well, this is really a girls comic, anyway and yeah That s the problem for me It s clearly written with teen girls in mind, and while I must say that Japanese teen girls are TOTALLY AWESOME if this is what they like, I think I ve outgrown it Ryo and Dee, the two protagonists, may be employed as New York cops, and there may be fake splashes of cartoon blood from time to time, but the whole thing is so fourteen years old I mean, the guys are in love from minute one, and then there s lots of kissing and Oh my god He kissed me And there are none of the this is so lame social issues I want from a two cops in love story everyone at the station is just, like, okay with this pouts I want some angst and some grit, dude.So basically what I m saying is I would rather be reading due South fic Sigh.

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    A little sentimental journey to the past The story is a little bland and with some problematic themes that scream both it s manga and it s been made in 90s than I remembered but the art is a little better so there is that I still find this story about two cops cute and funny at times so yeah, a really nice way to waste my evening when I can t think thanks to a deadly case of cold.

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    Move over, Wonder Woman Warbringer Turns out this is the worst book I ve read in quite some time.Manga artist attempts to create gay gritty 90s buddy cop routine in NYC without any reference materials not even an episode of Law Order I think the only thing close to acceptable realism might be the shoulder pads.

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    Oh man, this series There are pretty much no words for my love of it I remember reading it when it first came out about eight years ago and loving it so much that I somehow managed to convince my dad to buy the last volume of it which was wrapped in plastic to protect innocent eyes without him actually know what it was about I recently decided to reread a novel that I loved around the same time, and decided to dig this series out from under my bed for a reread to see if all of my taste was bad Thankfully, I apparently came across something worthwhile on occasion If I had to make one complaint, it would be that a lot of this us frankly completely unrealistic, but considering the content of a few other shounen ai yaoi manga I ve read, this series is pretty reasonable.FAKE is about two male NYPD cops falling in love That s it Tons and tons of other really interesting stuff happens c mon, they re COPS , but you never forget that the focus is on getting the two main characters together It s also clearly created for teenage girls, and I should probably be embarrassed about loving it so much But it s kind of ridiculously awesome because Matoh doesn t pretty anything up There s blood, death, drugs, explosions, and even terrible things happening to childrenand this just in the first volume On the other hand, there s than its fair share of humor, and enough kissing scenes to make any yaoi fangirl glee.But what I think really makes the series is the characters Ryo is a complete sweetheart when he isn t screaming at Dee or Bikky for their various transgressions Dee cracks me up when he isn t being too overly obnoxious Bikky and Carol are just plain adorable, especially in Act Four which is about them, of course And JJoh, JJ He is the most perfect blend of adorable, annoying, and badass that makes me love him to pieces Also, I d completely forgotten that his full first name is Jemmy Jemmy I don t think I will ever mentally refer to him as JJ again Even the minor characters, such as the Chief who is pretty much every other Chief of Police in fiction ever , Billy stereotypical obnoxious preppy worthless white boy , and the various criminals are utterly fantastic in their own ways I m especially looking forward to seeing some of the characters in the future volumes just wait until you meet Diana.And may I just mention that when I was younger I totally thought Bikky s fifteen year old incarnation was kind of ridiculously hot In fact, I was of the opinion that he was the most attractive character in the entire seriesalthough my opinion has thankfully changed since then Seriously, just wait until you meet Diana.

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    I think the only reason i held out on reading this one was the art In the first volume, at least, the art has a bit of an old style feel to it, it s not the same as many of the newer manga But i am soooooo glad i got over that and read it.This series is amazing I m absolutely in love with it and i m not even finished yet I m a big yaoi fan but i think that even if i wasn t i would still enjoy reading this.I think probably the best part about it is the relationship between the two main characters, Ryo and Dee The way their friendship progresses and the way they talk to each other and interact is just perfect There are moments when i find myself grinning or just completely bursting out laughing at some of the things they re bickering over or what not I may have picked this up for the shounen ai but i keep reading for the comedy Well for the relationship as well because they re just so sweet.Because this is a long ish series you know that it s going to take a while for the relationship to get moving which is something else i m grateful for There aren t any moments when you re just like, that s completely unbelievable, no way would that happen in real life which is nice It s also very satisfying to watch the slow progression of their feelings.There s a lot too it than that but you really have to read it for yourself I couldn t recommend this series enough And if you re like me and put off by the art then don t be, once you re used to it you don t even notice that it s not a conventional style, and really, it kind of works like that.

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    Original Review August 21, 2015I must admit, I ve gotten so used to the impression of yaoi straight to bedroom fun, that this one, with its handful of kisses and nothing , was quite refreshing Sorry for the run on It s an interesting start of a series, at least I mean, undercover cops dealing with druggies and criminals, you re gonna find loads of action And of course, having two hot gay bi leads is sure to loads of action as well But not in this volume, so calm down, yaoi fangirls Also, the fact that Dee is openly bi, and refuses to diminish his sexuality as anything other than that is awesome and way of ahead of the times considering there s STILL hot debates about bisexuality being a thing While I cannot deny the strange thrill some girls get with yaoi including myself, once in a blue moon , I m not a devotee I need to have interesting story and characters before I can dig deeper into the fan service FAKE has at least some of that Sure, the archetypes are somewhat clich d and the humor is a bit immature, but it still captures my interest, and that s all that matters.Second reread Watched the OVA and now reading the series online Yep I m definitely hooked.

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    This is an illustrated story that reads back to front about two young male officers recently partnered up who are painfully attracted to each other Dee is out and doesn t care who knows it though he claims he s bi while Ryo is much innocent and confused by his feelings With Dee in the lead, he creates some cute, sexy, comical situations and steals a kiss from Ryo whenever and wherever he can The two must fight drug lords and deal with young delinquents The dialogue between Dee Ryo is fun which than makes up for the often silly and inept police work and all of the sleep overs for whatever reason The only thing annoying me quite a bit is the silly fighting between Dee and a young street kid named Bikky It seems too juvenile for a grown man who is supposed to be an officer of the law and reads like a parody I ll definitely track down of these So fun.

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    I love Fake so much It s another one of my favorite m m manga The story involves Ryo and Dee, two cops who have just been assigned as partners Dee is headstrong and boisterous while Ryo is much laid back and quiet Dee develops feelings for Ryo and pretty much makes advances towards him for quite a bit of the series The stories are your typical cheesy manga stuff but Dee and Ryo s relationship is really cute It s an older series with some aged art inside but it s still well worth a read.

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    I really enjoyed reading this manga, I know some people think that it can be quite immature but for me that was half the appeal I really like the the whole tug of war going on between Ryo and Dee I think it touches really well on the beginnings of a relationship, especially when one of the people involved is unsure of their sexual preference Okay I admit that it can get a little confusing with the age fluctuation of the other supporting characters but once you get use to that it is a really great read I defiantly recommend reading this whole saga.

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